• MakeFerrari
  • Model250 TDF
  • Year1958
  • Serial #1139GT
  • Engine TypeTipo 128
  • Chassis TypeTipo 508
  • Build Sequence #72
  • Number Built93
  • Body TypeBerlinetta
  • Body BuilderScaglietti
  • First OwnerArmstrong
  • Current LocationWisconsin

A very late factory covered headlight single louver TDF. Red with tan interior. Fitted with a tipo 128 D engine with tipo 130 (10mm lift) competition camshafts. 8.9 compression pistons and a 90 litre competition fuel tank. Delivered new through Ferrari Representatives of California, December 1958. Well documented ownership history since new with full service records and no accidents. Eligible for any event on the planet from the Mille Miglia to the Tour de France to the Monterey Historics to Pebble Beach

#72. 1139GT. 250LWB TDF. SCAGLIETTI. Well documented ownership history from new. A never crashed, no stories car! Matching numbers, of course.

S/n 1139GT. 250 LWB TDF. Scaglietti standard covered headlight 1958 berlinetta.

1958, 28 May, rear axle internal number 186 GTC with 8 X 32 ratio completed.

1958, 10 Dec., gearbox internal number 72D completed.

1958, 12 Dec., engine internal number 120D completed. Fitted with 446 gram connecting rods with 8.9:1 228 gram pistons and tipo 130 (10mm lift) competition camshafts.

1958, 14 Dec., car completed. 90 litre gas tank installed. Engine type 128D, chassis type 508D. Original colors red with tan leather interior.

1958, 18 Dec., invoiced to the USA.

Delivered new to Ferrari Representative Hollywood Johnny Von Neuman. Ritchie Ginther was the service manager and Harold Broughton was the mechanic there.

To Jack Armstrong who worked for General Electric Engine Center. Was also a test pilot.

1964, Apr. 4 – 27 May, owned by Hugh Peters of Swathmore, PA.

1964, May 27 – 1965, 01 Oct., with Luigi Chinetti Motors, New York, NY.

1965, 01 Oct. – 1969, 13 May, owned by William R. Hirshson, Orchard Dr., Greenwich, with 28,000 miles.

1969, 13 May, to William E. Litwin, 103 Taxter St., Hingham, Ma.

1976, 17 Sept. – 1978, 06 Feb., owned by Aldo Macioce, 41 Harriet St., Brighton, MA.

1978, 08 Jan., offered by Aldo Macioce, NY Times.

1978, February, purchased from Macioce by Joe Moch, Grand Rapids, MI with 59,376 miles for $17,500. Red with tan interior. Single vent version with covered headlights, velocity stacks and cold air box. All–aluminum body with bumpers, all original gauges, etc.

1978, March, FCA bulletin, offered by Moch.

1978, 05 May, offered in Autoweek by Moch.

1978, June, FOCUSA bulletin, offered by Moch.

1978, sold to Joe Marchetti.

1978, March, offered for sale in FCA by Joe Marchetti, Red with tan interior. Single vent version with covered headlights, velocity stacks and cold air box. All aluminum body with bumpers, all original gauges, etc.

1979, October, sold to Ed Weschler of 4878 N. HWY C, Nashotah, Wisconsin. Registered on Wisconsin plates “14881”.

Used by Weschler in various FOC club events.

1988, second quarter, featured on the covered of Prancing Horse Magazine.

1996, April, spoke with Eddie Weschler who has owned it for many years. Not for sale.

Full mechanical restoration and vintage race preparation completed by Rick Bunkfeldt and Vintage Restoration services in Wisconsin.

1996, 03 Aug. – 14 Sept., for sale in FML by 414 367 2287. Red 12–gallon fuel cell. Roll bar and cold air box from factory. New Dunlop racing tires and wire wheel rebuild. Ready to race. Trade for other Ferrari(s) plus cash. $550,000.

1996, December, sold by Weschler to Symbolic Motor Car Co., La Jolla, CA. Offered 1997 by Symbolic. Sold new through Hollywood Sport Cars. Continuous ownership history since new with full service records on fresh mechanics throughout.

1997, 27 Feb., as per conversations with Rob Shanahan, who has inspected the car closely, covered headlights. Has been damaged long ago in the front with medium quality repairs. The car is part of a trade on a 275 GTB/4 and cash, so they want the car gone, will take $475,000 for a quick and easy sale. Rob says the mechanicals and vintage race preparation are perfect.

