We are pleased to offer 1972 Dino (Ferrari) 246 GTS s/n 03920, a platinum winning and double class winning US model Dino Spyder with a well-documented ownership history from new, back to the date first sold on 19 Dec., 1972! From new in near perfect Rosso Bordeaux 20-R-351 (dark red non-metallic), finished with excellent tan leather, excellent tan carpets and a freshly recovered dash in the correct black “mouse hair”. 246 GTS s/n 03920 was restored by Stuart Singer, Plano, Texas as a Platinum Award Winner at Concorso Italiano in 2004 and then scored Best Detailed Car and best Vintage Ferrari at the 2006 Dallas-Fort Worth Ferrari Club show. At that time 246 GTS s/n 03920 had just turned 25,000 miles and has only 25,722 miles today. Comes with the original tan leather pouch for the books with the dealer listing, the USA supplement and the ultra-rare warranty card with the selling dealers name (Newport Imports) and the first owner, (Mr. Emery “Ed” McElroy). Also comes with the even-more-rare original Autovox radio instructions and the California registration card showing that 246 GTS s/n 03920 was sold new on 19 Dec., 1972 to Mr. Emery “Ed” McElroy, Whittier, CA. Also comes with the tool set in their vinyl tool roll; the original tonneau cover for the lift-off Targa top; the correct vinyl jack bag and jack kit; and is mounted on the correct Michelin XWX 205/70 VR 14 tires. 246 GTS s/n 03920 is Ferrari Classiche certified with the “Red Book” in process.
Only last year 246 GTS s/n 03920 was treated to a massive service by Classic Coach, Elizabeth, New Jersey. The distributor was rebuilt and setup on the correct machine. The fuel system had all hoses, clamps and the fuel pump replaced; all three Weber carbs were rebuilt, test run and tested on a drive. The brake system was rebuilt with all new brake hoses, all four calipers were rebuilt and a new brake booster hose was installed. The brake rotors were sanded and the brakes inspected. The electrical system, fuse board, relays, lights and switches were all inspected and tested. The cooling system was rebuilt with new rubber coolant hoses and new aluminum coolant pipes. The radiator was re-cored and a new thermostat and thermostat housing were installed. The cooling system was flushed and bled. The A/C system was rebuilt with new valves and a new switch and was converted to R134 freon. The front suspension was rebuilt with all new ball joints. The A-arms were cleaned and the hubs were refinished. All four wheels were aligned. New rubber door moldings were installed. The door sill plates were repaired and polished. New Targa top seals were installed. The center console was recovered. All service work was completed on 12 Jan. of last year. The mileage out was 25,645. Total labor was $39,900.00; total parts were $12,221.26; total sublet was $1,113.00; and the sales tax was $3,559.17 for a total invoice of $57,530.03. Copies of the invoices from Classic Coach, are on file. E-mail or call us at 714-403-4078 for copies by PDF.
The 246 GT coupes and the later 246 GTS spyders were the first evolution of Ferrari’s higher-volume, smaller-engine exotics, meant to appeal to a larger market than the flagship V-12s, and were the first of the long line of V6 and V8 Ferraris that have evolved into a massive commercial success for Ferrari. Named after Enzo Ferrari’s son, Alfredino, who died in 1956 at the age of 24 of muscular dystrophy, the Dino was the first of the “baby” Ferraris—smaller, lighter and more nimble than the larger 12-cylinder street Ferraris. Its transverse mid-engine was a Ferrari first in a street car, and the four-cam V6 shows its direct racing heritage from the V6 powered 206 SP and V6 powered F2 Ferraris. The sleek and sensuous Pininfarina-designed and Scaglietti-built 246 stands as one of the most beautiful and exotic street model Ferrari ever built, epitomizing the Enzo-era Ferraris. Thanks to the Dino’s low sweeping body lines and the sounds of the well-proven, low-maintenance, high-revving V-6 right behind your seat, every trip to dinner, Sunday brunch or your local coffee shop sounds, drives and feels like a qualifying lap at Sebring.
Needless to say, 246 GTS s/n 03920 has Platinum-level show-quality paint over a mirror-smooth body. The tan leather seats and the tan carpeting are in excellent condition. The dash has been recovered in the correct black “mouse hair” and overall attention to detail is obsessive, with all the right plating, detail paint finishes, decals and labels. Fitted with an excellent set of Michelin XWX tires. From new with A/C and P/W. Show-level detailing in the engine and under-hood compartments. All systems work as they should, runs and drives as-new. On our test drive, second gear synchro was excellent and the engine pulled strongly once warmed, giving a wonderfully driving car. 246 GTS s/n 03920 is an award-winning, pride-of-ownership 246 GTS. With a mere 25,722 miles from new, this Platinum level Dino had been driven an average of only 548 miles per year over the last 47 years! As a fully sorted former Platinum winning Ferrari, the paint, panel fit, interior and indeed every component are as-new or better. 246 GTS s/n 03920 comes complete with the leather pouch, dealer booklets and parts book, period warranty card, the complete tool set, tool roll, jack and the jack kit and the correct original Voxon stereo cassete AM/FM radio and could again be a Platinum contender at minimal costs. We welcome any mechanical or body inspection. Priced right and seriously for sale at $425,000.

