• MakeFerrari
  • Model365 GTC/4
  • Year1972
  • Serial #14973
  • Engine TypeF 101 AC 100
  • Chassis TypeF 101 AC 100
  • Build Sequence #128
  • Number Built500
  • Body TypeCoupe
  • Body BuilderPinifarina
  • First OwnerA. E. Schaefer, Jr.
  • Current LocationFerraris Online

We are pleased to offer 1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 s/n 14973, a platinum winning and extremely well documented USA model C/4. This 365 GTC/4 has had one very long–term, detail oriented owner for the last 22 years, from 1996 until today, and has been recently fully restored to its current platinum winning level. Most recently, between 2011 and 2012, the engine and all components were rebuilt at 63,684 miles by Eric Sanders of the Auto Gallery, then the authorized Ferrari dealer for north L.A. The invoices include $18,931.74; $8,902.39; $3,827.48; $877.00 and $9,685.58 for a total of $42,224.19. Today 365 GTC/4 s/n 14973 has only 67,308 total miles over its 46 years, so driven a mere 1,463 miles per year over its ownership, and only 3,624 miles since the engine rebuild. Just after the mechanical restoration, between 2012-14, 365 GTC/4 s/n 14973 was treated to a cosmetic restoration and was stripped to bare metal and repainted by Premier Motorsports while also being treated to an all-new black leather seats by Prestige Auto Upholstery, Van Nuys. A new-old-stock front windshield and stainless steel surrounding trim which had been purchased years earlier by the owner were also fitted for a total invoice of $36,072.48. All invoices on file, ask us for PDFs by e-mail.

365 GTC/4 s/n 14973 is offered with a full spare set of the correct Cromodora 7 1/2 x 15 wheels with near-new Pirelli P4000 215/70 ZR 15 tires for road use and is currently mounted on a set of gorgeous 7 1/2 x 15 Borrani wire wheels fitted with a full set of new and period-correct Michelin 215/70 VR 15 XWX tires. Equipped with both the European style three-ear knock-offs now in place plus the correct US model hexagon nut knock-offs and correct jack kit with the factory supplied knock-off wrench for the US model hexagon wheel nuts, all in their original jack bag, plus a non-factory socket and wrench to more-easily remove both sets of the wheel nuts. 365 GTC/4 s/n 14973 is also fitted with the period correct Becker Mexico cassette radio and has the correct and original leather owner’s carrying pouch, the owner’s manual and the parts book plus the correct “Briefcase” tool kit with both trays of tools in show quality condition. Also has the correct smog pump and drive which can be fitted for shows. Also supplied with a red Factory car cover in its red carrying bag and a battery tender. Complete with the Ferrari Club of America Argento (silver) trophy from Concorso Ferrari in Pasadena on 26 April, 2015 and the Ferrari Club of America Coppa di Platino trophy from April 2016.

365 GTC/4 s/n 14973 has been treated to both a mechanical and cosmetic restoration and is a wonderful driving 365 GTC/4. Thanks to the Factory power steering and front mounted gearbox, all controls are light to the touch and operate seamlessly. The syncros work smoothly, the clutch grips quickly and the car can be thrown into corners on Mulholland drive with ease and confidence. The 365 GTC/4 has long been known to have the best exhaust sound of any of the Enzo-era Ferraris and so has a wonderful exhaust shriek through the entire RPM range. The body is mirror straight and the paint is blemish and dent-free. The chrome and stainless trim, gaskets, window glass and lenses are all in excellent condition and the black rubber bumper is as-new. The car sits on beautiful, restored Borranis with new Michelin XWXs purchased in July of this year, so only three months ago. The interior has all new leather on both the front and rear seats and so the interior is as-new. The mouse–fur dash and console appear to be near new. The sill plates and door jams are clean and straight and red throw carpets nicely set off the black leather. 365 GTC/4 s/n 14973 is as spectacular underneath as it is on top with a new and correct ANSA exhaust system. The black on black color combination works well to show the C/4’s elegant lines.

