We are pleased to offer 2008 Pro Formula Mazda s/n 08 627, an affordable and user-friendly open-wheel racer featuring an Élan Motorsports Technologies carbon fiber tub built to completion and supported by  Star Racing Cars, powered by a sealed 250 hp fuel-injected Renesis developed 1.3L Mazda 13B  Mazda Wankel “rotary” engine (similar to the one in the Mazda RX-8) mated to a Hewland six-speed sequential transaxle. The carbon fiber chassis is built to FIA standards and weighs only 1135 lbs. The engines cannot be modified as they are sealed to make it easy to detect cheating.  Both the engine and gearbox are extremely reliable, durable and require minimum maintenance. The car has an incredible power to weight ratio which gives it amazing speed on the straights along with awesome cornering capabilities thanks to the aerodynamic downforce of front and rear wings, lots of tire contact patch and light weight. In the interest of creating close racing and limiting cost in the Pro Mazda series, the rules state that no modifications are allowed unless the rules expressly permit it—at one time even replacing the mirrors on the car was prohibited. Teams are allowed to adjust wing angles, spring rates and suspension set-up, but everything else on the car is sealed to make for an even playing field. If you’re a serious up-and-coming professional racer the Pro Mazda cars are very popular as part of IndyCar’s Road-to-Indy ladder system, a field of 40 or more open-wheel cars at a race is quite common. If you’re an occasional weekend warrior in SCCA, NASA or VARA, there is a class or series for you.

The MoTeC ECU uses input from the gearshift to enable “no-lift” upshifting while the driver holds the throttle wide open. The ECU also provides traction control which the driver can turn off from inside the car. The rules allow a choice among five different spring rates at each corner, and the Öhlins dampers offer separate bump and rebound adjustments. The driver can adjust the front anti-roll bar from the cockpit. Power is put to the ground through Center-lock BBS wheels mounted with 210/55 OR 13 front and 290/57 OR 13 rear Cooper slicks. Stopping power is provided by four-wheel discs and the car rides on a pushrod suspension.  Parts are easily available and affordable from Star Race Cars in Mesa Arizona

The cockpit features a removable collar and houses a fixed bucket seat with Sabelt six-point harnesses. The shifter’s on the driver’s right. A MOMO three-spoke steering wheel with a quick release sits ahead of a digital display with integrated shift lights. The bodywork is refinished in a dark blue with white trim and yellow accents. Pro Mazda Series  decals are on the rear wing side panels and on the upper airbox while Cooper tire decals are on the lower airbox. Features include dual side-view mirrors along with adjustable front and rear spoilers. Comes with a complete and painted front nose and wing assembly, ready to be fitted, with a spare set of wheels and tires. Like all race cars, chipped paint and minor various cracks can be seen up close in the photo gallery below. Total mileage and engine time are  unknown. Priced to sell at $49,500.


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