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1963 Ferrari 330 GT America Serial Number 5015 GT


Lead photograph of 1963 Ferrari 330 GT America Serial Number 5015 GT

330 America s/n 5015 GT. One owner since 1976. The long term owner, an engineer, rebuilt the motor. When inspected it started without drama, had no smoke on startup or when warmed up. Has good oil pressure and makes no potentially expensive noises. Runs and drives well with excellent syncros but so–so brakes.

The body is rust free and the original paint is in amazingly good shape, but the owner/engineer somehow never found time to finish the bodywork so repairs are needed to the upper nose panel plus a paint job and interior work. This “barn find” Ferrari is really too nice to make into yet another 250 project car but it will probably become another 250 project car, simply because the cost to restore the car “as original” is probably more than it’s worth.

Asking $32K. It will sell quickly.

Photograph of Front right viewPhotograph of Front viewPhotograph of Front left viewPhotograph of Rear right viewPhotograph of Rear viewPhotograph of Rear left viewPhotograph of Right side viewPhotograph of Left side viewPhotograph of Front view — highPhotograph of Rear left wheel detailPhotograph of Engine from leftPhotograph of Engine from rightPhotograph of Interior from leftPhotograph of Interior overallPhotograph of GaugesPhotograph of Interior overall from rightPhotograph of Interior from rightPhotograph of Trunk and rear bumperPhotograph of Engine number stamping