• MakeDetomaso
  • ModelPantera GT5-S
  • Year1989
  • Mileage446
  • Serial #9547
  • Engine TypeFord 351 Cleveland
  • Number Built183
  • Current LocationFerraris Online

We are pleased to offer 1989 Detomaso Pantera GT5-S s/n 9547, one of only 183 GT5-S Panteras built between late 1985 to late 1989, and the 15th from last production GT5-S built, as Pantera production wound down in the last month of 1989. While the GT5-S looks similar to the earlier GT5 Pantera, which were built with fiberglass fender flares and a fiberglass front air dam, the “S” in GT5-S stands for “steel”, with the front air dam, distinctive Coke-bottle shape and blended fender flares all hand-built in steel, covering the wide Campagnolo 10″ x 15″ magnesium front wheels and the outrageously wide Campagnolo 13″ x 15″ magnesium rear wheels.Pantera GT5-S s/n 9547 was sold new in Germany, home of the unlimited-speed Autobahn, and later sold to a second and then to a third owner in Italy. In 2011 Pantera GT5-S s/n 9547 was extensively restored by Autocostruzioni in Nichelino, (near Torino), in Italy, the workshop run by former Bizzarrini factory manager Salvatore Diomante, at a cost of 76,000 €uro. Pantera GT5-S s/n 9547 was next sold to Jota Racing and then came to the US in 2017. S/n 9547 was imported into the US under the EPA and DOT 25 year importation exclusion and so has never suffered through the indignity of ugly American DOT rubber bumpers, fender side lights and EPA smog pumps.

Introduced in Modena in March, 1970 and first shown at the New York Auto show only weeks later, in April, 1970, the Pantera, from the Italian for “Panther”, started production in 1971. The sleek body lines were penned by Tom Tjaarda, head stylist of Ghia, and the coachwork was built by Vignale in Turin. The Pantera features a long, low hood line, a compact yet comfortable cabin and an abrupt cut-off Kamm tail rear—trademark styling of other 1970s mid-engined supercars such as the Lamborghini Miura and the Maserati Bora. Abundant power and torque were supplied thanks to an ultra-dependable, mid-mounted, 4–bolt main 5.7-liter, 351 Ford Cleveland engine. While the original Pantera was easily capable of the supercar performance levels of the Miura and far quicker than the Maserati Bora, the Pantera was also known for its effortless torque at both low and high speeds and ultra-low-cost maintenance. Thanks to a low center of gravity, excellent weight distribution, minimal weight on the front end, a bullet-proof 5-speed ZF transaxle, a powerful clutch and more-than adequate A/C, the Pantera is user-friendly, easy to drive, predictable, balanced and forgiving. The lightweight small-block Ford 351 was mounted deep in the chassis, permitting the sweeping rear profile, while lots of rubber on the ground meant great handling.

Initially sold through Lincoln Mercury dealers from 1971, Ford stopped importing the Pantera in 1975, although De Tomaso continued to build the Pantera in ever-escalating forms of performance and luxury for sale to the rest of the world. According to De Tomaso the chassis design was completely revised in 1980, beginning with chassis # 9000, and featured better brakes, a more luxurious interior, wide fiberglass fender flares and much larger wheels and tires, and was known as the GT5. The final iteration was the GT5-S model, with its distinctive wide-body look and blended steel fenders, built atop the last of the 9000-series chassis. it was introduced in Nov., 1984 for the 1985 model year, and built until late 1989, with the last examples (including this one) being fitted with a 351 Windsor as the supply of 351 Cleveland engines had dried up. Pantera GT5-S s/n 9547 has since been fitted with a high performance Ford Cleveland “crate” engine, equipped with a Holley 650cfm “Double Pumper” Carb, an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold, a Mallory Ignition, a Custom Aviad 8qt oil pan, GTS “Big Tube” headers and a GTS ANSA exhaust. While Ford and De Tomaso built about 7,260 cars in total, De Tomaso claims only 183 of the GT5-S were built.

