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1958 Ferrari 250 GT LWB TDF Serial Number 1113 GT


Lead photograph of 1958 Ferrari 250 GT LWB TDF Serial Number 1113 GT


Make   Ferrari Model   250 GT
Year   1958 Serial #   1113 GT
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   Tipo 128 Chassis Type   Tipo 508
Build Sequence #    Number Built   70th of 93 built
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   W. Sturgis Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Germany


S/n 1113 GT. 250 LWB TDF. 70th car built. Body by Scaglietti. A normal 1958 berlinetta.


1958, August, first invoiced by Ferrari.

New to Hollywood Sports Cars.

To Bill Sturgis, a film director in Hollywood.

1959, 8 Mar., Pomona, “Los Angeles Examiner” GP, race #57 GT race? prelim?

1959, 19 Apr., Stockton, race #157, GT finished behind Corvettes.

1959, 17 May, Salt Lake race, race # ? 8th main.

1959, 7 June, Laguna Seca, Class EM, race # 157. 2nd DM main.

1959, 13 Sept., Elkhart Lake 500 with Bondurant, race # 57 8th DM1.

1959, 6 Dec., Riverside, race # ? 3rd BP/CP.

1960, 24 Jan., Palm Springs, race # 57 BP.

As per David Seielstad, he has a photo that purports to be a race in Hawaii of a silver TDF. Probably the same car, but cannot figure out the date. (2001, 14 Apr., as per e–mail from David).

Sold to Hollywood Sports Cars.

Sold to Albert Mourabian, a professor at UCLA.

1966, sold to J. Gaughan. Paid $3,800.

1979–80, Ferrari Owner’s Club Roster, listed by John Gaughan, Los Angeles, CA.

1980, FOC Roster, listed by Gaughan.

1982–1983, listed in the FOC membership directory as owned by John Gaughan, Los Angeles, CA.

1984–1985, FOC roster listed by Gaughan, CA.

1986, offered by Gaughan. Inspected by Michael Sheehan. Good older silver paint with black leather. Matching numbers. But… couldn’t do a deal!

1986, 03 Feb., talked to Gaughan, made an offer. No deal.

1990, FOC roster listed by John Gaughan, Los Angeles, CA.

1991, FOC roster listed by John Gaughan, Los Angeles, CA.

1995, 24 June, Rosso Rodeo, Beverly Hills, California, John Gaughan.

1996, still with John Gaughan.

1998, 04 Dec., sent John a letter: Do you want to sell the car?

2001, 27 Feb., John called to ask if I had any idea as to the value and marketability of his 250 TDF and his Dino. We went back and forth and discussed the cars in great detail.

2001, 06 Mar., called John. Made an offer.

2001, 04 Apr., as per conversation with John, various people have offered slightly more, “net”, to John. John takes a higher offer.

2001, 11 Apr., a friend in the business e–mailed a very detailed description of the car. John has finally given us a “I’ll pull the trigger“ price.

Meanwhile, a friend in Europe called to say his buddy was the real buyer and my friend realized the photos had come from me! So… yet another deal with a chain of brokers involved.

The description is as follows:

The car was painted silver in 1967 by John Gaughan at his workshop in lacquer. There are cracks and chips in the usual places and some fading but in remarkable condition for being 34 years old. The windshield chrome garnish is missing, if it was existing before. The rear garnish has been painted silver as well as the molding above the lower rockers. Some bubbling due to rust spots are visible, like around the bottom of the nose and rear valance.

The rubber is also old and cracked and missing in some areas like the side window frames.

The interior was done in black hide by Tony Nancy 20 years ago. It looks remarkably good with some fading due to scuffing and age of the seats and door panels.

The headliner is in excellent condition.

The carpet needs replacement.

The dashboard looks pretty good and the instruments have yellowed due to age.

John has added a VDO ammeter below the dash on the left side.

The exhaust has chrome tips, not the straight black pipes common to TdF’s

The taillight lenses have faded and has a clouded appearance.

The headlight covers have slight discoloration but in good condition.

The car has been serviced by Bruno Borri since John acquired it and has new valves and seats installed 20 yrs ago. The appearance is clean but needs detailing, and this goes for the entire engine compartment. The gear box was rebuilt by Bruno not too long ago. The differential has never been rebuilt.

The engine started in one crank and soon settled to a smooth idle. No smoke was visible from the exhaust pipes. It is possible that John had already warmed the car up while he backed the car out of his garage prior to my arrival.

He claims the brakes are marginal being drums and the shocks are not as good being the lever type, The brake drums look clean from the outside and the underside of the car is in acceptable condition for its age.

Overall the car has a nice patina that evokes the true feeling of a vintage Ferrari, the smell of the engine compartment and the interior has a charm never duplicated in a 100 point restored car.

2001, 12 Apr., spoke with “the group”. Looks like we are very close to a deal. If not… have several backup buyers.


2001, September, deal closed. Car picked up. Flown to Europe.

2001, 09 Nov., spoke with the happy new owner. His 250 TDF is exactly as he expected. He’s a happy camper. It is now on its way to Bachelli in Modena and will be completely repainted and cosmetically restored.

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Note: The above vehicle information is complete and accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time it is posted to this website. Corrections or additional information is always appreciated.