We are pleased to offer 1974 Euro model Lamborghini Urraco s/n 15412, finished in Tahiti Blue with black leather, an elegant, exotic, affordable and user-friendly Lamborghini that has been treated to a relatively-recent $111,000 plus mechanical rebuild by Evans Automotive of Columbus, Ohio. Introduced at the 1970 Turin Auto Show, design was by Marcello Gandini, then working for Carrozzeria Bertone, the all-new urraco or “Little Bull” was a direct response to Ferrari’s then-new Dino 246 GT and a shot across the bow of other European sports cars of the era like the Maserati Merak and the Porsche 911. This baby Lambo followed the Miura in using a transverse powertrain mounted directly behind the cabin, with the engine being an all-new, compact 90-degree aluminum unit with iron wet cylinder liners. The V8 was a clean-sheet design by Lamborghini’s head engineer, Paolo Stazani, an 86- x 53-mm bore and stroke brought a 2,462.9-cc displacement, and with a 10.4:1 compression ratio and four Weber 40 IDF 1 downdraft carburetors, this engine made 220 hp at 7,500 RPM, and 166-lb.ft. of torque at 5,750 RPM; significantly more than the Ferrari 246 GT’s 195 hp at 7,600 rpm. This V-8, along with the exclusive alloy-case five-speed manual transmission and the rear suspension, was mounted in a rubber-isolated rear subframe that could be separated by removing only four bolts for easy servicing. In October 1972 an improved urraco “S” was introduced, and while we’d love to say it added 50 more horsepower, instead the “S” package added a full leather upholstery, lightly tinted power windows and the option of metallic paint, while the engine received new Weber 40 DCNF carburetors. These modifications made the urraco “S” more user-friendly than earlier model urracos’.
1974 urraco s/n 15412 was sold new on 10 Feb., 1973 by Achilles Frisani, Taranto, Italy to Domenico Cifarelli before going to Mr. Paolo Pulio from Bologna in 1985, and was serviced at Lamborghini’s service center. In 1988 she was sold to Gaetano Bozzerelli of Cosenza, Italy. In 1991 she went to Luc Moortgat of Belgium who kept her from 1991 to 2012 when she was sold to Olivier Nameche, Uccle, Belgium. On 18 June 2014 she was sold by Olivier Nameche to an eye surgeon in Appleton, Wisconsin. While under the Doctor’s ownership urraco s/n 15412 was treated to a mechanical rebuilt by Evans Automotive Repair of Columbus, Ohio with a total of just over $111k spent for a complete rebuild and other service work from 2015 to 2020, before coming to Ferraris-Online. E-mail us for a line-item breakdown of the rebuild work.

1974 urraco s/n 15412 comes with amazing and ultra-rare items and documentation including three sets of keys; a Lamborghini urraco P250 owner’s manual; a Lamborghini urraco P250 fold-out sales brochure; the original Italian “Targa” or title in the name of Gaetano Bozzerelli; over a dozen different service invoices on Lamborghini letterhead for work done in the 1980s at Nuova Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A.’s service center at 40019 Sant’agata Bolognese; several dozen pages of service invoices for work done between 1991 and 2014 while in Belgium; copies of the Belgium title, registration and insurance docs; a Belgium issued F.I.A. International Identity Card; a copy of the parts book; the hard plastic display card from the Antwerp Expo Lamborghini Concours; the US Customs importation paperwork; another ten pages of engine rebuild and service invoices covering 2015 – 2020 from Evans Automotive of Columbus, Ohio; with a summary page showing a total of $111,042.43 spent; photos of the engine apart for the rebuild; the original tool set in their vynll tool roll plus the original jack kit in it’s vynll bag.

