We are pleased to offer two ASA Mille project cars. First introduced by Enzo Ferrari at a Press conference in December 1959 as a 850 cc four cylinder engine, The Ferrarina or “little Ferrari” engine was basically one third of a 250 GT engine, with a bore of 65 mm and stroke of 64, topped by a SOHC, rated at 75 hp at 6800 rpm. In 1961, a Bertone styled two–seat fastback coupe was unveiled at the Turin Motor Show, where it caused a sensation, and in 1962, Ferrari sold the manufacturing rights for the Mille to Autocostruzioni Societa per Azioni (ASA). The attractive Bertone body was mounted on a typical Ferrari tubular chassis, with a solid rear axle, independent front suspension with coil springs and a sway bar, four wheel disc brakes and a four speed with overdrive, all period Ferrari. The upgraded 1000cc engine now produced an impressive 97 bhp at 7000 rpm.

The press praised the ASA Mille, with Motor calling it an “excellent example of elegance combined with compactness.” Road & Track said, “The [show’s] only headliner was to be found on the Bertone stand. This was the baby Ferrari… its clean shape proclaiming it to be the newest style of businessman’s express.” Priced at $6,000 in 1962, the 1000 cc ASA Mille cost the same as a two–litre Porsche or $2,000 more than the 1600 cc Alfa Giulia. Production never exceeded one car a week, and in a last effort to boost sales ASA entered two 1300 versions at LeMans in 1966 as NART cars, but both retired. Estimated production was about 118 cars: 90 coupes, 17 Spiders, and 11 prototypes.

S/n 01024 is a 1962 blue with black coupe, and we believe it is complete but has not run in many years and needs a complete restoration. Priced at $29,500 or best offer in the next 30 days.

S/n 01258 is a 1963 red with black coupe with hanging pedals. The engine is out for a rebuild and comes with many spares, including a new Moldex crankshaft with new main and rod bearings. We believe s/n 01258 is complete but has not run in many years and needs a complete restoration.


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