We are pleased to offer 1974 Euro model Ferrari 246 GTS Dino s/n 07574, an amazingly well-documented, fully-restored and ready-to-show-or-go example, finished in Azzurro Dino 20-A-349 with tan leather interior and ordered from new with the very desirable fender flares and wider Campagnolo wheels. Both the 246 GT coupes and the later 246 GTS spyders were the first evolution of Ferrari’s higher-volume, smaller-engine exotics, meant to appeal to a larger market than the flagship V-12s, and were the first of the long line of V6 and V8 Ferraris that have evolved into today’s massive commercial success for Ferrari. Named after Enzo Ferrari’s son, Alfredino, who died in 1956 of muscular dystrophy at the age of 24, the Dino was the first of the “baby” Ferraris – smaller, lighter and more nimble than the larger 12-cylinder street Ferraris. Its transverse mid-engine was a Ferrari first in a street car, and the four-cam V6 shows its direct racing heritage from the V6 powered 196 SP, 206 SP, 246 SP and the V6 powered F2 Ferraris. The sleek and sensuous Pininfarina designed and Scaglietti built 246 stands as one of the most beautiful and exotic street model Ferraris ever built, epitomizing the Enzo-era Ferraris.246 GTS s/n 07574 has a known history from new, being completed on 06 Dec 1973 and invoiced to Garage Francorchamps, the Ferrari Importer for Belgium, who delivered s/n 7574 to Maquet (a Belgium dealer), and then to its first owner, a woman. In 1980 Dino s/n 7575 was sold to its second owner, Steve Clapner, Arlington, TX before coming to California. In September of 2013 Dino s/n 07574 was sold to Jon Gunderson of Rancho Santa Fe, CA and was then restored by Jon Gunderson as another of his obsessive-compulsive Dino restoration. The restoration was well documented with about 180 photos of every major step of the work done. Sit back, have a coffee (or two) and click on restoration_photos.zip to for a zip file containing about 180 photos which detail every aspect of the down-to-a-bare-tub-and-back restoration in a more-or-less chronological order, starting in Sept., of 2013 until completion!

For those who’ve never been involved in a down-to-the-tub-and-back restoration, the restoration website starts with the delivery to the current owner, then shows s/n 7574 being disassembled, stripped and mounted on a rotisserie. The photos next detail the body work and paintwork and then the rebuild and assembly of the suspension and then the cockpit wiring, the front compartment and the rear compartment. The engine and transaxle are rebuilt and installed and the car was then sorted and test driven. When completed Dino s/n 7574 was finished in its original and unique Azzurro Dino 20-A-349 with all-new tan leather. 246 GTS s/n 7574 has a show quality set of books, with their pouch, the tools and the tool roll, the jack and jack kit, the wheel stop and the vinyl cover for the lift-off hardtop.

Today 246 GTS s/n 7574 GTS now has only 1,253 kms or a mere 778 miles since the restoration. The body is mirror straight as one would expect on a fresh restoration, and the non-metallic Azzurro Dino paint is flawless. Every aspect of the restoration is to the highest level. All systems work “as-new”, and the engine is well tuned, it starts instantly, makes great power, and sounds fantastic! The chassis and suspension are tight and the brakes are effective and responsive. The rebuilt transmission shifts properly and the rebuilt clutch works well. Thanks to the Dino’s low sweeping body lines and the sounds of the well-proven, low-maintenance, high-revving V-6 right behind your seat, every trip to Starbucks sounds, drives and feels like a qualifying lap at Sebring. Comes with the full set of books plus the full set of original tools and the jack kit. Just completed a pre-sale inspection by Chris Dugan, Dugan Enterprises, Oceanside, CA.

S/n 07574. 246 GTS. European model. From new with flared fenders and Campagnolo wheels. Finished in Azzurro Dino 20-A-349 with Nero 161 Vinyl interior. Engine internal #11663. Gearbox internal #2704. Scaglietti Body #2720.

1973, 06 Dec., Factory invoice to Francorchamps, Ferrari Importer for Belgium.

1974, Nov., new with Maquet (Dealer), Belgium. Azzuro Dino with black vinyl #161. European model,

1980, 19 Oct., offered in the LA Times by Steve Clapner, Arlington, TX. Red. European specs.

1980, 01 Dec., offered in Autoweek by Steve Clapner, Arlington, TX. Red. European specs.

1983-1995, owned by K. Marshall, Redondo Beach, CA.

1995, May, offered in the Ferrari Market Letter, issue # 2011 by Mike Sheehan’s European Auto Sales, Costa Mesa, CA. Good red paint with good original black interior. Covered headlights, original factory fender flares. One owner for over 10 years. Rust-free Southern California car. Runs and drives well.

2002, June, offered in the Ferrari Market Letter, issue # 2712 by Tillack & Co., Redondo Beach, CA. Yellow with black interior. Flares & Campagnolos. Fresh bare metal paint & major service.

2003, Jan., offered in the Ferrari Market Letter, issue # 2712 by Tillack & Co., Redondo Beach, CA. Yellow with black interior. Flares & Campagnolos. Fresh bare metal paint & major service.

2004, Jan., offered in the Ferrari Market Letter, issue # 2712 by Tillack & Co., Redondo Beach, CA. Yellow with black interior. Flares & Campagnolos. Fresh bare metal paint & major service.

2005, March, sold to a enthusiast who had a home in Austin, Texas.

2013, 16 Sept., now with Bob Campbell, a Porsche 356 restoration expert in Valencia, CA. Owned by a client who has a home in Austin, Texas.

2013, Sept., to Jon Gunderson for another of his over-the-top obsessive-compulsive Dino restoration.

2020, July, on consignment with Mike and Colleen Sheehan’s Ferraris-Online LLC.


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