We are very pleased to offer 1967 Ferrari 412P Berlinetta Tribute s/n 9866, a truly one-of-a-kind Sports Racing Prototype resulting from a ten-year labor of love. This car is well known to many Tifosi from being shown at The Quail Motorsports Gathering in 2022, Concorso Italiano and Motorlux in August of 2023 as well as being featured on Cars.TV, VeloceToday.com, Wheel Hub Magazine and across Instagram and YouTube. Built over a decade and nicknamed “Rossa” by John Nino, with assistance from British Ferrari privateer and racing legend David Piper, the bespoke 412P Tribute s/n 9866 is based on the stunning bodywork and mechanicals of original Factory built 412P, s/n 0848, owned for the past three decades by a Swiss/Italian collector. No expense was spared to create this Ferrari racing Icon which can be enjoyed either in its pure Berlinetta form or in the open cockpit “Spyder” configuration by easily removing the artfully crafted Targa roof section.

The project was first made possible when David Piper supplied the fiberglass nose, tail, doors and body panels cast off from 412P Chassis #0854 which were used as templates for the coach-built aluminum body fabrication. Piper also supplied a P4 windscreen, Headlight Perspex, side latches, the vintage aluminum grille screen (gauze) for the rear body, the flame-retardant interior fabric and a long list of other original parts from his collection. In addition to supplying parts David graciously spent countless hours on the phone with Mr. Nino to ensure accuracy throughout the process. David finally met up with Rossa 412P in Monterey this past year and at that time described the car as “the best of both worlds”, combining cosmetic accuracy with modern performance”. After autographing the car, Mr. Piper shared that it may be the only car he’s ever actually signed.

The chassis was reverse engineered, and 3D modeled by Red Car Restorations of Rockwall Texas and fabricated by Jake Hodges at Race Crafters in Camarillo, CA. The chassis is constructed from 4130 Chromoly steel throughout with integrated stainless-steel water tubes emulating the original 412P and P4 construction. The wheels were created from 3D scans from original Campagnolos and fabricated by Chris Wakim and Reed Lamb at Race Concepts in Simi Valley, CA. They are precision machined to accept 42MM spline drive hubs from a Ferrari 512 BB/LM. Rear uprights are perfectly cast recreations and custom fit with period correct Ferrari spline drive hardware compatible with the original Ferrari P3 Knock-offs. Suspension and steering incorporate a combination of Factory Ferrari and precision recreated componentry. The front suspension features a custom engineered electro-hydraulic lift system for easy loading or navigating across parking lot speed bumps at the push of a button.

The absolutely gorgeous coach-built aluminum body was fabricated by Aaron Chovanetz and Blake Clevenger of MC Auto Creations, Ferris TX and the new-old-stock see-through plexi engine cover was found in Torino Italy and supplied by Matt Jones of ReOriginals in Goodrich, TX. The aluminum nose section and the related inner panels were fabricated by Brian Stone at Stones Metal Shop in Gardena, CA while the chassis and suspension components were painted and powder coated by Greg Thurmond of GTS Customs in Simi Valley CA. Correct Vintage and NOS Marchal, Carello and Altissimo exterior lights are used throughout. The interior cockpit transports you back to the Monza race circuit in 1967 incorporating NOS and vintages switches, gauges, ducting and a gated manual combined with NOS Scuderia Ferrari Fabric from David Piper and dashboard covered in Ferrari “mouse hair” material provided by ReOriginals. 

Needless to say, an original Factory built spare 412P engine doesn’t exist. When new, the original 412P engines peaked at 420 hp at 8,000 rpm. A much more practical option was a modern Tipo F133 engine from a 550 Maranello, built, tuned and fitted by Tim Taylor and Joe Maher of Red Car Restorations, Rockwall TX. Thanks to a MoTec engine management system and Competition Bosch Fuel injectors, the 550 engine dynoed at 513.33 hp at 7,190 rpm at the rear wheels with 407.23 lb ft of torque at 6,020 rpm, which equates to 590.33 hp at the flywheel. Power is put to the ground through a re-engineered Porsche G50 transaxle incorporating a custom mechanical Side shift linkage and mated to the Ferrari V12 through a custom Bell housing and flywheel. Stainless steel fuel tanks, Aluminum Dry Sump, fuel surge and water expansion tanks were fabricated by Red Car restorations providing both accurate cosmetic form and competition function. A set of 12″ vented rotors backed by specially engineered Girling Road Race calipers haul it down from any speed. Thanks to a curb weight of 860 kg or a mere 1895 lbs, 412P Tribute s/n 9866 is a literal rocket ship, very fitting since John Nino, the builder and owner, started his career at Rocketdyne’s Santa Susana Field Laboratory testing the Space Shuttle’s Main Engines!

While other shops have built P/3, P/4 and 412P replicas, none come close to the accuracy, the time invested, the dedication, the attention to detail and the final results shown in the build of 412P Tribute s/n 9866. Since a picture is worth countless words, click on the links below which show additional recent photos of 412P Tribute s/n 9866; a video of the car on the chassis dyno; a video of the dyno readout; 40 photos of the wheels and other parts being machined; 191 photos of the chassis and inner panels being built; 47 photos of the engine and other mechanicals being built plus a staggering 1077 photos of the art of metal fabrication. Once completed the hand-formed metalwork was both so exact and so stunning to behold that the decision to show 412P Tribute s/n 9866 in the “Custom Coachwork” Class at The Quail in 2022 was an easy decision.

Click on the link below for 73 detailed photos of 412P Tribute s/n 9866

Click on the link below for a video of 412P s/n 9866 on the chassis Dyno

Click on the link below for a video of the chassis Dyno readout

Click on the link below for 40 photos of the 412P wheels being machined and fabrication

Click on the link below for 191 photos of the 412P chassis and inner panels being built.

Click on the link below for 47 photos of the 412P engine and mechanicals being built

Click on the link below for a staggering 1077 photos of the lost art of metal fabrication for 412P

VeloceToday.com Article – https://velocetoday.com/ninos-p4-takes-your-breath-away/ 


412P s/n 0848, the inspiration for the build of 412P Tribute s/n 9866, was one of four 412Ps built by Ferrari in 1966 and 1967 with s/n 0844 and s/n 0848 converted by the factory from fuel injected 3-valve P3s to 2-carb carbureted 412Ps and s/n 0850 and s/n 0854 built from new as a 412Ps. All four cars were sold to private race teams run by Concessionaires including s/n 0844 to NART, s/n 0848 to Scuderia Filipinetti, s/n 0850 to Ecurie Francorchamps and s/n 0854 to Maranello Concessionaires.

Racing legend David Piper purchased 412P s/n 0854 from Maranello Concessionaires late in 1967 for £15,000Sterling (then about $37,500 USD) and co-drove 412P s/n 0854 at Brands Hatch; Monthery; Kyalami; Oulton Park and a dozen other international race venues, helping to cement his racing legacy with these cars! 412P s/n 0854 is also the only 412P recently sold at public auction, selling for $30,255,000.00 at Bonhams The Quail auction in Monterey on 18 Aug., of last year. 412P Tribute s/n 9866 offers the same gorgeous body lines and the same stunning presence as any of the four original 412Ps but powered by a level of performance Ferrari could only dream of in 1967 and is priced right at $1,495,000 USD or best offer.