We are pleased to offer 1977 US model carburated 308 GTB s/n 22181. This beautiful fly yellow with black leather, carburated, four-owner 308 GTB is unusually well documented back to the original warranty book, listing the sale to the first owner,  Conrad Proctor, MI by Robert Schneider, the salesman at the Sports Car Exchange, Dearborn, Michigan. Mr. Proctor only kept s/n 22181 for one year, from 11 Oct., 1977 to Sept., 1978 and drove 6,000 miles. In 1978 s/n 22181 was sold by the Sports Car Exchange to the second owner, Dr. Eduardo Reyes, Michigan and registered on Michigan plates “645GTZ”.  Dr, Reyes kept 308 GTB s/n 22181 from 1978 with 6,000 miles until Feb., 2015 with 35,665 miles, for a total of 27 years. On Feb., 2015 s/n 22181 went to it’s third owner, Vito Bommarito, an active member on FerrariChat.com with 35,665 miles. Vito only  kept s/n 22181 until May, 2016. S/n 22641 was then sold to the fourth and last owner in Scottsdale, Arizona at 35,665 miles. Today 308 GTB s/n 22181 has only 38,593 miles so has been driven an average of only 857.6 miles of usage per year over 45 years.


The service records are equally as well documented with thirty-three years of service records going back to 03 August 1989, with a service by the original selling authorized Ferrari dealer, Sports Car Exchange, Dearborn, MI. S/n 22181’s first three owners were all in the Detriot area and so was serviced by the dealer and later by Terry Myr of the R. A. Engel Co., Smith Creek, Michigan, the recognized independent expert shop in the area. The fourth owner was in Scottsdale and so the most recent services, in 2018 and again in 2020, were by FMS Service, Fountain Hills, AZ, a well respected shop in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area. All original (not copies) of the service records are with the car. E-mail us for scanned copies.

S/n 22181 comes with its full set of original show-quality books, with their original pouch, the correct original  warranty card, the full set of tools with their bag, the jack kit with the jack, lug wrench, and accessory belts, plus the plastic fuse and light holder with all fuses, bulbs and spark plug, plus the small, plug-in trouble light with it’s carrying bag, again, all in show-quality condition. The rare Salchi paint sticker is in place and carries the hand-written Giallo 490 paint code.  The paint is a very high quality but does show some crazing in the laquer due to age, and the body is amazingly dent-free and ripple-free! Thanks to the early 308s clever door latches, the doors open and shut with a finger light touch and the front hood and deck lid open and close with ease. The frame, lower body and all suspension components are in good original, unrestored condition. All four 7 1/2 x 14 Campagnolo wheels are chip and scratch free and are mounted on a set of Cooper 215/70 OR 14 tires. The black leather interior upholstery, dash, headliner and interior trim and carpets are in excellent condition with no excessive hardening on the seat leather or undue wear on the seat bolsters.  The engine bay and the under panels, belly pan and suspension are in good condition. The windshield, rear window glass and passenger door glass are in good condition. The original “California” driver’s side mirror is in place, as is the rare front compartment zip-up spare tire cover. 

When introduced in October of 1975 at the Paris Auto Salon, the Pininfarina designed 308 GTB was an elegant replacement for the much-missed 246 GT. Thanks to the lines penned by Pininfarina designer Leonardo Fioravanti, the 308 GTB continued the aggressive yet curvaceous and exotic lines shown in Fioravanti’s earlier 206 and 246 GT, 365 GTB/4 Daytona and 365 BB Berlinetta Boxer designs. As a replacement for the 246 GT, the 308 GTB was the first of Ferrari’s higher-volume, smaller-engine V-8 exotics, meant to appeal to a larger market than the flagship V-12s, and the first of the long line of V8 Ferraris that have evolved into Ferrari’s massive commercial success.
This Berlinetta is ready to be shown at Ferrari Club of America events where it should be a winner in the survivor class, driven to weekend Cars & Coffee gatherings, or as a pride of ownership in the owners garage. 308 GTB s/n 22181 must be seen to be fully appreciated, it is truly an ideal candidate for the serious Ferrari enthusiast seeking the most desirable iteration of the steel-bodied carburated 308 GTB. Even better, s/n 22181 starts instantly, idles like a 40 pound tomcat, runs well, drives well, goes through the gears easily and stops straight. Today she is ready-to-go for an owner who wants to experience it to the fullest on the show field, on the open road or simply admire in his garage. As a 1977 year model, this car is not smog legal in California and is therefore only for sale as a 49-state car. Priced to sell at $89,750 or best offer.
S/n 22181. 308 GTB. USA model. Fly yellow with black. Assembly number 445A. Engine # 02583.

1977, Aug., production date.

1977, new to the Sports Car Exchange, 
15264 Michigan Ave.,  Dearborn, MI, 48126, then the
authorized Ferrari dealer for Dearborn, MI 48124.

1977, 11 Oct., sold new by  the Sports Car Exchange, 14510 Michigan Ave., Dearborn,MI, 48126
to Conrad Proctor, MI. Robert Schneider, salesman.

