We are pleased to announce the addition of 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB “Cliente Competizione” s/n 07437 GT to
our stock. This alloy-bodied 275 GTB/C is the fifth of only eleven early 275 GTB competition cars.
The 1965 275 GTB/C “Cliente Competizione” runs in the 1960 to 1965 class in the US and European Shell
Historic Series and in the Tour Auto class F, while the 1966 GTB/C runs in the higher class G. This means that the 1965 275
GTB/C “Cliente Competiziones” compete against 250 SWBs while the 1966s compete against “Competizione” Daytonas.
With a larger 3.3 litre engine, six Weber 40 DCN carbs, five-speeds, a fully independent suspension, better weight distribution
and mag wheels that don’t flex, a well sorted and race prepared 275 GTB/C “Cliente Competizione” is extremely
competitive against the best 250 SWBs, yet is much less expensive than a 250 SWB alloy Comp. car.
With only eleven cars built, the 275 GTB/C “Cliente Competizione” is certainly far more exclusive than
the 250 SWBs, and 275 GTB/C “Cliente Competizione” s/n 07437 GT is one of the few built with the very
attractive “250 Le Mans” type front driving lights!

S/n 07437 GT. 275 GTB 1965 “Cliente Competizione”.

1965, 17 July, sold by the factory through factory authorized dealer V.E.C.A.R. Srl., Piazza Verdi 9 in Rome,
to first owner Mrs. Augusta Luglio, at via Albert Eistien 13, Rome, Italy. The new price was 5.750.000 Italian Lire.
Lugio was the maiden name of the wife of Italian gentlemen driver Renzo Sinibaldi, an amateur driver.

1965, 18 June, Certificate of Origin issued.

1965, 20 July, Registered on Italian license plates of Rome Roma 858844′

1966, 30 July sold to V.E.C.A.R. Srl.

1967, 24 Apr., Sold by V.E.C.A.R Srl., to Franco Falli, born in Rome 5 February 1933, resident at via
Tuscolana 128 in Rome, paid Italian Lire 1.000.000.

1967, 14 Oct., raced by Failli in V Trofeo Bettoja at Vallelunga, Rome, Italy. Race #192.

1968, 2 July, car sold by Failli through SAS Motro di C. Allegretti to Giuseppe Sirugo, born in Avola on 11
Sept., 1940, resident at Via Lido 17, of Siracusa, Italy, price paid was Italian Lire 4.000.000.

1968, 6 Aug., re-registered to Sirugo on Italian plates of Siracusa SR60981′

1972, 23 Oct., exported from Italy to the USA.

1972, 23 Oct., to Doctor Bailey, Augusta, Georgia.

1978, offered by International Motorcars, Jackson, MS. Fitted with three special type DC40-13 Webers
and tall, curved, reverse air intake rams. Aluminum body with large external gas cap on right side.

1978 To Darrell Greenamyer, Reno, Nevada.

1979-80, Ferrari Owner’s Club Roster listed by Greenamyer.

1980, FOC Roster, listed by Greenamyer.
To Al Allyn, Texas.

1989, offered by Al Allyn. Advertised as all original. Never restored.

1989, 27 May-10 June, for sale in FML by 817 482 3290, TX:
“Early single-cam, Ferrari-built, lightweight competition berlinetta. One of ten. Long nose,
90 degree curved velocity stacks, large aluminum fuel tank, big outside filler cap in fly panel. Never restored, for sale
by owner. $1.5 million.”
Sold to Albert Obrist, Switzerland.

1989/90/91/92, completely restorted by Carrozzeria Fantuzzi in Modena and Carrozzeria Brandoli in Montale,
Italy, mechanicals restored by Autoffcina Sauro in Bologna.

1998, March, Sold to John McCaw’s Cavallino Holdings, Seattle, WA USA.

1999 serviced and refreshed by Patrick Ottis in Berkley, CA USA.

2000, 22 Jan., Cavallino Ferrari Classic IX, Palm Beach, Florida.

2000, 27 May, Brooks Auction, Monaco:
“275 GTB Competizione Berlinetta, S/N 07437. Red/black. Recent restoration, 2+ condition. Hammered sold at
$753,665 plus commission of 10.28%=final price $831,165. Shortnose, alloy knockoffs, 6 Webers. One of two 275 GTBs originally
owned by Renzo Sinibaldi, 3rd in 1966 Italian GT Championship, perhaps some races with this car. Good repaint except for some
bubbles in left rear fender paint, good interior. Chassis like new. Very impressive bodywork with flush panels even
gaps. This car is in better condition than the comprehensively race prepared 275 GTB/C that RM sold in Amelia Island for
$1,030,000 (S/N 9057), but not as nice as Christie’s example at Pebble Beach last summer (S/N 9007) which brought
$1,212,500. The later cars were more comprehensively adapted for competition.”
Sports Car Market Auction report (October 2002 pp. 46-47) on the 2002, 18 August RM Monterey Auction says:
“#184-1965 FERRARI 275 GTB/C SPECIALE Berlinetta. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 7437 GT. Eng.# 7437 GT.
Red/Black. LHD. Odo: 1817 miles. Fourth of the second series cars built. Alloy bodywork, rear fender vents, shortnose coachwork,
faired-in driving lights, side and rear plexiglass, racing fuel filler, 37-gallon tank. Not much competition history.
Restored several times. Car looks superb. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $759,000.One of 12 racing versions of the standard 275
GTB. Lots of money paid, but significantly less than the one (S/N 09063) RM sold for $1.1 m at their 2001 Amelia Island sale,
and probably just as fast.”
See Ferrari Market Letter, volume 22, no. 16, 02 August, 1997, for article “275 GTB 1965 cliente
competizione” by Mike Sheehan. Cover article and first page. 
See article in Prancing Horse, # 53

2003, October., offered by Michael Sheehan’s www.Ferraris-online.com at $995,000.


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