• Year1965
  • MakeFerrari
  • Model275 GTB/C/LM
  • Serial Number07185
  • Engine Type563/213
  • Engine Number7987/A (in car) and 7185

The third of only three very special competition Berlinettas built for F.I.A.
homologation purposes in the GT racing class. These three cars had very lightweight aluminum bodywork,
bearing only a token resemblance to the production cars, built on lightweight frames designated type
563/Comp. Engine built to 250/275 LM specifications, designated as type 213/Comp., with compression
rations of 9.7 to 1, type 130 competition camshafts, a dry sump lubrication system and six Weber 40
DCN2 carburetors. This very limited series of Ferrari racing GT cars has often been referred to
as the 1965 250 GTO and should be “the car” to have for the Shell Challenge or any other
historic racing event. This car is the ultimate Ferrari GT race car addition to
any historic race team or Ferrari collection.

S/n 7185. Sold new to Sig. Balestieri, Italy.
1965, entered at Sebring but never raced.
With a dealer on Via Venito in Rome.
1968, November, Road & Track Magazine. Small article and photo by Dean Batchelor
taken at Maranello showing this car, page 42.
To Carl Fazio Sr. in Ohio. Fazio saw the car driving down the road in Italy, followed it,
met the owner and bought the car. Paid $15,000.
Sold it for $20,000 to Dick Mills, Bedford, Ohio in St. Louis, Mo. area. Identified on
title as 330 and on data plate as Tipo GTB4P although Mills confirmed the car had
a singlecam six carb dry sump motor.
1978, with Mike Derish of NYC. A broker.
1978, December, sold thru Rob de la Rive Box of Switzerland to Dr. Paul Schouwenburg
of Holland. Registered on plates DL 48 XF.
1982, offered by Paul Schouwenburg, Holland. ExSEFAC. Advertised as only 500 miles
on total and professional rebuild.
1983, sold to current owner.
1983, onward, Andy Greene has maintained and race prepared this car since purchased
by current owner.
1997, 27 Aug., current owner has raced the car at Elkhart Lake, RoeblingRoads, Road
Atlanta, Watkins Glen, all in SVRA events. Two years ago he went to the CobraFerrari wars reenactment at
Elkhart lake. Started dead last. He was passing cars like mad when he lost the brakes completely. This car is a
winner! This car turned a 2:15 on the long course at Watkins Glen with the owner driving. Weighs 2,150 to 2,200
lbs. Lap times are equal to a very well prepared Lotus 26R.
1995, body and paint redone by David Kuhn, Savannah, Georgia.
1998, 8 Feb., as per long talk with Ron Greene, they kept everything that came off the
car. They have a ton of spares including a spare block, etcetera. I will call him tomorrow to discuss
the spare situation since everything is at the owners shop.
1998, 8 Feb., as per long talk with current owner, he will put together a package and
put it in the mail.
1998, 09 Feb., as per long talk with Andy Greene re: spare parts with the car, they have
the original ribbed competition block s/n 7185, internal #1128/64, casting# 213/100148, it does have a hole in it,
but it is repairable. They also have the original header and side pipes, original competition wire wheels, a set of
alloy wheels with no centers, the original leather interior and console, the original brake boosters, brake pedal
assembly and Dunlop calipers, the fueltank, oil lines, oil radiator and water radiator.
1998, 03 Sept., received photos.
2000, 15 Feb., listed with M. Sheehan for sale. Available at $1,975,000.
See Road & Track Magazine, 1968, page 42, small article and photo by Den Batchelor taken at
Maranello showing this car.
See Ferrari 275 GTB & GTS by Ian Webb, Osprey books, pages 106 and 107.


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