• MakeFerrari
  • Model166 Inter
  • Year1950
  • Serial #0047 S
  • Engine #0047 S
  • Engine TypeTipo 166 S
  • Chassis Type166 S
  • Build Sequence #21
  • Number Built35
  • Body TypeCoupe
  • Body BuilderTouring
  • First OwnerPomini
  • Current LocationTennessee

An amazingly well preserved and very original 1950 Ferrari 166 Inter. New to Italy, then to Morocco, and imported into the US in 1961. One owner from 1961 to 1999. Just completed a very acceptable restoration by the owner. Runs and drives well. Amazingly original in every way. A serious contender for the preservation award at the FCA National meet. An unquestioned example of early Ferrari history.

Body No. 3430. Aerlux sunroof. Touring fastback berlinetta. Well documented history. An exceptionally original and unmolested car.

0047 S. Body No. 3430. Aerlux sunroof. Touring fastback berlinetta. The owner thinks it was shown at the 1950 Turin Motor Show. Not so. The Turin Show car was probably 0079 S.

1950, 01 July, Luigi Pomini, Castellanza, Varese.

1953, at the factory for carb and transmission work. Probably converted to three 36 DCF3 carburetors at that time. One of few 166 S Ferraris fitted with 3 carbs.

1959/61 “ish”, apparently the car was in Morocco and sold to a US officer with the S.A.C. (Strategic Air Command). The officer was transferred to home base in Omaha and brought the car back with him. When mustered out the officer decided to drive the car home to California but … ended up selling the car to a used car lot in Omaha where it later ended up with Jim Nicas.

1956–1957, Lorenzo Boscarelli, when he was researching the 166 book, told Roush that he had traced the car’s Italian history and that the last Italian owner was Bruno Martiguoni who claimed to have abandoned the car in Morocco around 1956–1957 after it had suffered a major mechanical breakdown.

1961, to James W. Nicas, Omaha, Nebraska. An architect.

1976, as per Tex Arnold, He knew the car back in 1976, at which time it was already with Jim Nicas and stored in the basement of his business Coach and Carriage in Omaha, NE.

1977, an engine with s/n 047 S was seen at Harrah’s Museum in Reno around this time.

1998, 06 Dec., sent James a letter. Interested in selling the car? That is what we do!

1999, 07 Apr., sent James another letter. Have clients who will love it, want it, will pay for it.

1999, 12 Apr., as per long talk with James Nicas, he is 73 years old and bought the car in 1961. Car belonged to someone in the military and flew the car in to the Strategic Air Command base in Omaha. Was going to drive it to California but realized it wouldn’t make it. Traded it for a Jaguar. The car then sold to ? who then sold the car to Jim Nicas. At the time of acquisition the car was very derelict. No headlight rings. No taillight lenses. Smoked like crazy. Valued the car at about $1,500 but ultimately had to pay about $2,500 to own the car. When new the car was apparently first dark blue, then white, then metallic blue, and is now red. Car lived in Morocco for many years and apparently came directly from Morocco to Omaha, Nebraska. When Jim Nicas bought the car there was a large packet of original papers with the car. Those papers have disappeared but he is going to go on a massive crusade to find them. Apparently the correct Touring body number on the car is 3430. Over the years Jim Nicas bought parts from Chinetti and was a regular Chinetti customer.

1999, 20 Apr., as per long talk with Jim, yes, he will sell the car, but… he will not put a number on the table. We must make him an offer. He bases all of his prices on Cavallino but he knows I write the prices for Cavallino, so… interesting situation!

1999, 26 Apr., sent Jim a detailed letter and history of 029 S. Part of the ongoing “reality check” on prices.

1999, 23 May, as per Marcel Massini to the Telaio Group:

All I can say is 047 S was delivered new to engineer Pomini in Milan, Italy and that the original color was blue.

1999, 23 May, Alan Boe e–mailed and said that he has serial number 0047 S with James Nicas in Omaha, Nebraska, with a note that it was in Wisconsin for many years. Touring body number 3425. I e–mailed back the next day saying that the car never was in Wisconsin and that the Touring body number is 3430.

1999, 24 May, as per Marcel Massini:

I do not agree that 0047 has Touring body no. 3425. In fact, Touring body no. 3425 is the one of 166 MM Berlinetta Touring Le Mans s/n 0048 M, ex–Pierre de Siebenthal, and currently undergoing total restoration at Methusalem’s restoration shop in Germany for a German owner.

1999, 25 May, as per conversation with Jim Nicas, from the seat bottom to the glass sunroof is 36 inches and from the seat back to the pedals is 43 inches. Talking with Peter Markowski later that day, the gap from the seat bottom to the roof is 34 inches or two inches shorter in a normal 250 GT Lusso, and the measurement from the seat back to the pedals is 40 inches, three inches shorter. His client should fit the car without any problem. Additionally the seat in 0047 S can be moved back about four more inches if the seat tracks are elongated. Even more if someone wanted to notch the floor or the seat back modifying the seats for a slightly more bucket bottom and there should be no trouble with anyone fitting the car comfortably.

1999, 25 May, sold to 6′5″ tall American owner. Purchased from Jim Nicas with a package of junk cars with a 328 tax trade thrown in.

1999, 27 May, sold to Peter Markowski for his client.

1999, 3 June, sent a package to Jean Guikas. He may have a buyer in the $300,000 range.

See Classic and Sports Cars, 1999, August, mentioned in Mick Walsh’s column, Lost & Found, page 27, found by M. Sheehan. Sold to a 6′5 new owner.


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