1997, 29 Mar., for sale in FML by Symbolic. One of the last factory covered headlight TDFs completed. Sold new through Ferrari Reps. of California in December of 1958. Continuous ownership history since new with full service records on fresh mechanics throughout. Call for a faxed copy of the full history and ownership. $550,000.

1997, 07 Apr., as per Bernie, it’s sold. The buyer paid $500,000 in a package of 6 cars.

1997, 17 Apr., as per Bernie, still in their shop. Not delivered. The buyer might want to trade it back in on something more expensive.

1997, 26 July, Coys Auction Silverstone, $300,000 bid. Not sold.

1997, 25 Oct. – 8 Nov., for sale in FML by Cars International Associated. Sold new by Hollywood Sport Cars in 1958, and has never raced. Therefore it remains today, having covered only 65,000 miles from new, one of the most original TdF’s Complete with documented history and is in superb condition throughout. $550,000.

1998, 9 Mar., as per various sources, sold to Arturo Keller, paid $500,000 “ish”.

1998, 4 May – 15 Aug., advertised in the FML by Cars International Associated, red/tan, single louver, covered headlight model. Documented history, etc., $550,000.

1998, 24 Aug., as per Andreas Birner, Paul Osborn is selling his 250 TDF. Destination not yet known.

1998, 29 Aug. – 12 Sept., car for sale in Ferrari Market Letter by Cars International Associated, England, 44 1621 841881, fax, 44 1621 841882. Red with tan interior. Single louver and covered headlight bodywork. Documented history. US $550,000.

1998, 06 Dec., faxed Elliott Grossman for any additional information.

1998, 09 Dec., as per Elliott Grossman, they’ve sold the car to Paul Osborne at Cars International in England. No idea where it is today.

1998, 12 Dec., as per Andreas Birner, please be advised that Paul Osborne sold 1139 GT in late August to Harley Cluxton. Since the latter never advertised the car, he might have kept it for himself, or somehow more likely, he already had a buyer on hand. Paul told me on September 2 that the car went to Cluxton.

1999, 20–24 Apr., car at the Tour Auto 99. Arizona Plates: DL113R. Red/tan. Robert Manschot/Peter Thomas.

1999, May, as per various e–mails from Peter Thomas, he owns this car and was recently at the Tour de France.

1999, 24 May, as per Peter den Biggelaar: The s/n of the Peter Thomas car is s/n 1139 GT. Race number 167 in this year’s TDF. Finished 57th in regularity class and had registration from Arizona: DL 113R. He is listed as the co–driver of Robert Manschot (American Dutchman or Dutch American?)

2000, 25–28 May, Mille Miglia. #363 Manshcot–Molina, USA. Plates: DL 113 R.

To Diego Ribadeneira, Ecuador and Florida.

2001, 9–14 Apr., Tour Auto. Ribadeneira/Ribadeneira.

2001, 18 Aug., Brooks Quail Lodge auction. Sold at $792,000 with commission. Red/Brown leather; Estimate $800,000 – $1,000,000 Competition car, original as–raced, 3–condition; Hammered Sold at $720,000 plus commission of 10.35%; Final Price: $794,500 — Single quarter vent, covered headlights, driving lights in grille, aluminum front fender vents, wire wheels. No racing history of any note although it was Otto Zipper’s when new. Now tired and used. Quick older repaint, cracked headlight cover, cracked paint on nose, passenger’s door fits poorly and drops.

Good older interior showing use. 2000 and 2001 MM Retro participant. Further use will not detract at all from this car’s appearance short of being seriously crumpled. In the overall scheme of things this is a result that’s fair to both buyer and seller. The car has no significant history and is pretty “ used” but that also means its utility value as a vintage racer and tour car is very high; there’s not much to damage in normal use. A segment of today’s buyers recognizes usability in their acquisition criteria and this car satisfy those measures.

2001, October, sold to Dr. Dudley.

2002, 15–20 Apr., Tour Auto, Paris to Biarritz. Dudley/Dudley.

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See “Organizzazione Di Vendita E D Assistenza” dated Maggio, 1961. Lists Ferrari Representatives of California, 1767 Cahuenga Boulevard, Hollywood, CA. The 1961 Ferrari Yearbook lists Ferrari Representatives of California. Otto Zipper does not appear until the 1962 Ferrari Yearbook.


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