Because of the fresh rebuild the engine bay is very clean and nicely detailed, with the 4.4 liter V-12 making excellent power and all the right sounds. The suspension is firm yet compliant, and the brakes stop the car effectively and evenly. All the switches and gauges are fully operational, including the Becker Mexico cassette radio. 365 GTC/4 s/n 14973 comes with all the goodies needed for a Platinum level win including the original leather pouch, owner’s manual and parts book.

S/n 14973. Identified as 365 GTC/4. USA model. Destinazione Garthwaite, USA. Assembly sequence no. 128, body no. 131. (H. Raab “Ferrari Serial Numbers Part I, 2nd ed”).

1971, Dec., build date.

1972, 29 Apr., sold new to A. E. Schaefer, Jr., Philadelphia, PA. Grigio Mahmoud 2.443.931 with Pelle Nera Cogolo (Dark silver metallic with black leather & burgundy carpet.)

1973, September, offered in the Ferrari Club of America news bulletin by A. E. Schaefer, Jr., Philadelphia, PA. Dark silver metallic with black leather & burgundy carpet.

1979, April, offered in the Ferrari Club of America news bulletin by Kermit Wolpin, Atlantic Beach, NY. Metallic gray with black interior. 40,000 miles.

1987, offered in the Ferrari Market Letter, issue # 1203 by Peter at 512-497-8623 (TX). Ferrari red with black interior. Air. Excellent condition. 48,000 miles.

1987, July, offered in Hemmings Motor News at 716-647-3070 (NY). Red with black interior. New paint & tires. 45,000 miles.

1989, offered in the Ferrari Market Letter, issue # 1403 by Hollywood Sport Cars, Hollywood, CA. Red with black interior. New paint & interior.

1996, 12 Jan., serviced by Southern Cross Motors. Repair rear exhaust, replace front engine mounts, re-weld headers. Total invoice $1,169.88.

1996, Octpber, sold to current owner with 47638 miles, the original factory color was grey. The mouse hair on the dash was redone.

1996, 19 Nov., serviced by Monaco Motors. Replace headlight switch, perform minor service, change oil and filters, test charging system and alternator, replace regulator. Total invoice $615.78.

1997, 17 Jan., purchased muffler and air pump assembly from PartSource. Total invoice $2,893.10.

1997, 23 Apr., serviced by Monaco Motors. Replace lower radiator and bypass hose, replace fuel filter, install new points and condensers, modify advance curves and reset timing, remove and replace coil, perform major tune up, reset valve clearances, re-torque cylinder head, check timing chain, remove and install carbs, install new point to ignition box wire. Total invoice $3,671.26.

1997, 10 Aug., serviced by Monaco Motors. Recharge A/C, replace oil cooler hoses, hook up air pump. Total invoice $812.36

1997, 15 Aug., serviced by Monaco Motors. Replace oil pressure sender, replace short throttle cable. Total invoice $518.48.

1998, 20 Oct., serviced at Charles Agapiou Ltd. Remove and replace front shocks including bushings and spring seats, compress springs for shocks. Total invoice $1,267.57.

1999, 23 June, serviced by Monaco Motors. Align wheel and balance, replace radiator hose, flush radiator, inspect and top off fluids, change oil and filter. Total invoice $759.43.

2000, 10 Nov., serviced at Hilborn Motor Car Interiors. Recover dash, glove box, package tray, and under rear window. Repair padding in driver’s seat, replace floor mats. Total invoice $1,680.26.

2003, May, offered in the Ferrari Market Letter, issue # 2811. Red with black leather and red carpets. 59,000 miles. Five Borranis, tools, manuals, Becker Mexico, all smog equipment, cold a/c, new Koni shocks & new dash. Excellent condition and driven regularly. Major tune including valve adjustment, rebuilt distributors and carbs at 48K miles.

