• Year1965
  • MakeFerrari
  • Model206 SP

We are pleased to offer 1965 Ferrari 206 SP engine block s/n 231:10, from 206 SP s/n 010. Ferrari 206 SP Dino s/n 010 was part of the Garage Francorchamps race team but was crashed and burnt in practice for the 10-11 May, 1969 1000 km de Francorchamps, with many of the parts sold off. This block found its way to the parts department in Luigi Chinetti’s NART shop on Eleventh Avenue in New York City. In Sept., 1977 Chinetti sold the complete Chinetti/NART inventory of parts to Bob Taylor, who then had a Ferrari shop in Burlingame, CA. In 1979 Will Haible, who had a Ferrari shop in Berkeley, bought all of the ex-Chinetti/NART spare parts, including this block, from Bob Taylor. This 206 SP block s/n 231:10 and the complete inventory of parts from Will Haible were later sold to the current owner.

The tipo 227L engine, as used in the early 206 SPs, was a dry-sump, 65° V6 2.0-litre  (121.2 cu in) engine mounted longitudinally in the rear, displaced 2.0-litres (1,986.60 cc (121.2 cu in) froma bore and stroke of  86 by 57 mm (3.4 by 2.2 in), with two valves per cylinder and twin overhead camshafts per bank, fed by a trio of 40DCN 17 carburetors. Thanks to an 11:1 compression ratio and a combustion chamber directly derived from Ferrari’s F-1 experience, the 206 SP engine was good for 220 hp at 9000 rpm in combat. The later tipo 231 and 231B engines, such as engine block # 231:10 on offer, were fitted with experimental 3-valve heads with Lucas indirect fuel injection.

Normally a V-6 engine is 60° (6 cylinders x 60° = 360°) but the Ferrari V-6 is unique as the extra 5° between cylinder banks gave Ferrari a straight shot into the intake ports. To make this work the crank pins were offset by 55 degrees within every pair of cylinders. This ensured an even firing order for the complete engine as well as an even distance between firing pulses per cylinder bank. Thus the engine was as smoothly running as a conventional 60 degree V6, but had greatly enhanced potential for the design of harmonically balanced exhaust manifolds, giving much better performance.

What we offer today is a bare used 206 SP tipo 231 engine block # 10 which will make a great display piece if painted and detailed or an original factory built spare for any 206 SP race car. Priced right at $9,500 or best offer.


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