Service records from Evans Automotive Repair of Columbus, Ohio document an engine and gearbox rebuild plus other ongoing work performed between 2015-2020. The mechanical overhaul in 2015 included labor and parts such as the engine gasket set, 16 new stainless steel valves and 16 bronze valve guides plus new over-size pistons and rings plus crank bearings and labor for the engine out at $11,572.50. Labor to disassemble the block plus minor parts was another $3,435.76; Sublet work included honing the liners to size, machining the heads plus installation of new valve guides was another $4,651.16. Additional related work in 2015 included a rebuild of the clutch hydraulics, the heating and cooling system and wiring at $3,915.68. An overhaul of the transaxle included new synchro’s for 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear and an overhaul of the A/C system at $5,707.07. A rebuild of the radiator plus new ANSA header and a Quicksilver exhaust system plus further transaxle work totaled $14,277.01. Further work in 2015 included a Kevlar clutch disc, clutch release bearing, machine work and fuel lines totaled $6,051.94. A ceramic coating of the new ANSA headers, a water pump rebuild parts plus distributor parts, plugs and points totaled $3,216.43. Carb kits, carb rebuild labor plus paint and detailing added another $5,705.24. Additional machine work included re-sizing the rod big ends, further engine assembly and installation totaled another $8,138.46. The final billing for machining included polishing the crank, machining then honing the liners, a 17 angle hi performance valve grind, pressure testing the cylinder heads and more at $5,850.27. The final summary invoice (although not in chronological order of work, included transport of the car and a summary of work at $12,444.20. The total for the engine, transaxle, clutch, cooling and system rebuilds plus wiring work in 2015 was $78,913.78. E-mail us for copies of the extensive service records from 2015.

Total work for 2016 included an upgrade of the radiator cooling fans and wiring plus system testings was $1,332.36 plus another invoice for a rebuild of the rear suspension trailing arms and new brake soft lines plus a test and systems check at $4,143.64. No work was done in 2017 but in 2018 a new ignition switch was sourced, the hot start was checked, all fluids were changed plus a check of the electrical system and storage charges totaled $4,893.27. Pickup for service work was another $1,037.35. E-mail us for scans of the 2018 service records.

No work was done in 2019 but in 2020 the winter storage charge was $1,751.82 plus the engine was removed for service, with a coolant flush, new ignition points and condensers, a new starter solenoid and a repair of the transaxle carrier plate for a total of $4,916.67. Further work in 2020 included removing the center console, a new shift boot, labor to disassemble the steering column and a new throttle cable for a total of $1,410.00. The last invoice for 2020 included removing the engine for service, new CV joints, a new clutch release bearing, new cam timing belts, 8 new spark plugs and a fluid change for a final total of $5,414.64. Feel free to e-mail us for scans of the 2020 service records.

1974 urraco s/n 15412 presents very nicely in an excellent color combination, the finish is very well done overall with high gloss throughout, excellent coverage, with only the usual minor small chips from road use and a few other minor flaws. Trim and plating are of very good quality overall, both on the chrome and black finished components. The glass and various rubber parts throughout the exterior are in very good condition. The beautiful and definitive urraco satin black louvers are very nicely finished with excellent, even gaping at the rear and sides. The doors, engine lid, and trunk open and shut easily, with excellent fit around the perimeter of all these openings including the headlight doors.
The interior appears to be original, and is in impressive condition considering it is now fifty years old!!! The car has been properly stored indoors and in long-term winter storage, preserving the excellent original dash pad, an exotic dished steering wheel and a nicely trimmed center console with only minor evidence of aging. The contrasting black dash and details match with the seats and door panels, which remain impressively supple. The carpet appears to be original and generally in very good condition. The original instrumentation and switches are all in excellent condition mounted against a nice brushed aluminum dash panel, with bright dials displaying excellent color. The black switches are all in very good condition. The look and feel of the dash is very futuristic and sophisticated, with a marvelously retro futuristic execution and layout, from the italicized H shift pattern to the unusual placement of the speedometer and tachometer to the incredibly cool steering wheel. The seats are in excellent condition with good foam padding and nice upholstery which exhibits some minor surface wear to the bolsters and a few light scratches, but is impressively nice overall. The leather finishes overall are smooth and uniform, and stitching is also nicely preserved. Door panels are clean, correctly padded, and taut with excellent overall fit and finish. The trunk is finished with black carpeting while the front compartment is fitted with a full size spare tire offering easy access to the battery and other mechanical components.

The engine compartment has been properly finished and highly detailed during the ongoing 2015-2020 service work. The engine appears to have all correctly restored components and details befitting a car of this period. Clean and tidy throughout, the wrinkle-finished cam covers, black air boxes and various other cast engine parts are all beautifully composed against the correctly finished textured black painted features. The undercarriage is very nice overall with a few scuffs and marks from normal use, having never been restored, while the engine and transaxle mechanical components show their recently restored appearance.