S/n 03920. 246 GTS. USA Model. New to Modern Classic Motors, 201 West Second St., Reno, Nevada, the West Coast importer for Ferrari.

1972, May, 1972, May official build date. Actual build date 14 June, 1972. From new in Rosso Bordeaux 20-R-351 (dark red non-metallic) with tobacco leather.

1972, New to Modern Classic Motors, 201 West Second St., Reno, Nevada, the West Coast importer for Ferrari.

1972, new to Modern Classic Motors sub-dealer, Hollywood Sports Cars, the dealer for Hollywood and Los Angeles County. USA Model. A New Car In Stock.

1972, December, new to Hollywood Sports Cars’ fellow dealer, Newport Imports, 3100 W. Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA, 92660, the Ferrari dealer for Newport Beach and Orange County.

1972, 19 Dec., sold new by Tom Aiken, sales manager at Newport Imports, 3100 W. Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA, 92660 to Mr. Emery “Ed” McElroy, Whittier, CA.

1972-1986, owned by Ed McElroy, California.

1986, sold to its second owner, Vaughan Simidian, Corona CA.

2003, 22 Feb., offered at the McCormick Auction, Palm Springs. lot # 193. No sale. Bid to $65,000. $75,000 reserve. Same owner last 17 years. Fine original paint showing some patina, everything else good. Solid presentation of unmolested car. Ferrari badge added on rear by previous owner. No serious Dino buyers in the audience. This car wouldn’t have surprised at $75,000; bid was just too low. 23,896 Miles.

2003, 28 Feb., as per call from David Word, he was at the auction and met the owner’s son-in-law who claims this car is in Newport Beach, and has been in Newport for the last 20 years. David Work confirmed he had written down the s/n from the chassis number in the engine compartment an on the door plate, so… it is s/n 03920. David offered $70,000 for the car, subject to inspection.

2004, with its third owner, Stuart Singer, Plano Texas. Completely restored, several concorso Awards afterwards.

2004, shown at Concorso Italiano, Monterey, California, Platinum Award Winner.

2006, June, at the Boardwalk Ferrari/Maserati Car Show, Plano, TX. Red with tan leather. Awarded First Place Vintage Ferrari and Best Detailed Car. The fact that it has been judged to be the finest Dino at the Concorso Italiano reflects that it is acknowledged to be the finest 246 in the United States and probably on the planet, as U.S. judging standards are the most demanding on earth.

2007, 05 May, offered at The Worldwide Group Auctioneers, Houston Texas. Lot # 82. Red with tan, 25,000 miles. Estimates. $175,000 – $225,000 . This 246 Dino was restored by Stuart Singer of Plano, Texas, in 2004. The car has traveled only 25,000 miles from new and Mr. Singer, owner of a top rated facility for the preservation and refinishing of these cars, was the third owner. He acquired the car in excellent original condition, but 32 years will take a toll on paint and rubber no matter how well the car is cared for. The excellence of Mr. Singer’s work requires no further accolade than those listed below. This car is ready for any task that it could have achieved when new. The fact that it has been judged to be the finest Dino at the Concorso Italiano reflects that it is acknowledged to be the finest 246 in the United States and probably on the planet, as U.S. judging standards are the most demanding on earth. Platinum Award Winner Concorso Italiano Monterey California 2004 First Place Dallas-Fort Worth Ferrari Club 2006 Car Show Awarded First Place Vintage Ferrari and Best Detailed Car A mid-engined Dino is a must-have for a comprehensive Ferrari collection. If you only own one Ferrari, the 246 Dino is an excellent choice. This is your opportunity to own one of the best, if not the best, in the world.

2007, 15 May-2007, September, offered by Bentley Long Island, Jericho New York. Red with Tan, 25,000 miles.

2007, sold by Bentley Long Island to current owner, Montreal Canada.

2013, 10 May, seen by M. Sheehan at the current owner’s underground garage, Montreal while inspecting 857 Monza s/n 0578/0584 M.

2017, 30 June, at Classic Coach, Elizabeth, New Jersey for a very major service, mileage in 25,628. Major service. Rebuild distributor, setup on machine. Rebuild fuel system; replace all hoses; clamps; fuel pump; rebuild all three Weber carbs; run and test drive. Rebuild brake system; replace all brake hoses, rebuild all calipers; replace brake booster hose; clean brake rotors; test drive. Check electrical system, fuse board and relays. Test all lights and switches. Repair and re-cover center console. Rebuild cooling system. Install new rubber coolant hoses and aluminum coolant pipes. Re-core radiator. New thermostat and thermostat housing. Flush and bleed cooling system. Rebuild A/C system. New A/C drier, valves and switch. Convert A/C system to R134 freon. Rebuild front suspension. Install new ball joints. Clean A-arms, refinish hubs. Four wheel alignment. Replace body door moldings. Repair and polish door sill plates. Replace Targa top seals.

2018, 12 Jan., all service work completed, mileage out 25,645. Total labor: $39,900.00; total parts: $12,221.26; total sublet: $1,113.00; sales tax: $3,559.17; total final invoice: $57,530.03.

2018, December, at Ferraris-Online LLC on consignment.

2018, January, advertised for sale by Ferraris-Online LLC.


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