• Year1963
  • MakeFerrari
  • Model250 GTO
  • Serial Number3781GT
  • Engine Number3781 GT
  • Chassis NumberTipo 562/R

We are pleased to offer 1963 250 GTO Recreation s/n 3781 GT. This very accurate 250 GTO recreation was built in the late 1980’s for a very knowledgeable and wealthy enthusiast to the highest standards. For many years 1963 250 GTO Recreation s/n 3781 GT was in the collection of the owner of a “real” 250 GTO and was used as a “practice car” to explore the limits of the GTO platform, at the owner’s private race track. Chassis modified to proper wheelbase, suspension pickups, spring boxes, etc. Suspension and brakes all modified to GTO specs including short steering arms, dropped link shock mounts, proper alloy piston carriers, discs, springs, etc. Gearbox fully synchronized alloy ribbed case, 5-speed. Rear axle original alloy ribbed case modified for watts link. Correct ratio ring and pinion and limited slip. Riveted fuel tank as original. Fitted with the correct Borrani wire wheels and Dunlop racing tires. Full alloy hand-beaten as per original, with fully finished and sealed door jambs. Plexi side and rear windows. Correct metric sized color coded wiring loom, fuse board, fuse blocks, blinker can, regulator, wiper motor, switches and instruments. Correct right down to the shift tower! 250 GTO recreation s/n 3781 GT is almost indistinguishable from an original GTO, is blindingly fast and acceptable for multiple track and rally events. This is a fully street licensable and user-friendly 250 GTO for the road and a terrific track day car, rally car, and racecar. Priced far below the cost of building at $225,000 O.B.O.

S/n 3781 GTE. 250 2+2. Now a 250 GTO Recreation.
Sold new in France.  Owned by Jacques Entremont.
1988-89, converted into a 250 GTO replica in France. The car and all major were completed by Alain Garnier. Finish work, glass and plastic was finished by Philippe Billot in Cannes. Garnier was the first one to build GTO replicas (before Giordanengo), and one of his first customers was Favre, who claimed that the Favre-GTO prototype was built by him. Sold by Entremont to the owner of a “real” 250 GTO, for use as a “practice car”.
2002, 28 Sept., as per e-mail from the owner’s agent to telaio, a Ferrari historian group: “Hi, Nick Longhi is the owner’s driving coach. The car Nick was driving is GTO Replica #3781 GT.”
2002, 28 Sept., as per second e-mail from the owner’s agent to the telaio group: “Hi, We have a GTO replica to keep at the track in Mont Tremblant. It is used to explore the limits of the GTO platform, and is supposed to be identical chassis wise. The chassis number is 3781 GT.” ” It is very “correct” car with the correct type engine, gearbox, body shape everything.”
2003, 30 July, as per conversation and follow up e-mail with the owner’s agent, they no longer use their replicar 250 GTO s/n 3781 and their replicar 512 BBLM s/n 22255. Authorized to market and sell by Michael Sheehan, www.Ferraris-online.com.


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