• MakeDodge
  • ModelViper GTS
  • Year1996
  • Mileage6,759
  • Serial #200322
  • Current LocationFerraris Online

We are pleased to offer 1996 Viper GTS “Double Bubble” coupe s/n 200322, from new in Blue Pearl with double white racing stripes and black leather; a two-owner car with only 6,759 miles and amazing ownership and service records. The Viper was first introduced, to an enthusiastic response, as a concept car at the January 1989 North American International Auto Show. Project engineer Roy Sjoberg and Power Plant engineer Dick Winkles put together “Team Viper” in March 1989 and Lamborghini, (then a Chrysler subsidiary), cast a prototype V-10 aluminum block in May. The production body was completed in the fall and a chassis prototype was testing in December. Launch approval was given by Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca in May 1990 and only a year later Carroll Shelby piloted a pre-production pace car for the 1991 Indianapolis 500 race. In November 1991, the Viper was released to the automotive press for review, with the first retail shipments beginning in January 1992. As enthusiasts know, the first Vipers were built to be a modern–day 427 S/C Cobra, with a focus on pure power and performance, thanks to its 400 hp and 465 lb ft of torque V-10 engine. With heavy involvement from Carroll Shelby and design cues from the Pete Brock-designed Shelby Cobra Daytona, the Viper was a minimalist, straight-forward design with aggressive and muscular styling. The 1st series Vipers had no exterior-mounted door handles, so entry was by unzipping the soft vinyl window and reaching into the interior to pull the interior door release handle. Air conditioning was not offered, only a soft canvas top and vinyl side windows kept the rain out and airbags were not included. 1996 Viper GTS “Double Bubble” coupe s/n 00322 is the first of the 2nd generation Vipers and so is fitted with all the creature comforts one expects today, including AC that actually works, power windows, airbags for safety, seats that fit like a glove, sharper-edged bodywork and powerful 14-inch brake rotors. Dubbed the “Double Bubble”, the roof featured slightly raised bubble sections that harken back to the Zagato “Double-Bubbles” of the 1950s and early 1960s, accommodating both very tall drivers and weekend warriors with helmets. The GTS comes with the same 8.0 liter V-10 engine but power was increased to a whopping 450 hp and the stump-pulling torque was good for 490 lb⋅ft, starting at a mere 3,700 rpm. More than 90% of the GTS was all-new, in comparison to the earlier 1st Series Viper, despite similar looks. The much stiffer chassis and “Double Bubble” roof allowed the 2nd generation Vipers to be very successful in competition. The Viper GTS-R, the racing variant of the car, was co-developed with Oreca and Reynard and had an illustrious and successful career in international motorsports. The GTS-R dominated in both the FIA GT and ALMS series, including sweeping class championships in FIA GT racing in 1998 and 1999 and Le Mans 24 hour class wins in 1998, 1999, and 2000.

Viper GTS “Double Bubble” coupe s/n 00322 has had only one obsessive-compulsive owner for the last twenty years, is an excellent original and unmodified example that has covered only 6,759 miles from new and is in excellent condition with near flawless paint. The interior shows no wear as well, with excellent leather, including the driver’s seat bolster. The dashboard, controls, and instruments are all like new, as are the carpets, which feature the Viper logo. The rear compartment is similarly clean and original. The engine and engine bay are also unmodified and both are obsessively clean. Massive 275 X 35 ZR Michelin Pilot Sport front tires on polished 17 X 12 front wheels and even more massive 335 X 30 ZR Michelin Pilot Sport rear tires, on polished 17 X 14 rear wheels, put the power to the ground. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a very clean, low mileage Viper GTS with no modifications or stories. Viper “Double Bubble” s/n 00322 comes with truly impressive loose-leaf binder divided in expenses, correspondence, purchase docs, road tests, Viper Registry docs and service tips and updates. There is also a car cover, a detailed service log backed with all the original receipts, a clean Carfax, the owner’s manual and the original warranty booklet with their pouch, the original window sticker and both keys with remotes.

This 2nd-generation Viper GTS is docile in traffic, with a light clutch, yet can go from 0 to 60 in 4.0 seconds and hits 100 MPH in 8.6 seconds. Almost as fast as a Ferrari 599, but at a price far less than the Ferrari, and with low service costs a Ferrari owner can only dream of, while being mechanically bullet-proof. As a 2nd-generation Viper, s/n 00322 is not only fast, but extremely user friendly. Feel like starting in second gear? No problem! How about shifting into third while going 5 MPH, then nail the throttle and hold on. If you feel like a full throttle launch, drop the clutch at 3,000 rpm and the Michelins will smoke down the asphalt. If you’re tired of $6,000 to $12,000 engine-out cam belt services on your Ferrari, a Viper’s annual engine service and fluid change is in the $500 to $700 range. A tremendous amount of low-cost eyeball and performance, as clean underneath as topside.

