We are pleased to offer 1962 Corvette s/n 05386, a one-owner-for-the-last-forty-five-years Corvette which has just been treated to a photo documented body-off restoration. Corvette s/n 05386 was built on 21 December 1961 and was delivered from new in Roman red with a red interior. Sometime in its first ten years the original 1962 327 engine was replaced with a 1963 327 engine and was re-painted white. In 1978 Corvette s/n 05386 was sold to the current owner, a CPA in Santa Monica, who enjoyed the ride until 2007 when he stopped driving and so Corvette s/n 05386 was put into long term storage. On 28 May of 2018 Corvette s/n 05386 was picked up in Santa Monica by Allen Irwin of Vintage Motor Sports, La Quinta, CA, for a body-off, frame-up restoration for its long-term owner. Thanks to dedicated Corvette parts suppliers such as Corvette Central (Sawyer, MI); Ecklers (Titusville FL); Zip Corvette (Mechanicsville, VA) and Corvette America (Reedsville PA), virtually any Corvette part is readily available and, even better, at low prices a Ferrari owner can only dream of! Thanks to their availability and affordability, literally every piece of rubber, every seal and gasket, every piece of hardware and every suspension component was replaced in the restoration.

Vintage Motor Sports disassembled the body, trim, interior and engine and removed the body from the frame. The original (and optimistic) estimate quoted $15,000 for paint; $4,000 for mechanical parts; $2,000 for chrome and stainless refinishing and $10,000 for labor for an initial quote of $31,000. The engine was rebuilt including a cross hatch of the cylinders and ring match with new rings, new main, rod and cam bearings, new hardened valve seats with new valve guides and new seals. A Crane Fireball cam with .488 life and 288 degrees of duration was installed with new performance valve springs. The crank, rods and pistons were balanced. A new clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing were also installed. All new engine, trans a diff mounts and hardware were used and all new ignition components were installed. The robust Muncie 4-speed only needed bearings and a reseal while the differential needed to be re-set with new bearings and resealed. The driveshaft was fitted with new “U” joints. The heating and cooling system was completely rebuilt including a rod-out of the radiator and the replacement of every radiator and heater rubber hose, every rubber mount and bracket, the expansion tank brackets and bushings and the rubber heater and defroster air ducts.

The frame was sand blasted and painted with chassis paint. The suspension was removed, sandblasted and painted before re-assembly. Every “A” arm bushing was replaced, every tie rod end and ball joint was replaced as were the sway bar bushings, spring bushings and new shocks were installed. The brake system and emergency brake system were both completely rebuilt with a new master cylinder, all-new brake cylinders, new soft lines and new brake shoes, including new e-brake hard lines! The fuel system was also rebuilt with new tank straps, a new sender unit, a new sender screen and new soft lines.

The body was sublet to Danny Trevato at Desert bumper Pro in Palm Desert for a strip to bare fiberglass, for minor repairs to the passenger’s door, the left rear fender and to the left front fender. The body was primered, re-sealed and repainted in it’s original Roman Red. During re-assembly all-new rubber body mounts were installed and every rubber headlight and turn signal seal and bulb, every door seal, door window seal, door handle and lock cylinder gaskets, windshield rubber seal and trunk seal were fitted and both door windows were replaced. Every seal and gasket for the soft top and hardtop were also replaced and new side glass and a new rear glass were fitted to the top. The interior was treated to all new carpets and seat covers plus rubber items such as new pedal pads, new tach and speedometer cables and a new soft top by Caruso’s top shop in Palm Desert. A rebuilt and updated period correct Wonderbar AM FM radio was also installed. All chrome parts were redone and all stainless parts were polished by M.J.B. Plating in Rialto, CA.

Today the fresh paint presents as new with excellent gloss although there is minor shrink back to a small area on the left front fender which can easily be remedied. The all-new interior also show as new and is refinished in all the original colors. The instruments and switches are in excellent condition, and all retain their original finishes. The soft top mechanism has all-new seals and raises and lowers and affixes to the windshield while the easy-to-use latches hold it firmly in position. The soft top and plastic rear window are new. The original removable hardtop is mounted on the car, finished in its original colors. The engine compartment has been very nicely detailed, displaying a correct and desirable original generator, correct distributor, correct cast aluminum valve covers, correct cast iron exhaust manifolds, and a correct original VIN stamped tag. The engine compartment is nicely detailed and has all new decals. The chassis, under body and suspension components all show as-new after the restoration. Close-up pictures of the paints minor imperfection in the left front fender is provided in the photos.

The 327 C.I.D. engine starts instantly, idles smoothly, sounds great and pulls strongly. The clutch is positive and the Muncie 4-speed gearbox is smooth, easy to operate, absolutely bullet-proof and makes for a great driving experience. The fully rebuilt suspension is tight and handles well while the all-new brake system pulls it down well and tracks straight. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a nicely restored vintage Corvette, ready to use as originally intended. Well balanced and comfortable to drive, classically styled, powerfully equipped, driver-friendly, cheap to own, service and maintain and well sorted. These early 60s Corvettes are utterly dependable and offer fantastic vintage ownership experiences. Comes with a large stack of restoration receipts, a Corvette Parts book and a Corvette service guide. Pay for the (final) cost of the restoration, get the car for free! Priced to sell at $79,950 or best offer, seriously for sale.


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