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1959 Ferrari 250 GT Pinin Farina Coupe Serial Number 1175 GT


Lead photograph of 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Pinin Farina Coupe Serial Number 1175 GT

We are pleased to offer 1959 Ferrari 250 PF Coupe s/n 1175 GT. Introduced in 1958, the 250GT Pinin Farina was Ferrari’s first true production road car; elegant, understated, and luxurious. Fitted with the venerable 3-litre V-12, the 250 GT was in many ways the quintessential classic 250 Ferrari GT car, and with generous space for both passengers and luggage, the Pinin Farin coupes have always been excellent touring cars. 250 PF Coupe s/n 1175 GT was delivered new to Rome and later imported into the US in 1965. In the late 1960s the original Ferrari engine was replaced by a Corvette 327 V8 and Turbo 400 transmission with triple 2-barrel carbs, an Offy intake, a Ford 9-inch rear end and mag wheels at Joe Marchettis International Autos in Chicago. As one of many Ferraris powered by Chevrolet small block engines in the 1950s and 1960, 250 PF Coupe s/n 1175 GT has a well-known history, as documented in “The Bowtie Ferraris” by Randy Cook and within Ferrari Historian circles.

Today 250 PF Coupe s/n 1175 GT is a very nice driver, never restored, well preserved and worthy of a long term restoration. In the last fifteen years 250 PF Coupe s/n 1175 has been accepted and shown at events such as the Hilton Head Concours in S.C,; the Vanderbilt Cup Concours, Newport RI; the Winter Park Concours, Winter Park, FL; the Festivals of Speed, St. Petersburg, FL and at both the Quail Motorsports Gathering and at Concorso Italiano in Monterey earlier this year. The engine compartment, the firewall and other components were left unharmed and intact. It even has the original engine mounts and the original radiator. The main, the secondary and the tertiary frame work is unmolested and it still has the brackets for the original shocks, brake booster, etc.. The gauges are all the correct Veglia type gauges, except for the gas gauge, which we have. The steering wheel and entire steering assembly is all original. The body is in great shape with no rust and no damage. The car is exceedingly solid, and while all cosmetic and mechanical aspects of the car will require restoration, a later Ferrari engine and transmission can be fitted or Ferrari Classiche will supply an all new, Classiche certified engine block or a complete inside-plug engine as part of the long term restoration.

250 PF Coupe s/n 1175 GT is a great driver, event car and a regular at Cars & Coffee. Enjoy it while collecting the parts needed for a long term restoration or fit a later 250 outside plug engine and 4-speed with overdrive transmission. We welcome any inspection.

Photograph of Front right viewPhotograph of Front viewPhotograph of Front left viewPhotograph of Rear right viewPhotograph of Rear viewPhotograph of Rear left viewPhotograph of Right side viewPhotograph of Left side viewPhotograph of Front left wheel detailPhotograph of Rear left wheel detailPhotograph of Engine bay from front rightPhotograph of Engine bay from rightPhotograph of Driver's door panelPhotograph of Interior from leftPhotograph of Driver's seatPhotograph of HeadlinerPhotograph of DashboardPhotograph of Instrument clusterPhotograph of Speedometer and odometerPhotograph of Interior from rightPhotograph of Passenger's seatPhotograph of Passenger's door panelPhotograph of TrunkPhotograph of Front left suspension detailPhotograph of Front right suspension detailPhotograph of Rear left suspension detailPhotograph of Rear right suspension detailPhotograph of Front undercarriage detailPhotograph of Rear undercarriage detailPhotograph of Undercarriage from rear