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2018 Ginetta G58 Serial Number G58-001-18


Lead photograph of 2018 Ginetta G58 Serial Number G58-001-18


Make   Ginetta Model   G58
Year   2018 Serial #   G58-001-18
Engine #    VIN   
Engine Type   6.2-Litre V8 Chassis Type   Carbon fiber
Build Sequence #    Number Built   
Body Type   Prototype Body Builder   Ginetta
First Owner   Current owner Current Owner   Current Owner
Build Sheet   No Current Location   Texas


2018 Ginetta G58 s/n G58-001-18, the ultimate in a brand-new track-day or prototype class endurance racer, comes with a massive all-new spares package including three extra sets of wheels, still in their unopened boxes. Also comes with the complete setup equipment for the nose box; the tracking bar assembly; the tracking mount assembly; the front setup wheel assembly; the rear setup wheel assembly; the ride height measurement equipment and the front and rear skates. Also comes with all the brand new pit equipment including the air jack lance; the wheel nut tool plus the front and rear air jack safety stands. Also comes with the ethernet download cable; an extra set of rotors and pads and a long-term storage battery tender/charger. Both 2018 Ginetta G58 s/n G58-001-18 and the massive spares package are new with less than twenty minutes of track testing time since arriving in the US. The base factory price for a new G-58 is £239,000 ($310,000) + VAT, FOB England plus the spares and pit equipment package; plus the shipping from England; transportation costs within the US, US customs duties (import taxes) and customs broker fees and insurance. This car is brand new making it the ultimate track-day, NASA, endurance or 25 hours of Thunderhill winning car. Thanks to its light weight of 1,985 lbs, massive downforce, 575 hp and two seats the Ginetta G58 offers performance only found on the IMSA Prototypes. The ultimate track car and an opportunity to absolutely dominate the competition and terrify your passengers, (or your instructor), all inside the cockpit safety cell.


2018, 19 Mar., sold by Ginetta Cars Ltd, Helios 47, Isabella Road, Garforth Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 2DY to the current owner, Texas, USA.

2018, 11 Apr., car and spares loaded into 20′ container for shipping to the US.

2018, 19 Apr., on the ship Philadelphia Express, left London.

2018, 01 May, the Philadelphia Express arrived in Houston and unloaded.

2018, 01 May, invoice from CARS for pickup in England, freight in England, containerization, shipping by boat, US customs duty, import bond, $19,745.26.

2018, 11 May, US Customs entry date, invoice $329,752 USD plus US customs duty and fees of $9,153.98.

2019, February, on consignment with Ferraris Online LLC.

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