2005, 12 May, serviced by Monaco Motors. Perform oil change, inspect entire brake system, check hydraulic hoses, flush system, replace rear and upper and lower control arm bushings, replace front sway bar bushings, check compression and leak down, remove valve cover and check clearance, overhaul carbs, perform valve job, transmission oil change, rear end service, replace all fuel hoses, recondition rear brake calipers, replace rear caliper pins, pain rear calipers, pain valve covers, clean engine bay, replace radiator and motor hoses, replace heater hoses and cowl side, install 4 tires, replace plug wires. Total invoice $33,008.15.

2005, May, offered in the Ferrari Market Letter, issue # 3010. Red with black leather and red carpets. 59,000 miles. Five Borranis, tools, manuals, Becker Mexico, all smog equipment, cold a/c, new Koni shocks & new dash. Excellent condition and driven regularly. Major tune including valve adjustment, rebuilt distributors and carbs at 60,300 miles.

2005, 17 July, new tires purchased from Coker Tire. Total invoice $1,574.66.

2005, 26 Oct., serviced by Monaco Motors. Remove engine, reseal front cover, replace pressure plate and clutch, check and top off all fluids, replace timing chain tensioner, resurface flywheel, recondition starter, flush and repair radiator, replace left and right defroster fans, drain fuel tank and add new fuel, weld up front frame. Total invoice $18,653.69.

2007, 14 Feb., serviced by Monaco Motors. Check and top off all fluids, diagnose engine not running right, replace the coils, recondition distributors, detail exterior of car, replace front and rear brake hoses, recondition right rear caliper, brake fluid flush, replace caliper half, replace inner and outer tie rod ends, replace center rod end link, recondition oil line that ruptured. Total invoice $7,815.44.

2007, 25 July, serviced by Monaco Motors. Check all fluids, 22 point inspection, replace front pads, change oil and filter, remove and lubricate heater control cable, inspect engine mounts. Evacuate and recharge A/C. Total invoice $1,458.60.

2007, 30 Nov., Ferrari C4 floor mats purchased from Artexture Inc. Total invoice $694.50.

2008, 22 Mar., serviced at Fusion Motor Sports Inc. trouble shoot to find cause of vibration in rear end at 85+ mph. Balance wheels, balance driveshaft. Total invoice $2,719.47.

2008, 29 May, serviced by Monaco Motors. 22 point inspection, wash and vacuum vehicle, change oil and filters, replace water pump and gasket, install oil junction nut, replace right rear valve stem guide. Total invoice $719.17.

2009, 09 Oct., serviced at Fusion Motor Sports Inc. Pressure test cooling system and check for leaks, remove spark plugs and check for head gasket problem, R&R hood, R&R radiator, R&R A/C, compressor, alternator, power steering, and all front belts and pulleys, R&R left and right air filter boxes, R&R carbs, R&R intake and exhaust cam covers, R&R camshaft gear covers, R&R camshaft drive chain, R&R front timing chest, R&R water pump housing and drive chain, D&A water pump and replace shaft bearings and seals, replace all gaskets on removed covers, perform camshaft/crank timing, perform engine oil filter change and flush fluid, flush engine cooling system 3 times after initial running periods, test and reset ignition timing, test and inspect carb function and balance/road test vehicle. Total invoice $7,929.17.

2010, 01 Feb., Water pump drive chain tensioner purchased from All Ferrari Parts Inc. Total invoice $382.69.

2010, 07 Oct., C4 console purchased from Motion Products Inc. Total invoice $575.00.

2011, serviced at Fusion Motor Sports Inc. disassemble engine and rebuild. Perform camshaft/valve adjustment using new correct shims as required, ret and correct timing, install new chain and tensioner, replace flywheel, ring gear, and clutch, rebuild distributors, clean and repair all carbs, sublet radiator for cleaning and repair, sublet A/C compressor for repair and rebuild, clean and paint engine compartment, replace ignition leads, spark plugs, multiple fixings, hoses, clamps, hardware, etc. Total invoice $18,931.74.

