• Year1974
  • MakeFerrari
  • ModelDino 246 GTS
  • Serial Number08252

We are pleased to offer USA model 1974 Dino 246 GTS s/n 08252. This Dino spyder has the rare “Chairs and Flares” option with the correct Campagnola wheels, A/C and P/W. It is finished in very elegant Fly yellow paint over an exceptionally nice body. The tan leather Daytona seats and door panels are in excellent condition and offset with black carpets. This Dino has headrests and plexiglass headlight covers which the owner has not fitted in place. 246 GTS s/n 08252 has only 26,322 miles. Owned by a very attention-oriented individual, very nicely detailed, top and bottom, and in excellent condition. Extremely nice engine compartment. Comes with an original owner’s manual but no tools. Runs and drives as nicely as it looks. Priced right at $214,950.

S/n 08252. USA model. May 1974 production. New in Nocciola (bronze) with black leather interior, with fender “Flares” and Daytona “Chairs”.
1974-77 Altman (1st Owner), USA. Leather interior. USA model, P/W & A/C.
1977-84, Howard H. Hillelson, 2nd owner, Roswell, GA.
1978, April, offered in New York. (NY Times 16 Apr. 1978).
1979, owned by Howard H. Hillelson, Marietta, GA/USA. Metallic gold with black interior. Seen at various Ferrari meets.
1984, offered in Ferrari Market Letter # 0910 by Hillelson.
“Second owner, owned last seven years. 10,000 miles. Air, p/w, leather interior. Used in Burt Reynolds’ “Cannonball Run”, “Sharkey’s Machine” & “Stroker Ace.”.”
1989, 18 Mar.,-10 June, for sale in Ferrari Market Letter by Bruce Lavachek, Phoenix, AZ:
“Nocciola with black leather. Air & p/w. 19,500 miles.”
1989, 22 Jul.-19 Aug., for sale in FML by MDR Car collection:
“Gold. Flares and chairs. Full leather, air and p/w. 20,900 miles.”
1990, 13 Oct.-27 Oct., for sale in FML by MDR Car Collection:
“Red with tan interior. Daytona package.”
1995, Elghanawan, City of Commerce, CA. Bought from MDR.
1996, February, offered in Ferrari Market Letter # 2103 by Classic Cars, La Jolla, CA:
“Red with tan interior. Chairs & flares. Campagnolo wheels. 20,009 miles.”
1996, September, offered in Ferrari Market Letter # 2119 by Cardiff Classics, Encinitas, CA:
“Red with tan leather. Chairs & flares with Campagnolos. 20,000 miles.”
1997, January, offered in Ferrari Market Letter # 2201 by Cardiff Classics, Encinitas, CA:
“Red with tan leather. Chairs & flares with Campagnolos. 20,000 miles.”
2001, 17 July, as per Ed Waterman fly yellow with tan leather. Yes, it is a flares and chairs car. Now shows 20,750 miles.
2001, 25 Aug.-03 Nov., for sale in Ferrari Market Letter by Auto Palace, Pittsburgh, PA:
“Yellow with tan interior. Factory flares, Daytona seats & Campagnolo wheels. 21,000 miles.”
2001, September, offered at eBay/Kruse Fall Auburn Auction, Auburn, IN:
“Yellow/Tan & Black. Cosmetic restoration, 2- condition. Not sold at hammer bid of $65,000. Chairs and flares, correct wide Campagnolo alloy wheels, a/c. Claimed to be factory chairs & flares equipped. Good paint and interior, window weather felts worn and windows rattle. Filler behind right front wheel, windshield scratched by misadjusted wiper. Old undercoat on chassis. (Ric Carey, FML 2621).”
2002, 18 May-15 June, in FML with Tony Joseph, PA:
“Yellow with tan interior & black inserts. Flares & chairs model. 21,000 miles.”
2005, October, offered in Ferrari Market Letter # 3020 by Motorcar Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL/USA:
“Yellow with tan interior. Chairs, flares and factory a/c. 21,575 miles.”
2005, to current owner, Greenville, South Carolina.
2007, December, on consignment with Michael Sheehan’s Ferraris-online.com.


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