1996, 13 Sept., build date.

1996, 13 Sept., delivered new to Czeschin Motors, PO Box 1300, Mountain Home, AR

1996, 06 Nov., bill of sale to Calvin Czeschin, Mountain Home, AR.

1996, 15 Nov., first title issued to Czeschin Motors, PO Box 1300, Mountain Home, AR., 72653

1996, 08 Nov., sold to Motor Cars International, Springfield, MO, 65802.

1998, 06 Jan., battery replaced under warranty.

1998, 29 Nov., idle control checked under warranty.

1999, 14 July, battery replaced under warranty, 368 miles.

1999, 21 Dec., sold by Motor Cars International to the second owner, odometer disclosure statement, 594 miles.

2000, 10 Jan., check Gearbox & Rear Axle Oil Install Battery shut-of at 627 miles.

2000, 15 Jan., install 170° Thermostat New Intake Gaskets 627 mi

2000, 16 Jan., change Oil & Filter (15/50 synthetic) 654 mi

2000, 20 Jan., Re-torque Intake Manifold 675 mi

2000, 29 Feb., new Illinois title issued to second owner.

2000, 02 March, Upgrade Computer 678 mi

2000, 08 May, Align Chassis 1,060 mi

2000, 27 May, Install Hawk Brake Pads 1,174 mi

2001, 29 April, Change Oil & Filter (15/50 Synthetic) 8 qts. 1,794 mi

2002, 22 March, Align Chassis (machine toe-in error before) 2,374 mi

2002, 15 June, Install Fan Control Kit 2,483 mi

2003, 22 March, Change Oil & Filter (15/50 Synthetic) 8 qts. 2,819 mi

2003, 06 April, Change Antifreeze & Bars-Leaks (see notes!!!) 2,875 mi

2006, 24 March, Change Brake & Clutch Fluid (Valvoline Synthetic) Grease Chassis Remove, lube, gap (.035”) Spark Plugs 3,858 mi

2006, 18 April, Change Oil & Filter (15/50 Synthetic) 8 qts. 3,866 mi

2006, 20 Sept., Install new Battery (F&F) 4.033 mi 1/22/07 Replace Rear Hatch Struts 4,186 mi

2007, 15 March, Change Gearbox Oil (Chrysler 75w-90 Synthetic) 4 qts. 4,195 mi

2007, 28 June, Install new Battery (2032) in Key Fobs 4,402 mi

2008, 13 May, Change Gearbox Oil (Dexron III ATF) 4 qts. 4,569 mi

2008, 17 May, Change Air Filters Install Power Steering Vent Tube Kits 4,591 mi

2000, 25 June, Change Antifreeze (See Notes!!) Service A/C (1.0 lb low), charge with 1.81 lbs. total 4,620 mi

2008, 03 Oct., Replace Passenger Power Window Shuttle 4,737 mi

2009, 15 June, Change Oil & Filter (5/50 Synthetic) 8 qts. 4,860 mi

2010, 14 April, Align Chassis 5,050 mi

2011, 20 June, Change Brake & Clutch Fluid (Valvoline Synthetic) 5,283 mi

2012, 12 July, Change Oil & Filter (5/50 Synthetic) 8 qts. 5,491 mi

2013, 08 July, Change Antifreeze (See Notes!!) (Long-Life) 5,655 mi

2014, 31 May, Service A/C (1/4 lbs low) charge with 1.81 lbs total 5,800 mi

2015, 29 May, Replace Battery (Group 78P) 5,956 mi 7/6/15 Change Oil & Filter (5/50 Synthetic) (8 qts) 5,993 mi

2016, 06 July, Change Brake & Clutch Fluid (Valvoline Synthetic Grease Chassis 6,119 mi

2017, 01 April, Service A/C (1.4 lb low) charge with 1.81 lbs total 6,235 mi

2018, 23 May, Change Oil & Filter (5/50 Synthetic) (8 qts) Change Antifreeze (Long-Life) Add Bars-leaks powder for lower left radiator seepage Replace battery 6,387 miles.

2020, Sept., taken in trade by Ferraris Online LLC.


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