To get into the small–car business as quickly as possible, BMW’s factory at Eisenach took up license production of the British Austin Seven, which had been built since 1922 in Longbridge. In December 1927, Eisenach introduced its version as the 3/15 hp Dixi DA 1 (DA=Deutsche Ausfuhrung, “German Version”), little changed from its English counterpart. The BMW propeller motif didn’t appear on the cars until 1929 when the BMW DA 2 3/15 was introduced. BMW continued building the Dixi DA 1 until July 1929, at which time an improved version called the BMW 3/15 went into production. One important change was four–wheel brakes; the front brakes of the Dixi had served only as a parking device. Total production of all models in 1930 was 3146 cars.

Mick and Colleen Sheehan entered BMW 3/15 PS s/n 21296 into the August 17th, 2003 Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance with their father’s help. The BMW 3/15 PS, with a rebuilt engine and before restoration, was accepted for Pebble Beach on February 9, 2003. BMW 3/15 PS s/n 21296 won 3rd in Class P–1 (Austin Seven) at the 53rd Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance.

The 53rd Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance took place at Pebble Beach, California on the weekend of August 14–17th, 2003. The weekend started with the sixth annual Pebble Beach Tour held on Thursday August 14, with more than 130 magnificent vehicles forming a parade for spectators along a route nearly 50 miles long. This was no easy drive for the Pebble Beach candidates as the route includes some surprising challenges. The Sheehans participated in the Tour in BMW 3/15 DA 2 Cabriolet s/n 21296 with the top down.

As we learned, there is actually no BMW Dixi or Dixi BMW, as both are manufacturer’s names. The cars either are Dixi 3/15 PS or BMW 3/15 PS. Chassis number 21296 is a BMW 3/15 PS Cabriolet DA2, which was manufactured on August 28, 1930. It was delivered on October 20, 1930 to the “Wirtschaftsvereinigung kraftfahrender Aerzte” in Dresden, meaning, approximately, union of automobile–driving medical doctors. The original color was Beige.

S/n 21296. 1930 BMW 3/15 PS Cabriolet DA2.

1930, 28 Aug., completed.

1930, 20 Oct., delivered to its first owner in Dresden.

The first owner was “Wirtschaftsvereinigung der Kraftfahrer” Dresden.

1990s, early, with Tomas Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza.

To Bill Jacobs, BMW dealer, Chicago area, who bought a package of cars from Monaghan.

1999, 18 July, the BMW 3/15 PS was included in a large package of cars traded from Bill Jacobs to Peter Markowski on 275/340 MM Barchetta s/n 0030 MT.

1999, 18 July, given to Mick and Colleen Sheehan by Peter Markowski as a gift. Needs the engine rebuilt.

1999, 26 July, Peter gives the BMW 3/15 PS to the kids. Peter also agrees to rebuild the motor and get the car running at his normal shop rate since the BMW 3/15 PS was included in one of the two truckloads of cars taken to Peter’s shop. It’s now at Peter’s shop. Give him something to do over the winter.

1999, rebuilt and car delivered to California.

2003, 09 Feb., accepted for Pebble Beach, 2003.

2003, April–June, paintwork and bodywork by Beckman”s Metalwork, Costa Mesa, California.

2003, June, registered with plates 1930 BMW.

2003, July–August, nickel plating by Christiansen Plating Los Angeles, California. Assembly by Beckman”s Metalwork, Costa Mesa, California.

2003, August, mechanical work by Carobu Engineering LLC, Costa Mesa, California.

2003, 14 Aug., sixth annual Pebble Beach Tour.

2003, 17 Aug., 53rd Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance. Won 3rd in Class P–1 (Austin Seven).


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