The urraco’s suspension features an equally clever design. Space-saving MacPherson struts at all four corners handled damping, aided by lower track control arms and semi-trailing rods in front and reversed lower wishbones, radius arms and an anti-roll bar in the rear. Brakes were 11-inch-diameter, four-wheel discs with ventilated rotors, tucked behind standard 14 x 7.5-inch Campagnolo magnesium alloy wheels. The radiator was mounted up front with the battery and spare, with coolant hoses running back to the engine, while luggage was accommodated behind the front seats or in a surprisingly generous 10-cu.ft. trunk at the rear.

1974 urraco s/n 15412 starts easily and runs smoothly, with a wonderful and almost American V8 muted-rumble which is very different from that of a Ferrari 308. The carburation and other running characteristics are excellent, having been tuned when the engine was out for service in late 2020. Acceleration is quick off the line, for what is now a 2.5 liter and fifty year old exotic, with smooth clutch engagement and excellent gearbox action. Shift effort is low and synchromesh effectiveness is impressively good, particularly compared against contemporary Ferraris. The steering effort is remarkably light, despite the relatively small diameter steering wheel and the car is a pleasure to drive and easy to place on the road at all speeds. The ride quality is very good thanks to the 14” Campagnolo wheels which are are mounted with 205/70 Vredestein Sprint Classic tires, plus a matching spare in the front storage area. Braking is effective, linear, and responsive, as is the behavior from the chassis. There is a pleasing coherence to the way this car operates that gives the driver a sense of satisfaction and confidence. As mentioned the car comes with massive service and ownership records from it’s being maintained at the Lamborghini service center in Sant’agata Bolognese in the 1980s to it’s mechanical restoration by Evans Automotive Repair of Columbus, Ohio from 2015 to 2020.

This is an exceptionally rare opportunity to acquire a massively serviced, wonderfully sorted and unmolested 2.5 liter urraco “S”. The five-digit odometer shows approximately 40k kilometers (~25k miles), though total mileage is unknown. This particular car however, is the right model in the right colors with the right mechanically restoration that makes it absolutely the ideal example for the enthusiast or collector seeking a wonderfully unique and thoroughly Italian expression of mid-engine performance motoring. The driver’s door jamb features a signature from Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni. Priced today at only 1/4 of the current price of the urraco’s then-challenger, the Ferrari 246 GT, and certainly far more exotic. We welcome any pre-purchase inspection.

S/n 15412. Lamborghini Urraco P250S. From new in Bleu Tahiti (Tahiti Blue) with Naturale (tan) leather.

1973, 04 Sept., completed at Lamborghini as an “S” model with full leather upholstery, lightly tinted
power windows and the option of Bleu Tahiti (Tahiti Blue) metallic paint while the engine received
the newer Weber 40 DCNF carburetors.

1973, 02 Oct., delivered to Achille Frisani, the Lamborghini dealer for Taranto, Italy. A/C.

1973, new to Domenico Cifarelli.

1985, owned by Mr. Paolo Pulio from Bologna, so very close to the Lamborghini Factory.

1985-1991, serviced at the Lamborghini S.p.A.’s service center at 40019 Sant’agata Bolognese.

1988, sold to Gaetano Bozzerelli.

1991 – 2012, owned since 1991 by Luc Moortgat, of Belgium.

2012, sold to Olivier Nameche, 5 Avenue Moscicki, 1180 Uccle, Belgium. 30,291 kms.

2014, 18 June, sold by Olivier Namecheto an eye surgeon in Appleton, Wisconsin.

2014, 30 July, imported into the USA.

2015-2020, undergone complete mechanical rebuilt by Evans Automotive Repair of Columbus, Ohio
plus ongoing service work, total just over $111k spent.

2016, Jan., at an event in Wisconsin, registered on plates 112052F

2023, in Houston, Texas, USA.

2023, 29 March, offered with 39,657 km (~25,000 miles) on Bring-A-Trailer auction.

2024, Sept., with Mike and Colleen Sheehan’s Ferraris Online, Costa Mesa, CA.


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