Prancing Skunk #4: Car collections - The sultan of Brunei

In this episode of the Prancing Skunk Podcast Mike and Colleen go through some of the more exotic car collections they have encountered.

April 18, 2021
Prancing Skunk #2: Barn Find Ferraris

In this episode we describe some of the many barn find cars we have uncovered throughout the years, from Ferrari 250 SWBs in old barns that have been head butted by the family goat for years, to race cars that were literally buried, this episode gets into a few of the crazy stories we have compiled over the years and the crazy situations we have encountered as exotic  car brokers.

June 7, 2020
Prancing Skunk #1: How we got started in Ferrari business

The Prancing Skunk Podcast covers all of the stories from the “golden era” of racing. In this episode we dive into how Michael Sheehan, the Ferrari Guru, first started in the business. From crazy stories about employees blowing up sand blasting booths all the way to why we use the prancing skunk instead of the prancing horse, this introductory episode covers a vast amount of varying subjects.

May 30, 2020