We are pleased to offer 1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4C Daytona Comp conversion s/n 15241. When introduced at the Paris Auto Show in October 1968 as Ferraris V12 flagship, the 365 GTB/4 was unofficially named the “Daytona” by the press in commemoration of Ferraris 1-2-3 finish at the 1967 24 hours of Daytona. The Daytona’s stunning Pininfarina designed bodywork personified nose-down, tail-up, long nose, short tail, phallic good looks. Power came from a 4.4 liter quad-cam, six-carb Colombo V12 engine producing over 350 hp, an independent suspension, disc brakes at all four corners and a rear-mounted 5-speed transaxle delivering optimal weight distribution. Given the mid-engine revolution from Lamborghini, Maserati, DeThomaso and other exotic car manufacturers, the Daytona might have been considered dated, but performance figures obliterated any doubts with Road & Tracks 170 mph plus run across the Nevada desert.

After 500 Daytonas were built the Daytona qualified for FIA Group 4 racing homologation, allowing Ferrari to prepare a mere fifteen of Competizione versions for non-Factory teams. The fifteen factory built cars included wider front and rear wheels and tires, flared fender, front fender stabilizer blades (which improved high-speed front-end aerodynamics), a roll bar, side exit exhaust, and a cold airbox to aid air flow to the Weber carburetors. The 365 GTB/4C was a winner out of the box, winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th in class at Le Mans in 1972. Other class wins in 1972 included the Tour de France for autos, Watkins Glen, and the 24 hours of Daytona. The 365 GTB/4C repeated their Le Mans class wins in 1973 and 1974. As late as 1979, they were still performing credibly with s/n 16425 winning a 1st in class and a 2nd OA at the Daytona 24 Hour in 1979, an amazing result for a race car that had been out of production for six years.

This uniquely prepared competition build, s/n 15241, was completed on 10 March 1972 as a factory road car finished in Argento Metallizzato (silver metallic) with Nero (black leather) and was delivered new to Motor SpA in Bologna. In the early 1990s s/n 15241 was imported into the US and in 2006 was sold to Argentina where the owner embarked on a detailed construction to Series 1 competition Group 4 specifications. Expert Argentine fabricator Jorge Sica fabricated the front grille screens, the small front air dam, the tow hooks and the covered plexiglass headlights with built in driving lights, the front fender stabilizer blades and added the dual front fender air scoop, hood hold down straps and the electrical power kill switch. All four fenders were flared covering the correctly sized 9″ front wheels and their 11″ rear wheels, tires and period correct wheel nuts were installed.

Period type rear view mirror were added to both doors, competition seat belts were added, rally clocks were installed and an electrical panel controlled the dual fuel pump and power switches were fabricated and installed. The stock seats were kept for driver comfort and for their built in headrests. Rocker panel side scoops were added to bring air to the rear brakes, a competition outside fuel filler cap was fitted and large FIA approved fuel cell with a high-output electric fuel pump installed in the trunk of the car. Rear window straps, quick release trunk lid hold downs and a rear tow hook were also added.

Mechanical work was done by Jorge Martucci and the type “A” engine is fitted with six correct Weber 40 DCN 21 carburetors with competition inlet trumpets, competition headers and the dry sump lubrication system is fitted with a period correct dry sump tank and a small evaporative tank. The original power booster was retained and performance Friction carbon brake pads were fitted which actually make it possible to lock all four wheels under heavy braking- typically an impossibility on Daytonas! All fuel, oil and brake lines are now stainless steel. Radiator air is fed through baffles maximizing air flow. The resulting power makes for a very exciting car on the track, while remaining very tractable for road use.

Today this Daytona presents as a stunning example representative of factory Competizione cars. Every detail of the original factory construction including the rare, exposed headlight configuration, thin front fender high-speed stability blades and flared fender construction are all beautifully configured with amazing attention to detail, right down to the exposed rivets on the front air blades, the fender side scoops and the rear rocker panel air scoops. The overall paint and small detail finishes are beautifully prepared in the NART color scheme and outfitted correctly with proper features such as a front and rear tow hooks, the front hood and rear trunk straps and hold-down, the exterior electrical cut off, the polished aluminum fuel filler and period correct decals.

The doors, hood, and trunk open and close with excellent panel fit. Emblems, lighting, and various trim are further in excellent condition, with both front and rear valances cleanly shaped in the body due to the absence of bumper trim. The wicked and pounce-like stance is enhanced by competition inspired satin gold Cromodora wheels, which are in excellent condition. The wider rear wheel and tire configuration and correct front wheel and P265/50 R15 front and P295/50 R15 rear tires complete the competition appearance of this remarkably constructed car.