Pantera s/n 9547 is finished in very elegant Rosso Corsa red over a dent-free body with an as-new Pelle Nero black leather interior, a color combination that beautifully integrates the body lines. The body and chassis are damage-free, rust-free and are as clean underneath as topside. It is mounted on 215/60 R 15 front and 275/55 R 15 rear Avon Racing tires on the original and gorgeous 10 x 15 front and extra-wide 13 x 15 Campagnolo magnesium wheels. Unquestionably among the most attractive of the exotic automotive designs of the golden-era of 1970s and 1980s Italian supercars, the GT5-S Pantera featured many factory upgrades and updates that resolved most of the problems and issues the earlier cars experienced. The engine is well-tuned, and sounds as it should, with the quintessential American V8 rumble. The car is powerful and moves easily through modern traffic. The transaxle shifts superbly, with excellent synchromesh, even when cold. The clutch is surprisingly light and easy to use. The brakes are effective, and the steering and suspension are free from any play. There are zero overheating problems thanks to the upgraded cooling system, including dual electric fans. Even better, unlike other Italian exotics of the period, there’s no valves to adjust, no cams to time, no multiple carbs to tune, no cam seals to leak and no cam belts to replace, ever.

Pantera GT5-S s/n 9547 comes with copies of its original build sheets, dated 22 Dec., 1989, showing it was delivered new in Rosso with Pelle Nero interior, plus its Scheda di Registrazione della Garanzia issued by De Tomaso. It also comes with an original owner’s manual, the full set of tools, in their tool roll, a jack and jack kit, two small original Factory Sales Brochures and one large Factory Sales Brochures for the GT5-S, a copy of the 2011 Automobile Club D’ Italia registration, the final invoice for 76,000 €uro invoice from Autocostruzioni “SD”, in Nichelino, Italy, for the restoration, a copy of the letter of Authenticity from De Tomaso, the original UK registration certificate to Jota Racing in London and a copy of the Michigan title to the American importer. The odometer read 26,000 kms (16,155 miles) when restored and was reset to Zero. Today Pantera GT5-S s/n 9547 has only 719 kms (446 miles) since the restoration. Last sold at Gooding’s, Scottsdale in 2018, for $199,950.

S/n A09547. De Tomaso Pantera GT5-S. Full VIN ZDT874000KA009547. As per build sheets Rosso Corsa red with Pelle Nero black leather interior.

1989, 20 Dec., build date by De Tomaso, Modena, Italy.

1989, 22 Dec, Scheda di Registrazione della Garanzia issued by De Tomaso, Modena S.P.A. Automobili, 41100 Modena. Italy.

1989, new to Sports Cars GmbH, a De Tomaso dealer, 7000 Stuttgart, Germany.

1995, July, homologated in Germany.

1998, May, second homologation in Germany. Repainted from red to yellow.

2007, sold to second owner in Italy with 22,000 kms (13,670 miles).

2010, 01 March, registered by the Automobile Club D’ Italia to Michele Pellizzer, Bassano Del Grappa, (Vicenze) Italy, the third owner.

2011, 03 March, restoration completed by Autocostruzioni “SD”, 10042 Nichelino, (Torino), Italy, the workshop run by former Bizzarrini factory manager Salvatore Diomante. Total invoice 76,000 €uro. Repainted to red. 26,000 kms (16,155 miles) at time of restoration, odometer re-set to “0”.

2011, 22 March, Sold by Jota Magic SAA, Switzerland to Garage Loris Kessel Auto SA, Switzerland.

2011, 27 July, build date confirmed by RS Corse s.r.l., Via Sant’Annan. 652, 41122 Modena, the De Tomaso and Pantera archivists.

2013, 19 Sept., F.I.A. Carnet issued by the Automobile Club Svizzero, Lugano 6901, Switzerland to Classic & Sports Cars SA, Via Alla Campagna n. 2/a, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland.

2016, 22 Jan., registered to Jota Racing (SJV) Ltd. on English plates H603 JDE.

2017, 11 July, Michigan title issued to Michael Kelter.

2018, 19-20 Jan., last sold at Gooding’s, Scottsdale, lot # 042 for $319,000,

2020, May, on consignment with Mike and Colleen Sheehan’s Ferraris-Online LLC, 719 kms (446 miles) since the restoration


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