We are pleased to offer 1974 US model Ferrari 246 GTS Dino s/n 07836, an amazingly well-documented, fully-restored and ready-to-show-or-go example with a high chassis number and a February 1974 build date. Both the 246 GT coupes and the later 246 GTS spyders were the first evolution of Ferrari’s higher-volume, smaller-engine exotics, meant to appeal to a larger market than the flagship V-12s, and were the first of the long line of V6 and V8 Ferraris that have evolved into Ferraris current massive commercial success. Named after Enzo Ferrari’s son, Alfredino, who died in 1956 of muscular dystrophy at the age of 24, the Dino was the first of the “baby” Ferraris – smaller, lighter and more nimble than the larger 12-cylinder street Ferraris. Its transverse mid-engine was a Ferrari first in a street car, and the four-cam V6 shows its direct racing heritage from the V6 powered 196 SP, 206 SP, 246 SP and the V6 powered F2 Ferraris. The sleek and sensuous Pininfarina designed and Scaglietti built 246 stands as one of the most beautiful and exotic street model Ferraris ever built, epitomizing the golden age of the Enzo-era Ferraris.

246 GTS s/n 07836 has a known history from new, being built in February of 1974 and was a Marc, 1974 European delivery to Armond Travis, Kalamazoo, Michigan; then coming back to the US before being sold to noted collector Ed Weschler of Nashotah, Wisconsin, where s/n 07836 was kept on display in his living room. In 1992 s/n 07836 was sold to Brad Jones, Houston, Texas and remained in Texas until 2006. In February of 2006 Dino s/n 07836 was sold to Jon Gunderson of Rancho Santa Fe, CA and was then restored by Jon Gunderson and his son as part of a multi-year, father-and-son project. The restoration was extraordinarily well documented with over 1,000 photos and explanations of every step of the work done posted to Jon’s website. Sit back, have a coffee (or two)..

click on http://dinorestoration.com/category/jons-246-gts/ to see over 1,000 photos which detail every aspect of the down-to-a-bare-tub and back restoration in a more-or-less reverse chronological order, starting from 15 Dec., 2013 and going back in time to 20 April, 2006!

For those who’ve never been involved in a down-to-the-tub-and-back restoration, the restoration website starts with the sale to the current owner, then goes back in time to photo documents showing five years of Southern California Concours shows and trophies. The website next details the rebuild of the rear suspension and assembly and then goes to the first drive and final assembly of the doors, locks, window cables, motors and assembly. Next is the engine installation, and then the engine, trans and exhaust on the test stand, the final engine assembly details, and then more details and minutia one rarely considers, such as the restoration of air vent cables and a rebuild of the rear view mirror. And we’ve only covered the first two “pages” and a few hundred photos, with nine more “pages” or links and about eight-hundred more photos to go. When completed Dino s/n 07836 was finished in Dino Blue Metallic with all-new tan leather and updated to “chairs and flares” specs with flared fenders, wider Campagnola wheels, Euro front and side turn signal lenses and registered on California plates 74 DINO. When finished 246 GTS s/n 07836 was featured in a seven-page article in FORZA Magazine #90 in December of 2008,

From 2008 to 2013 Dino s/n 07836 was shown at the Bella Italia Concours d’ Elegance, San Diego, multiple times, winning repeated first place award

In December of 2013 Dino s/n 07836 was sold to the current owner who kept it at his winter home in Palm springs and has enjoyed it for only 4,329 miles, or about 550 miles per year since the restoration. The body is mirror straight as one would expect on a little-used restoration, and the Dino Blue Metallic paint is flawless. As per Jon Gunderson’s website link every aspect of the restoration is to the highest level. All systems work “as-new”, and the engine is well tuned, it starts instantly, makes great power, and sounds fantastic! The chassis and suspension are tight and the brakes are effective and responsive. The rebuilt transmission shifts properly and the rebuilt clutch works well. Thanks to the Dino’s low sweeping body lines and the sounds of the well-proven, low-maintenance, high-revving V-6 right behind your seat, every trip to Starbucks sounds, drives and feels like a qualifying lap at Sebring. Comes with the full set of books back to the original warranty card showing the first owner, the selling dealer and first service in Nice, France, plus the full set of original tools and the jack kit and a massive file folder of invoices. Just completed a pre-sale inspection by Chris Dugan, Dugan Enterprises, Oceanside, CA. We have a copy of the pre-sale inspection on file, e-mail us for a copy.

S/n 07836. 246 GTS. 1974, USA Model. From new in Rosso Chiaro with Nero.

1974, February build date.

1974, 21 March, service by Auto Sports Mediterranee, Nice, France for European delivery to Armond Thornton Travis, Kalamazoo, Michigan

1974, May, officially sold by Modern Classic Motors, Reno, Nevada as a European Delivery.

1974, 14 May, Warranty book dated as new to Armond Thornton Travis.

1970s, with Ed Weschler of Nashotah, WI. Rosso Chiaro with Nero. On display in his living room. Plates BVY 273

1980, July, with Joe Marchetti, International Auto, Ltd.

1980, 07 July, new title issued to Rand Wells, a commodity broker, Glenview, Illinois.

1995, 18 Feb., sold by Rand Wells to Brad Jones.

1996, 20 April, California title issued to Rand Wells.

2002, 03 Sept., Texas title issued to Brad Jones.

2006, Jan., offered by Ferrari of Houston. Rosso Chiaro with Nero.

2006, Feb. offered by Victory Motorcars, Houston, TX. 21,671 Miles, red/black

2006, Feb. sold from Houston, TX on eBay to Jon Gunderson of Rancho Santa Fe, CA and then restored by Gunderson.

2006 – 2009, restored by Jon Gunderson, painted Dino Blue Metallic/tan leather with black carpets. Flared fenders, Campagnola wheels, Euro front and side turn signal lenses. Registered on CA plates 74 DINO

2006, 20 Apr., – 2008, 09 Apr., 2 year restoration completed. Plates 74 DINO. Mileage: 24,000. Click on http://dinorestoration.com/category/jons-246-gts/

2008, shown at Bella Italia Concours d’ Elegance, San Diego, Dino first place award.

2008, December. Featured in Forza Magazine.

2009, shown at Bella Italia Concours d’ Elegance, San Diego, Dino first place award.

2011 30 April, shown at Bella Italia at the Bay, San Diego, Best engine award.

2013, 21 April, shown at Bella Italia Concours d’ Elegance, San Diego, Dino first place award.

2013, November, Gunderson. For sale on eBay, asking US $450,000. Mileage: 26,850.

2013, 15 Dec., sold to the current owner, Seattle, kept at his winter home in Palm Springs.

2020, June, on consignment with Mike and Colleen Sheehan’s Ferraris Online LLC.

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