1978, 01 Sept., offered for sale in the Ferrari Market Letter by The Sports Car Exchange, Michigan.
“Fly yellow w/black interior, BBS wheels w/P7’s. 6,000 mi. $32,500.”
1978, sold to the second owner, Dr. Eduardo Reyes, Michigan.
1989, 03 Aug., serviced for Dr. Eduardo Reyes by the Sports Car Exchange, 15264 Michigan Ave.,
Dearborn, MI; new brake pads; new clutch; pressure plate and throwout bearing; new
spark plugs; re-chage A/C. Total invoice $2,564.01.
1989, 16 Oct., serviced for Dr. Eduardo Reyes by the Sports Car Exchange, 15264 Michigan Ave.,
Dearborn, MI, 48126; New brake pads and booster. Total invocie $1,081.11.
1989, 10 Nov., serviced by the Sports Car Exchange, 15264 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, MI, 48126;
30k service; new cam and accessory belts; adjust valves; new cam seals; new engine oil and filter;
re-charge A/C; new deck lid support rod. Total invoice $2,557.99. Mileage 27,792 miles.
1990, 13 July, serviced by the Sports Car Exchange, 15264 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, MI, 48126.
Clean plugs; re-charge A/C. Total invoice $1,052.02. Mileage 28,644.
1990, 18 Sept., serviced by the Sports Car Exchange, 15264 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, MI, 48126.
New cam seals and shifter seals; new fuel tank enchange hoses. Total invoce $457.85. 
1995, 22 May, service by Terry Myr, R. A. Engel Co., 6811 Sparling Rd, Smith Creek, Michigan, 48074.
30k service. New cam and accessory belts; adjust valvs; re-torque heads; flush cooland and brake
systems; overhaul distributors, new points; new clutch cable. Total invoice $3,203.00. Milege 32,378 miles.
1995, 23 May, service by Terry Myr, R. A. Engel Co., 6811 Sparling Rd, Smith Creek, Michigan, 48074.
New battery. Total invoice $66.00. Milaege 32,378 miles.
1995, 06 June, service by Terry Myr, R. A. Engel Co., 6811 Sparling Rd, Smith Creek, Michigan, 48074.
New rear tires; new fuel pump to carbs fuel line; check fuel tank-to-tank transfer hoses. Total invoice
$668.00. Mileage 32,378 miles.
1998, 21 May, service by Terry Myr, R. A. Engel Co., 6811 Sparling Rd, Smith Creek, Michigan, 48074.
New battery; change engine oil and filer; new front shocks and shock bushings; check coolant; trans
fluid and battery acid. Total invoice $1,633.00. Mileage 34,041 miles.
2014, 26 Sept., service by Terry Myr, R. A. Engel Co., 6811 Sparling Rd, Smith Creek, Michigan, 48074.
30k service; new cam and accessory belts; new tensioner bearings; new fuel and oil filters; new cam
seals; flush brake fluid; new spark plugs; new heater hoses; adjsut valves; check cylinderhead torque;
test dristributors; tune carbs; re-charge A/C. Total labor invoice $4,723.00 plus parts at $956.00, total
$5,679.00. Mileage 35,541 miles.
2015, Feb., owned by Mr Vito Bommarito. An original  Michigan car delivered to Sport carExchange in
Dearborn Mi, two owner car “I am the third owner, invoices going back to 1989, car has around 35k miles.
Very original car that a doctor had for about 30 years. All books included the warranty card and tools.”
2015, 12 March., service by Terry Myr, R. A. Engel Co., 6811 Sparling Rd, Smith Creek, Michigan, 48074.
Rebuld water pump; new battery; new clutch disc; change engine and transaxle oil. Total invoce $2,914.00.
Mileage 35,665 miles.

2016, May, sold to Mr Andrew Cruse, Scottsdale AZ

2016, Aug., present at Casa Ferrari Monterey, CA per photo posted on FerrariChat by username Casino

Square. Still yellow.
2018, 02 April, serviced by FMS Service, 17008 E Enterprise Dr., Suite #1, Fountain Hills, AZ, 85268. New
heater fans, new fuel lines and filter, new areoquip stainless steel brake lines, installed customer supplied
exhaust system, install new exhaust grille; change engine oil and filter plus fresh transaxle oil. Total invoice
$4,827.37 Mileage 36,536 miles.

2022, 16 Aug, serviced by FMS Service, 17008 E Enterprise Dr., Suite #1, Fountain Hills, AZ, 85268.New water
pump pulley and belts, new fuel filter; new air filter; new engine and transaxle sump gasket; new transaxle
oil; new wngine oil and filter; flush cooing system; install front under-tray; adjust headlamps; modify mount
brackets on customer supplied exhaust system. Total invoice $1,325.00. Mileage 35,824.
2022, Aug., on consignment with Mike and Colleen Sheehan’s Ferraris Online LLC.  38,593 miles.

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