• MakeFerrari
  • Modelcarbureted 308 engine tipo
  • Year1977

We are pleased to offer 1977 Ferrari carbureted 308 engine tipo F106A # 02570, complete with the correct four Weber 40 DCNF carbs, twin distributors and the air injection pipes, plus the original transaxle and differential. Although the model name suggests 3.0 Liters, the 308 V8 displaced only 2,927 cc (2.9 Liters) and, as a 1977 USA model, this engine was good for 240 hp at 6600 rpm with a 7700 rpm redline.

Like many of the engines and body panels we’ve recently offered, it is probably part of the Chinetti/NART parts inventory, which was sold to Bob Taylor, in Sept., 1977, who had a Ferrari sales shop in Burlingame, CA. In 1979 Will Haible, who, at that time, had a Ferrari shop in Berkeley, bought all of the ex-Chinetti/NART spare parts from Bob Taylor. In 1982 Will Haible bought the parts inventory from Steve Griswold, who had been the Ferrari dealer for Berkeley.

This engine was part of the inventory of parts from Will but Its exact origin is unknown as it might have come from the Chinetti/NART parts inventory or from the Griswold Ferrari parts inventory, before going to Will Haible.

What we offer today is a complete and numbered (# 02570) tipo F106A engine with externals including the quad set of 40 DCNF carbs, twin front-mounted distributors, air injection pipes, and the water pump plus the original transaxle and differential. This engine is from a US model 308 GTB in the s/n 22027 (July 1977) to 22265 (Sept. 1977) range and could have been a new spare engine supplied to Chinetti or removed from a wrecked 308 GTB and so is in unknown condition. It would make a great display piece if painted and detailed or as a core for a rebuild.


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