2011, 03 Dec., serviced by The Auto Gallery. Remove hood, remove radiator, remove air boxes, remove carbs, remove exhaust, drain fluids, remove A/C, remove power steering,. Remove engine from chassis, disassemble covers, found clear silicone sealant on all gaskets and O-rings, disassemble engine and prepare for machining. Total invoice $8,902.39.

2012, 31 May, serviced by The Auto Gallery. Pickup block and heads from machine shop, repaired front of cylinders 7-12 head where it was lacking material to seal O-ring by welding in material, replaced bad valves, tipped valves which were below middle of valve adjustment, removed .010” which will move into shim range of 3.95-4.05, replaced seals with viton, honed cylinders to brake glaze, polished crankshaft and verified crankpin diameters were within specifications (all of above was sublet to machine shop), remove cylinder head studs, 5 would not come out, (sublet removal), remove pistons from rods, sublet cleaning and sublet cleaning and pin bore polish to remove burrs and free up pins to restore floating in bore, verify rod and piston weights are within spec, new ring set on order due to standard rings being on outer limit of gap spec. clean sealing surfaces of block, clean remaining silicone sealant from front cover and block. Total invoice $3,827.48 (does not include sublet work invoice) Clinder head surface sublet invoice $877.00.

2012, 19 Oct., serviced by The Auto Gallery. Fit piston rings to each cylinder, hand file to .015” gap, install rods to pistons, clean block, install crankshaft bearings, lube and install crankshaft, install pistons with new rod nuts and bearings, adjust valves on bench, assemble heads to block, assemble front cover, install chain for water/oil pump with modified case with relief for updated oil/water pump tensioner and timing chain, install camshafts and set cam timing and chain tension with updated 400 style tensioner, recheck valve adjustment, install valve covers, check distributors advance curve, reset and match advance curve per factory spec, install distributors and set base advance, check ignition wires resistance, install spark plugs, install oil pan and modify drainage back into pickup/drain area, install flywheel/clutch, install engine into chassis and install starter, exhaust, power steering, and install new belts. Total invoice $9,685.58.

2012, engine was rebuilt by Eric Sanders when he was at the Auto Gallery- completed in Oct 2012 at 63,684 miles.

2012-2014, stripped to bare metal and repainted by Dave Freed of Premier Motorsports. Seats and engine hood padding also Redone in new black leather by Prestige Auto Upholstery, Van Nuys. New Windshield and new rear window is new as well, new old stock bought in Italy just after the dash was redone in November of 2000. Total invoice $36,072.48 plus $1,084.41 for windscreen.

2014, 16 May., serviced by The Auto Gallery. Change oil and filters, repair and replace leaking fuel line, add Freon, replace fuse, repair ground in wiring causing dim headlights. Total invoice $2,227.88.

2014, 01 Oct., serviced by The Auto Gallery. Adjust throttle linkage, install new clutch cable, install restrictors in breather hose4s to air box. Total invoice $2,120.94.

2015, 26 Apr., shown at Concorso Ferrari. Class 3 Silver.

2016, April, Shown at Concorso Ferrari, Class 3 platinum.

2016, 06 July, ANSA exhaust purchased from Classiche Exhaust. Total invoice $2,493.00.

2017, 10 Nov., as per e-mail from current owner: Hello Colleen. My car is excellent condition, with a platinum award at the Pasadena Concorso in April 2016. I showed it at the 2017 show but didn’t have it judged. I have 66000 + miles on it. Has the tools and the proper cradle where the tool case sits on the spare plus the manual and the parts book, with the pouch with all records of my ownership. Has both sets of wheels with the proper knocks offs for each set. Also has a new ANSA exhaust from Classiche Exhaust- not stainless but mill steel.

2018, 20 July, serviced by GTO Los Angeles. Flush brake fluid, change all fluids, rebuild A/C, new shock spring seats, rebuild P/S pump, re-true wire wheels, annual service, new front shocks, re-seal P/S box, replace exhaust hangers, adjust cam chain, total invoice $11,299.19.

2018, 20 July, new XWX tires ordered from Coker tire. Total invoice $2,015.18.

2018, October, on consignment at Ferraris-online.com LLC.


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