We are pleased to offer 2001 USA model Ferrari 456 M GTA s/n 122748. This low mileage 456 M GTA is finished in “as–new” Grigio Titanio 3238 over a near flawless body. The interior is finished with Charcoal “Daytona” seats set off with contrasting black dashboard and steering wheel, and excellent black carpets. Has Scuderia shields, red calipers and a great sounding Tubi exhaust. Thanks to a very meticulous series of owners, the exterior and interior are “near–new”. This 456 M GTA combines the performance of a 12–cylinder Ferrari sports car with the comfort and luxury of a four–seater GTA car. The 442 hp V–12 Ferrari 456 M GTA boasts twin computers that work with the Bosch Motronic M5.2 engine management program to offer seamless performance from the engine and gearbox.

This well documented 456 M GTA has only 8,053 miles and is “near–new” with all services meticulously up–to–date. Has the factory 6–CD changer. Needless to say, this 456 M GTA is complete with the owner’s leather pouch, all books, the warranty card, the full leather tool case with all tools, and two sets of original keys. For the enthusiast who wants to have the best in a four–seat Ferrari on the market today.

2001 USA model Ferrari 456 M GTA s/n 122748. Grigio Titanio 3238 with Charcoal “Daytona” seats, black dash, steering wheel and carpets. Has Scuderia shields, a factory 6–CD changer and a Tubi exhaust. Well documented. Only 8,053 miles. Has the owner’s leather pouch, all books, the warranty card, the full leather tool case and all tools and both sets of original keys.

S/n: 122748. Full VIN: ZFFWL50A310122748. 456 M GTA, 2001 USA model, Motor Tipo F116 C. Engine # 60647. February 2001 build date.

2001, new to Wide World of Cars, Spring Valley, NY.

2001, 31 July, new to Marc Rosen, Saddle River, NJ, 07458.

2002, August, offered in the FML, issue # 2716, by Wide World of Cars, Spring Valley, NY/USA:

Titanium with charcoal leather. Daytona seat trim, Scuderia shields, red calipers and Tubi exhaust. 5,182 immaculate miles.

2002, 06 Nov., as per Nick Saridakis, salesman at Wide World of Cars, sold to Joseph A. Agresta, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

2005, February, offered by Naples Motorsports, Naples, FL. Titanium with dark gray interior, Scuderia shields, red calipers, Tubi Exhaust. 6,700 miles.

2005, 05 May, sold by Naples Motorsports, Naples, FL to current owner.

2007, 31 July, 62 point inspection by Ferrari of Central Florida. New cam timing belts, tensioners and bearings, replaced valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, accessory belts, cam seals. Changed engine oil with oil filters, flushed brake fluids and replaced brake fluid, replaced air filters, replaced pollen filters, flushed coolant. Four new tires mounted and balanced, suspension aligned, all four new wheels torqued. Performed Campaign #148 connector update. Replaced flywheel including balancers (balancers were dried and cracked). Also detailed for delivery. 8,031 miles. Total invoice: $12,225.09.

2009, 30 Jan., serviced by Ferrari of Tampa Bay. Repaired fault in gear shift solenoid. Replaced passenger dome light bulb. Total invoice: $741.96.

2009, 11 May, serviced by Ferrari of Tampa Bay. Oil and filter changed. New battery. Microswitch in transmission selector indicator replaced. Alarm system brain replaced. Car detailed. 8,070 miles. Total invoice: $2,654.18.

2009, July, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s Ferraris-online.com.


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