• MakeDino (Ferrari)
  • Model246 GT
  • Year1972
  • Serial #03644
  • Engine TypeTipo 236 E
  • Chassis TypeTipo 607 E
  • Number Built2487
  • Body TypeCoupe
  • Body BuilderScaglietti
  • Current LocationUSA

We are pleased to offer 1972 Dino 246 GT s/n 03644. Excellent Ferrari red paint and soft and supple tan leather with red inserts and red carpets. 246 GT s/n 03644 is a European model 246 GT with the desirable Daytona seats option but none of the power robbing accessories or heavy power assist accessories. Runs and drives extremely well. Shifts up through the gears very smoothly, even when cold. This Dino was built to be driven, not cruised. Only 11,548 km since a very well documented bare–metal restoration by three of the finest shops in Italy. Comes with all receipts and a photo album showing 246 GT s/n 03644 stripped down to a bare body and chassis during the restoration. No books or tools. Nearly new tires, recently passed a pre-purchase inspection.

1972 Dino 246 GT s/n 03644. May Production. European model. Series 3 (Type E) model run. Bare metal restoration in the mid–eighties by some of the best Italian shops. Red and Tan. Tan leather Daytona seats with Red inserts. 11,548 km since the restoration.

S/n 03644. 246 GT. 1972 May production/delivery. Euro version.

1972, sold new in Germany. Registered to Holbert Autobereifung NL 520, Gladbecker Srt., 16, 4300, Essen, Germany.

Extensive service records from Autobecker, the authorized Ferrari dealer for the area, and from other German shops.

1980, 17 Oct., registered in Italy to Mario Ranieri, Via Troiano 3, Nr. 55, 64033 Troiano / Bisenti, TE.

1983, 14 July, extensive service records from the Ferrari Factory’s Modena service center at Viale Trento Trieste 31, 41000 Modena.

1985–86, rebuilt from ground up in the Modena–Bologna area with all metal work, rust repair and paint by Brandoli, near Modena, all mechanical, brakes, suspension, wiring, engine and gearbox by Sauro in Bologna and an all new leather interior by Luppi, three of the very best Italian shops. Complete documentation with all photos and all bills in Italian.

Stripped to bare metal inside and out and all rust repaired or replaced during the rebuild. New inner rockers, outer rockers, lower door sills, door skins, entire rear body aft of wheel well opening and front wheel arch dog–leg area.

Finished in Ferrari Red with Tan leather on Daytona seats with Red inserts in the seats.

1986, 8 Nov., sold to Chris Joseph Stamatakis, 419 Sheridan Road, Winnetka, Illinois, 60093.

1986, 12 Nov., flown into the US by Alitalia and imported into New York City by Public Brokers International, for Chris Joseph Stamatakis, 20 2nd Street, NE, Minneapolis, MN.

1986, imported into the US., sold to Dr. Demetre Nicoloff; Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Demetre invented the heart valve that put St. Jude Medical on the map.

2002, Dr. Demetre was in poor health so his 365 GTB/4 s/n 15575 and his 246 GT s/n 03644 were both consigned to Sears Imports, the BMW and Mercedes dealer for Minneapolis, MN.

2002, April, sold by Sears Imports, to Andrew M. Weiss, then Vice President, Medicine & Technology Strategy, Medtronic, Inc. 710 Medtronic Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 5432-5604.

2003, 23 May, serviced by GT Cars, Bloomfield, MN, for Andrew M. Weiss. total bill $1,142.64.

2003, 27 Oct., as per e-mail from Andrew Weiss:

To: Mike Sheehan
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2003 3:26 PM
Subject: RE: Ferraris-online.com News

Dear Mike,

I am going to sell my Dino – ‘72 246 GT. A lovely car – any advice as to how?

11,000 km since rebuild
Red over Tan – car is beautiful
Pure Dino – no power windows, no radio, no A/C.
Black Leather dash (gorgeous), Tan/Red Daytona seats
Michelin XWX – still with little mold nibs on them
Everything works except for the clock.
Car is beautiful and clean – runs smooth and strong, no vibrations
the BMW and Mercedes dealer for Minneapolis, MN.
GT Cars (Bloomington, MN) has done the following – check with John & Jeff:
rebuilt front brakes
new clutch and cable, etc
new hoses – cooling, fuel, oil
new fluids, filters, lube, etc

2003, November, traded by Andy Weiss back to Sear Imports.

2005, pre–purchase inspection done by GT cars, Bloomington, MN on behalf of Mike Sheehan’s www.Ferraris-online.com.

2005, May, sold by Sears Imports, the authorized BMW and Mercedes dealer for Minneapolis, MN, to Mike Sheehan’s www.Ferraris-online.com

2005, 1 June, offered for sale by Mike Sheehan’s ferraris-online.com.


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