The interior is a stunning combination of original Ferrari Daytona features including beautifully finished correct leather seating with perforated inserts, a correctly replicated racing dashboard, and exceptional interior accents. The dashboard has a well-composed combination of original style instruments and competition style toggle switches, coupled with an exposed gated shifter, correct Ferrari steering wheel and modern competition seat belts. The overall interior presentation throughout is one of high quality, combining important safety upgrades, originality, and historically correct Competizione features.

The engine and engine compartment further exemplify the thoughtful combination of original features and finishes, blended with racing details and uniquely fabricated parts. The engine uses correct finishes, proper hardware, and assorted Ferrari components. The six dual-throat Weber carburetors are beautifully presented with Cadmium finished velocity stacks which delivers a nice contrast to the clean and honest representations of the factory crackle black Ferrari cam covers and custom racing exhaust. Further finish details include proper wiring, correct hoses, and an assortment of specially made parts, which have been either hand built or refined from original specifications. The underside is further evidence of a clean and professionally prepared car that has been properly addressed throughout the build and maintained under previous and current ownership. The chassis shows no visual evidence of damage or structural compromise, presenting the same level of confidence, construction, and excellence afforded throughout the build.

Startup releases a V12 fury into a deep and throaty idle as the engine warms to operating temperatures. The engine climbs the revs, warming slowly as it comes to temp. Ready to engage, the throttle responds with a crisp, raspy voice. The light clutch takes up smoothly without shuddering and the gearbox works very well, both cold and warm with excellent synchros. The suspension is taut and responsive, with a bit more stiffness than a typical road car, allowing for more aggressive cornering and power transfer when exiting corners. The brakes, benefiting from power-assists are quite impressive. Acceleration is similar to a road going Daytona until pushed into the higher revs where the engine delivers a welcomed boost of power that drivers will easily enjoy leveraging under more spirited driving conditions. 365 GTB/4C Comp conversion s/n 15241 is visually stunning and impressive, but, as always, we recommend the next owner engage a qualified specialty shop to perform a careful review and inspection of all mechanical components prior to spirited competition use.

This truly exceptional competition Daytona has been constructed by attentive experts with careful regard to Competizione specifications and appropriate modern racing updates to meet FIA requirements. This Competition Specification Daytona is ready to bring a new owner both street and event driving pleasure at a fraction of the cost of a multi-million-dollar period construction example.

S/n 15241. 365 GTB/4. European production 1972. Destinazione Motor, Italy. Assembly sequence no. 714, body no. 762/B. (H. Raab “Ferrari Serial Numbers Part I, 2nd ed”). Started as original European version in Argento Metallizzato with Nero 8500 and was delivered new to Motor SpA in Bologna.
1972, 10 March, completed. Assembly sequence #714, body no. 762/B, engine # 1712.

1995, 21 Jan., to 04 Feb., for sale in the Ferrari Market Letter by the Blackhawk Collection. Red with tan interior. Excellent restored example. Borrani wire wheels and a/c. 30,858 km. $185,000.

1995, 18 Feb., to 04 March, for sale in the Ferrari Market Letter by the Auto Toy Store, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Red with black leather. Borranis. Restored, flawless. 30,861 km. $198,000.

1996, 21 Dec., for sale in the Ferrari Market Letter by Gary Anzalone, Aero Toy Store, FT. Lauderdale, FL. Red with black leather 31,600 miles. Books and records. No excuses. $145,000.

1997, 4 Jan. to 26 April, for sale in the Ferrari Market Letter by Gary Anzalone, Aero Toy Store, FT. Lauderdale, FL. Red with black leather 31,600 miles. Books and records. No excuses. $145,000.

2002, 19 Oct., – 16 Nov, for sale in the Ferrari Market Letter with Heritage Classics, Beverly Hills, CA, Red with Black Leather. Air, Borrani wire wheels. Restored. Very rare “A” model, high performance. $ 125 K.

Sold to John Mote L.A.

2006, March, on consignment with Fantasy Junction.

2007, Fantasy Junction. Sold Date: 6/1/2007 sold to: Opalooka Trading.

2007, 27 June, as per an e-mail from Cristian Bertschi: Talking about Daytonas, s/n 15241 was bought by Federico à lvarez Castillo and it’s on its way to Argentina.

2009, 19 – 20 Nov., as per Cris Bertschi, now owned by Alejandro Roemmers, Argentina. This conversion was finished a year ago or so. It was done in Argentina by Jorge Martucci for Federico à lvarez Castillo who recently sold the car to Alejandro Roemmers.

2022, 28 Sept., on consignment with Mike and Colleen Sheehan’s Ferraris’s Online LLC.


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