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1990 Ferrari Testarossa Serial Number 86053


Lead photograph of 1990 Ferrari Testarossa Serial Number 86053


Make   Ferrari Model   Testarossa
Year   1990 Serial #   86053
Engine #   22736 VIN    ZFFSG17A0L0086053
Engine Type   F 113 A Chassis Type   F 110 AB
Build Sequence #   Assembly # 02691 Number Built   7,177
Body Type   Berlinetta Body Builder   Scaglietti
First Owner   USA Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   California


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S/n 86053. Testarossa. 1990 US model. May, 1990 build date. Full VIN ZFFSG17A0L0086053. From new in Rosso Corsa FER 300/9 with Crema leather. Assembly # 02691. Engine #22736. Engine tipo F 113 A, chassis typo F 110 AB.

1990, May, production date. Fitted from new with Marelli micropex ignition, air conditioning, Connolly leather interior, electric windows, heated rear window, quartz clock, stereo speakers, antenna for radio, Bosch KE Jetronic fuel injection with Lambda control, electric door locks, four wheel ventilated disc brakes, 5 speed gearbox with oil pump, limited slip differential. Options: Goodyear tires, light alloy wheels. Total suggested retail price: $151,750.00.

1994, 20 Feb., offered in the LA Times by Hillcrest Motor Co.

81 miles. Never registered. Selling on MSO. Red with tan leather.

1994, 03 Apr., offered in the LA Times by Ogner Motorcars, Woodland Hills, CA.

Red with tan leather. 81 miles.

1994, offered in the Ferrari Market Letter, issue # 1909 by Ogner Motorcars, Woodland Hills, CA.

Red with tan leather. 81 miles. 86 miles. On M.S.O.

1999, 30 Apr., serviced, mileage as per Carfax mileage 1,310.

2002, 10 Nov., in West Hollywood dealer inventory, title updated, mileage 1,327.

2003, 01 Jan., title issued, Santa Maria, CA.

2003, 15 Jan., sold to Gaetano (David) Adamo, Santa Marina, CA, with 1,327 miles.

2008, 31 Mar., smog inspection completed at Orcutt 76. Total invoice: $52.25. Mileage: 2,155.

2008, 1 Apr., purchased by current owner (in Santa Maria) from Gaetano (David) Addamo. Mileage: 2,163.

2008, 04 Aug., parts purchased from Exotiparts. Ferrari hood emblem and seat cover exchange. Total invoice: $235.00.

2008, 05 Aug., parts purchased from Maranello Auto Sports. Emblem “nose badge”. Total invoice: $305.19.

2008, 08 Aug., parts purchased from ICE – Innovative Cryogenic Engineering. Performance enhanced spark plugs. Total invoice: $79.80.

2008, 14 Aug., purchased high flow cat converters. Total invoice: $1,880.00.

2013, 02 July, parts purchased from Ted Rutlands. Used tow hook. Total invoice: $87.95.

2013, 05 July, parts purchased from Ricambi America. Knob/gearshift, TR coolant hose, TR fuel hose kit. Total invoice: $1,340.71.

2013, 15 July, parts purchased from Ted Rutlands. TR water pump kit, major service TR kit, fuel filler neck, exhaust pipe seal ring. Total invoice: $1,510.35.

2013, 17 July, parts purchased from Ted Rutlands. TR thermostat, thermostat seal. Total invoice: $212.36.

2013, 22 July, parts purchased from Ted Rutlands. Used set of luggage straps. Total invoice: $146.00.

2013, 09 Aug., serviced at Stinn’s Autohaus, 705 S. Miller St. Santa Maria CA 93454. Performed general inspection, checked for intermittent no start, ran okay. Ran codes, installed new crank sensor and cleared codes. Replaced right side license plate light bulb, replaced right side 4 way bulbs. Total invoice: $467.00.

2013, 17 Oct., purchased parts from Summit Racing Equipment. Brake pads. Total invoice: $228.52.

2014, 18 June, serviced at Stinn’s Autohaus, Santa Maria, CA 93454. Checked for poor running. Total invoice: $1,000.

2014, 18 June, serviced at Stinn’s Autohaus, Santa Maria, CA 93454. Removed engine and performed engine out service. Replaced water pump, timing belt and v belt. Bled brakes and coolant, serviced oil and filter, installed owner supplied thermostats and seal, run valves, installed owner supplied seals and gaskets, replaced spark plugs, cleaned engine assembly, drained old gas and flushed tank with fresh fuel. Installed customer supplied aftermarket cat converters, serviced transmission, installed front brake pads, front and rear-scuffed rotors, pressure washed engine compartment, installed customer supplied muffler assembly and adjusted, fabricated customer air sniffer tubes, installed customer supplied cooling system re-hose kit, repaired rear fluid leak, bled clutch, installed new battery. Total invoice: $12,451.83.

2017, 23 Feb., serviced at F&M Motorsports, 11797 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064. Straightened out exhaust, removed and replaced battery, replaced spark plugs, compression good on all cylinders 165-170. Removed fuel distributors and shipped them for repairs, performed smog inspection. Total invoice: $6,139.05.

2017, March, on consignment with Ferraris Online LLC.

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