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1958 Ferrari 250 GT LWB TDF Serial Number 1113 GT


Lead photograph of 1958 Ferrari 250 GT LWB TDF Serial Number 1113 GT

New to Hollywood Sports Cars and then to Bill Sturgis, a movie director. Well documented Southern California racing history with Sturgis in 1959 and 1960. Never crashed, never damaged. One loving owner from 1966 to 2000. Features the original covered headlights, original cold air box and original velocity stacks. Never modified, absolutely complete and in excellent condition. A pleasure to drive with excellent low end torque that turns into the classic “canvas ripping” V–12 sounds as it reaches red–line and shifts through the gears, never beating the syncros. A time capsule car priced very reasonably.

Photograph of Front right viewPhotograph of Front viewPhotograph of Rear right view — highPhotograph of Rear view — highPhotograph of Rear left viewPhotograph of Front right air ventPhotograph of Front right wheel detailPhotograph of Left side viewPhotograph of Engine from right frontPhotograph of Engine from leftPhotograph of Engine from rightPhotograph of Engine from left rearPhotograph of Interior overall from leftPhotograph of Interior from leftPhotograph of Driver's seat and interiorPhotograph of Steering wheel and gaugesPhotograph of Odometer and speedometerPhotograph of Interior from rightPhotograph of Passenger's door panelPhotograph of Telaio platePhotograph of Engine stampingPhotograph of TrunkPhotograph of Tail light lenses, photographs and other documentation