We are pleased to offer Euro model 1993 Ferrari 512 TR s/n 95677, from new in Rosso Corsa FER 300 Glasurit/Nero 8500, recently fully serviced and with only 29,013 kms = 18,027 miles. Introduced at the 1992 Los Angeles Auto Show as effectively a completely new car, the 512 TR was designed to be a formidable competitor to Lamborghini’s new Diablo, with engine output up 38 hp to 428 bhp at 6750 rpm, thanks, in part, to an improved Bosch Motronic M2.7 engine management system. Top speed jumped to 190 mph while 0-60 was now just 4.9 seconds. The exhaust sound at speed alone was worth the price of admission. Visually the new 512 TR front featured a new front bumper, a new grille, twin front brake ducts and new secondary light clusters. A new engine lid, color-coded rocker panels and smoked tail light clusters were topped off with a chromed Cavallino Rampante above the color-coded rear bumper. Attractive 18″ five-spoke wheels and larger brakes completed the exterior updates. The interior received a more contemporary dash and center console. The highly revised chassis was much stiffer, featuring a lower-mounted engine and gearbox, gas-filled rear shocks and a lower ride height, all improving both performance and handling.

512 TR s/n 95677 was built in early March of 1993 and sold new on 31 March, 1993, by Sportgarage Bruno Wyss, the Authorized Ferrari dealer for Zopfingen, Switzerland, to Willi Kindle, the first owner, in Triesen, Switzerland. On 12 Feb., 1998, 512 TR s/n 95677 was sold to it’s second owner, Ferrari Formula One car collector Leopold Hrobsky, Hergiswil, Switzerland, with 26,000 kms before coming to the US last year. This particular example is a stunning, investment-grade Ferrari which is completely up-to-date thanks to an engine-out cam-belt major service plus four new Michelin Pilot Sport tires, completed by Sport Garage Ruch AG, Münsingen, Switzerland only last year in April, 2021, at 28,700 kms = 17,833 miles, just before being shipped to the US. The total invoice was CH 10,123.25 Swiss Francs or $10,700 USD. With just over 18,000 miles indicated, this lower mileage car in original paint is as close to as-new showroom condition as one could imagine and all services since new are well documented. Purchased by the third and present Southern California owner only last year, this 512 TR gives all the right answers for the investment-minded Ferrari enthusiast looking for an exceedingly rare 12-cylinder 1990’s Ferrari with all the comfort features and performance of a late model Ferrari.

As would be expected of a lower mileage, three owner, properly maintained and fully serviced late model Ferrari, this 512 TR performs beautifully. There are, to our knowledge, no pending mechanical issues whatsoever. The car starts easily, pulls cleanly with more than adequate power and shifts beautifully including into second gear, both warm and cold. The brakes are also operating properly with a firm, high pedal. The lack of power steering is a welcome change for those who seek and enjoy a visceral driving experience. Like Ferraris produced before it, the 512 TR allows for a great feel of connectivity between the pilot and the road.

Cosmetically, this car is virtually as-new. The paintwork is beautiful throughout , every panel is dent-free and all the panel gaps show as new. The front air-dam and bumper assembly, and indeed the balance of the exterior is free of any major (or even minor) paint imperfections. The car sits on four scuff-free 18″ Factory wheels mounted with a full set of near-new (only 180 miles) Michelin Pilot Sport 235/40 ZR 18″ front and 295/35 ZR 18″ rear tires. All trim, the window glass and all lenses are also as-new in condition.

The interior is remarkable in its presentation. In contrast to the original Testarossa of the 1980s, the 512 TR could be ordered with the full leather interior in a single color, Nero 8500 (black) in the case of 512 TR s/n 95677. Thanks to the lack of sunny days in Switzerland, the leather covered dash, which is sensitive to sun exposure and shrinkage all Ferraris, is mint on this example, without any evidence of weather damage or hardness. The driver’s seat bolster, which is another common wear area, is also impeccable, and representative of an ultra-carefully owned car. The front compartment holds the full set of tools, in their leather case, the full set of six owner’s books with their service stamps and the Pioneer radio manual, all in their leather case, the book set comes with the original warranty card listing the first owner and selling dealer plus the spare-in-a-can in it’s foam container and a trickle charger. This example is still fitted with its period correct Pioneer radio and there are none of the sticky-switch problems found on later model Ferraris. The engine bay and underside are both nearly spotless, and are on par with the balance of the car.

As the active buying population transcends to the next generation, it is cars of the 1980s and 1990s which are seeing the most rapid appreciation in today’s marketplace. User-friendly, no-excuse, low mileage Ferraris in impeccable condition, produced in limited numbers, are of course the very best bet from both an investment perspective and offering maximum ownership experience, while remaining eminently usable and enjoyable on the road. Because 512 TR s/n 95677 is a Euro model it cannot be registered and so can’t be sold in California.

S/n 95677. 512 TR. Rosso Corsa FER 300 Glasurit/Nero 8500. Swiss model. Full VIN ZFFLA40S000095677. Ass.# 12656. Eng. # F.113D040 *33035*

1993, March, new to Sportgarage Bruno Wyss, the Authorized Ferrari dealer for Zopfingen, , Switzerland.

1993, 31 March, sold by Sportgarage Bruno Wyss to Willi Kindle, first owner, Erlenweg 18, Triesen, Switzerland.

1993, 19 April, serviced by Sportgarage Bruno Wyss, Zopfingen, CH, 1,427 km.

1996, 10 April, serviced by Sportgarage Bruno Wyss, Zopfingen, CH, 16,245 km.

1996, 19-21 July, seen at Ferrari Racing Days, Nürburgring.

1997, extended Factory Power-warranty entered.

1998, 27 Jan., serviced by Sportgarage Leirer AG, Stein, CH, 25,909 km.

1998, 12 Feb., sold to Leopold Hrobsky, Seestrasse 81, Hergiswil, 6052, Switzerland with 26,000 kms.

2001, 05 Sept, serviced by Gross Garage Horw AG, Wettingen, 26,815 km.

2021, April., cam belt serviced including four new Michelin Pilot Sport tires by Sport Garage Ruch AG, Münsingen, CH. 28,700 kms, total invoice 10,123.25 Swiss Francs or $10,700 USD.

2021, late spring, imported by German Motoring, Miami, FL, 33133 into the US

2021, 30 July, offered on eBay item # 304085956499 by German Motoring, 3055 SW 28th St, Miami, FL. 28,807 km.

2022, owned by current owner, Newport Beach, CA, purchased from German Motoring, Miami, FL. Cannot be registered in California.

2022, Dec., on consignment with Mike & Colleen Sheehan’s Ferraris Online LLC, Costa Mesa, CA. 29,103 km.


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