• MakeFerrari
  • Model330 GT 2+2
  • Year1965
  • Serial #7095
  • Engine Type209
  • Chassis Type571/65
  • Number Built124 (Interim)
  • Body TypeCoupe 2+2
  • Body BuilderPininfarina
  • Current LocationMinnesota

S/n 7095 GT. 330 GT 2+2 Pininfarina 2+2 Interim. Chassis Tipo 571/65. Motor Tipo 209. Gearbox Tipo 571/1088. Differential Tipo 571/65. Destination: Chinetti.

1965, assembly completed. Five speed. Hanging pedals. Improved brakes. Four headlight.

1965, delivered through Luigi Chinetti Motors Inc. of Greenwich, CT to USA.

1983, March, offered by Bob Donner, Colorado Springs, CO/USA. White with black interior. Unbelievably original, known by him since new. (FML 0806). 15,000 miles. (FML 0819).

1987, July, offered by Michael Ramczyk, Vintage Ferrari, Minneapolis, MN/USA. White with black leather and red carpets. 18,000 original miles. (FML 1225).

With Peter Halper, Laguna Beach, CA.

1988, 01 Nov., heater core repaired. Total invoice: $526.75.

1989, July, offered by Peter Halper, Irvine, CA/USA. White with black leather and red carpets. Everything 100% original and working. 18,000 miles. (FML 1414).

1989, 08 July–05 Aug., for sale in FML by Peter Halper:

Four–headlight five–speed example in white with black leather and red carpets. Definitely the finest unrestored 330 in existence. Everything 100% original and working. 18,000 original documented miles. Expensive (relative to others) but worth it! $175,000.

1991, 12 Nov., serviced by Concours Auto Repair, 541 W. Lambert St., La Habra, CA 90631. Rebuilt brake calipers, repaired fuel leak, repaired right heater core, replaced front shocks and bushings, tune up and oil change, flushed and refilled cooling system and chassis lubed. Total Invoice: $2,784.00.

1992, 26 Mar., serviced by Concours Auto Repair. Replaced radiator cap and catch tank cap, replaced water hose, repaired left heater core and replaced fan switch. Total invoice: $424.63.

1993, 13 July, serviced by Concours Auto Repair. Tune up, replaced spark plugs, replaced fuel filter, replaced fuel pump, replaced fuel hoses and adjusted throttle linkage. Total invoice: $876.09.

1993, 01 Aug., serviced by Concours Auto Repair. Cleaned and repaired crankcase breather. Total invoice: $238.00.

Still owned by Peter Halper, Eagan, MN.

2001, 07 July, serviced by David Relf, Inc., 1389 Furness Parkway, St Paul MN 55119. Replaced tires, fixed dent in trunk, installed radio and speakers, repaired underside, adjusted clutch, oil changed, oil and air filters replaced and left and right window felt replaced. Total invoice: $4,575.03.

2001, 24 July, serviced by G.T. Cars, 950 W. 94th Street, Bloomington, MN 55420. Tune up, replaced six plug wires, right side window regulator cable rewound, adjusted exhaust system positioning, radiator repaired and replaced bushings in front sway bar. Total invoice: $1,168.73.

2002, 05 June, serviced by G.T. Cars. Replaced wiper blades, changed oil, changed oil filters, replaced battery and positive terminal cable. Total invoice: $336.58. Mileage: 22,119.

2002, 11 June, rear tray remade for rear speakers and rear speakers installed by Diamond Interiors, 2932 Drew Avenue, North, Robbinsdale, MN 55422. Total invoice: $969.68.

2003, 11 June, serviced by G.T. Cars. Oil change. Total invoice: $117.04. Mileage: 22,468.

2003, 21 July, purchased by current owner.

2003, 27 July, owned by current owner. Painted Rosso Rubino with black interior. Seen at Minnesota Ferrari Club display at Calhoun Lake, Minneapolis with 22,676 miles on clock and MN plates 637-890.

2003, 13 Oct., heater valve purchased from G.T. Cars. Total invoice: $78.14.

2005, 30 Mar., serviced by G.T. Cars. Replaced clutch disk and pressure plate, replaced throw out bearing, pilot bearing and rear seal, resurfaced flywheel, replaced clutch slave cylinder, oil and filter changed, cleaned and painted gearbox, repaired reverse switch and replaced heater valve. Total invoice: $1,852.45.

2006, 06 July, serviced by G.T. Cars. Oil and filter changed, chassis lubed, brake fluid system flushed and refilled, replaced oil sending unit and fuel level float. Total invoice: $315.92. Mileage: 23,163.

2007, 09 May, serviced by G.T. Cars. Oil and filter changed. Total invoice: $85.04.

2008, 18 Apr., serviced by G.T. Cars. Oil and filter changed, replaced left and right center mufflers, replaced rear muffler and lubed window regulator motors and cables. Total invoice: $4,002.69. Mileage: 23,542.

2008, July, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s Ferraris-online.com.


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