Ferraris Online has been specializing in selling exotic cars for almost 50 years, and as technology has advanced we have advanced right along with it. Today, when we sell a car we let potential buyers see the car start, hear the engine perform under various speeds and conditions, watch the car run through the gears, and have the opportunity to learn the history of the car all while watching a high quality video. We not only video the cars we have on consignment, but occasionally will also video cars that we have helped source and purchase for clients. Once bought, we assist in arranging the trucking and have the cars shipped to us for a video post sale. During the video process the cars are driven for anywhere from 30 minutes all the way to two hours, giving us a chance to evaluate the condition of the car and recommend any possible maintenance for the clients to make sure they can safely and confidently enjoy their car when it is finally shipped to them.

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Ferrari 360 Spider - A 6-speed low maintenance dream

When it debuted at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2000, the 360 Spider was a quantum leap forward in top-down performance and technology thanks to its lightweight all-alloy chassis, ...its flowing body lines and its very user-friendly power top. Performance was breathtaking thanks to the 360’s five-valve 3,586cc V8 producing 400 hp at 8,500 rpm. A new traction-control system was standard and top speed was an impressive 186 mph, with a 0-60 mph time of 4.5 seconds. The 360 was also the most aerodynamically sophisticated street Ferrari yet built, with the coupe version making nearly 400 pounds of down force at 180 mph, without the use of an external wing. By the time production ended in late 2004, the 360 had become the best-selling Ferrari ever. Breaking with previous Ferrari V8 tradition, the 360 can be serviced with the engine in, which translates into substantially reduced maintenance costs.[+] Show More