We are pleased to offer 1970 Ferrari 512 M replica s/n 10692, based on molds, patterns and measurements taken from the NART Team’s 512 M s/n 1014 which, in the late 1980s and early 1990s was in storage in Indianapolis. Because he had access to 512 M s/n 1014, the project was started in the late 1980’s by Randy Berry, a fabricator for Eric Broadley’s Indianapolis-based Lola Indy car and IMSA GTP race teams. Rather than duplicate the 512 M’s light but fragile frame, the project started with the frame from 1975 Ferrari 308 GT/4 s/n 10692 which made for a much stiffer chassis and a slightly wider and more spacious body and cockpit. The nose, both doors, the rear side panels and rear body are all direct copies from 512 M s/n 1014, albeit slightly wider, while the aluminum roof, side or rocker panels, inner door sills, front inner wheel wells and lower front and rear firewalls are again direct copies from 512 M s/n 1014, beautifully fabricated, fitted and riveted in place. A pedal box and pedal assemblies were also nicely fabricated and fitted into place while the shifter, shifter tower, rack and pinion steering column components are from a 308 GT/4.

The engine is from a 5.5 liter Euro spec 456 GT, good enough for 442 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque, which would offer rocket-ship performance in an under 2,000 lb racer. The 456 GT engine was running well when removed from a wrecked 456 GT. For those who feel that 442 hp isn’t enough performance in a sub-2,000 lb car, the 456 engine can also be updated with a modern dry sump system and converted to slide–valve fuel injection system which should be good for something in the 500 hp range. With a finished weight well under 2,000 lbs the power to weight ratio would be truly staggering and all of this performance could be put to the ground through a bullet–proof, easy-to-source and reasonably priced Hewland gearbox. When completed 512 M replica s/n 10692 would be eligible for a wide range of track day events, HSR, SVRA, SCCA vintage or other events and venues.

A comprehensive parts package comes with 512 M replica s/n 10692 including the Euro spec 456 GT engine, a new 12 cylinder fuel injection metering unit, 12 new fuel injectors, a new flywheel, a pair of faithfully reproduced new 13″ wide rear wheels, a good used pair of 9″ wide front wheels, a set of four racing brake calipers, a pair of new rear uprights, a pair of new rear lower a-arms, both side radiators, a used steering wheel which needs to be recovered, a fuse panels, ignition switch w/key, period tail lights, motor mounts, an alternator and new Schroth racing seat belts.

About 1990 Ferrari512 M replica s/n 10692 was sold to Bob Mayer, an aircraft mechanic based in Chicago, but sat unfinished for many years before going to the current owner in Seattle in 2020 who sourced the used front wheels, the new rear wheels and the 456 GT engine. 512 M replica s/n 10692 is mounted on a dolly so it can easily be moved or worked on and is in need of a new owner who has the patience to finish the project. When completed 512 M replica s/n 10692 can carry on the tradition of the 512 M and 512 S as the ultimate 1970s Ferrari Sports Prototype race car. With a well sorted 5.5. liter 456 GT engine, the on–track performance will be staggering while the light weight and massive tires will make for an incredibly well balanced race car! The 512 M and 512 S were built to race and win the 24 hours of Le Mans and Daytona or the 12 hours of Sebring, so these cars are virtually indestructible in vintage racing. 512 M replica s/n 10692 comes with an Illinois title and, if your fearless, can be licensed for the street!


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