• MakeFerrari
  • Model275/340 Barchetta
  • Year1950
  • Serial #0030 MT
  • Engine #340-F1
  • Engine Type340 A
  • Chassis Type340 A
  • Number Built1 Or 2 275/340s
  • Body TypeBarchetta
  • Body BuilderFontana
  • First OwnerMarzotto

Factory built for the 1950 Mille Miglia, this touring bodied Barchetta is the first Lampredi–powered sports GT Ferrari. The Marzotto brothers raced it in the 1951, 52, and 53 Mille Miglias. Extensive history includes many other races. Originally was a 275 S (3.3 liter) and later updated by the factory to 340 specs (4.1 liters). Rebodied by Fontana. A well known, well documented Ferrari featured in multiple magazine articles over the years. One owner for 37 years.

0030 MT. 275/340 Sport Touring Barchetta. Rebodied Marzotto Speciale. Lampredi 275/340 F1 evoluzione engine.

1950, 21 Apr., Ascari and Villoresi tested the new 275 S on the streets of Serramazzoni (about 12 Km south of Maranello).

1950, 23 Apr., the two 275S Touring Barchettas s/n 0030 MT and s/n 0032 MT, both with stark competition interiors, participated in the Mille Miglia. Neither one finished. Race # 728 was driven by Ascari and Nicolini. Race # 731 was driven by Villoresi andCassani.

As per Antoine Prunet, he thinks the Villoresi car was 0030 MT. If the dash and engine cover were not completely replaced, then photographs tend to support Antoine.

After the Mille Miglia, both 275 MMs disappear and are not raced for the rest of 1950. By July, the 275 engines were enlarged to 340 specification.

0030 MT next appears, refurbished, with a dark color lusso interior and 340 engine, painted a dark color in a series of photographs taken by Corrado Millanta, probably at the Modena Autodrome about August or September, 1950. These photographs appeared in Road & Track December 1950 issue and probably other contemporary publications. They appear frequently in many other publications over the years, often misidentified.

1950, 5 Oct. same car shown at the 1950 Paris Salon. Period reports state that the car was painted black with a green leather interior. This has led to its confusion with 0114A. S/n 0114A was probably built as early as October 1950, and period photos of the interiors of both 0030 MT and 0114A show a different dash layout, a different wind screen and grille. This grille in 0030 MT sets it apart from all the other 340 Americas. The horizontal bars are wide, whereas all the other 340 Barchettas have the standard egg crate grille with thin edge horizontal and vertical slats.

1951, 1 Mar., certificate of origin issued by the Italian Auto Club.

1951, 20 Mar., Giannino and Paolo Marzotto visited Modena and tested the “new” 340 America.

1951, 30 Mar., as per the Factory, 0030 MT was consigned to its new owner, Scuderia Marzotto, painted red. Massini has the date as 26 May 1951. There is an undated and misidentified photograph of 0030 MT in Tanner’s Ferrari Owner’s Handbook p.20. The car is on display indoors, but appears to be in a showroom, not a salon.

1951, 4 May, Autosport magazine tested 0030 MT at the Modena Autodrome prior to the Mille Miglia. Giannino Marzotto did the test driving although he was not identified as the owner.

1951, 28 Apr., Mille Miglia, 0030 MT was driven by V. Marzotto and Marchetto on race number 411. DNFed. Period black and white photographs show a dark color paint and dark lusso interior. Details of the wind screen, grille and Touring badges are identical to other appearances of 0030 MT. There is also a large spotlight on the passenger side.

1951, 3 June, Vittorio Marzotto/Zanuso were 2nd in 0030 in the Giro di Toscana. (His brother Giannino won in Uovo 0024MB).

1951, 17 June, Portuguese GP, driven by Vittorio Marzotto, 2nd OA.

1951, 22 July, Susa–Moncenisio HC#94. The driver and finish are not known, but it appears to be 0030.

1951, 12 Aug., Senigallia Iiiannio Marzotto DNFed because of an accident in 6th lap. Driver injured, car nearly destroyed.

1951, 16 Aug., Pescara 12 Hour race.

1952, 29 Feb., as per Italian Auto Club records, 0030 MT was registered on plate number Vl 22135 in the name of Scuderia Marzotto.

1952, 4 May, Mille Miglia, 0030 MT is entered by Scuderia Marzotto and driven by Comotti Lonchi on race number 605. DNFed. The car has what appears to be a new body by Fontana. Another Fontana bodied Marzotto Ferrari with license plate Vl 20371 on race number 628 is in this same race. Proof of the seperate bodies.

1952, Monaco GP, Vl 22135 appears in the Monaco GP with race number 96 driven by P. Carini.

1952, 1952, 0030 MT, Vl 22135, was run in the Giro di Sicilia driven by G. Marzotto on race number 445. By this time the front end had been modified, a new grille installed and cooling ducts opened in the top of the rear fenders. Looks a little tattier than when at the Mille Miglia.

1952, 05 June, according to the foglio, the engine was repaired at the factory and was tested on this date.

1952, 13 July, G. Marzotto M. Crosara raced 0030 MT in the Dolomite Gold Cup sport category on race number 106 and finished second overall.

1952, 3 Aug., German GP Sports Car Race P. Carini drove 0030 MT. Did not do well. See Road and Track, Dec., 1952 pg. 39.

1952, 28 Sept., Serena/Bracco Bari Sports GP, DNF, broken engine.

1953, 25 Apr., Mille Miglia, race number 628, Scuderia Marzotto entry driven by M. Orlandi/L Fontana and did not finish. No photos to date.

1953, 16 May, 0030 MT was transferred to Angelo Brecchini della Parme of Venice.

1953, 22 May, registered VE 24261.

1954, Mille Miglia, Brecchini entered a Ferrari and raced on number 603. He was DNF. This could well have been 0030 MT making its FIFTH Mille Miglia appearance!

1958, sold to Carroll Mills, Vermont, USA.

1961, sold to Peter Markowski, Vermont, USA. Former owner Peter Markowski has a note written on Sorrentio Automobili (office located in the Hotel Royal) letterhead dated at Naples 29 July, 1958 to Carroll E. Mills verifying that Ferrari Sport 4100 cc was constructed in 1950, and the engine was updated in 1958. Motor and chassis number 0030.

1991, 03 May, Ferrari Club of America Concours d’Elegance @ Washington D.C., Ferrari Legend Award, Peter Markowski.

1992, 05 June, National Ferrari Concours, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Peter Markowski, 3rd place.

1993, 11 June, FCA National Ferrari Concours, Florida, Markowski, 2nd, class 1.

1994, 15 May, Reading Ferrari Concours, Pennsylvania, Peter Markowski.

1994, 24 Aug., Ferrari Concours, Monterey, Peter Markowski.

1995, 07 May, Ferrari Concours D’Elegance, Reading, Pennsylvania, Peter Markowski, Giannino Marzotto Award.

1999, 17 Apr., for sale in FML, half page ad, by M. Sheehan.

Factory entry for the 1950 Mille Miglia. Then to the Marzotto Brothers who raced the car in three more Mille Miglias. Extensive race history. The first Lampredi–powered sports GT Ferrari built, initially as a 275 S (3.3 liter) and later updated by the factory to 340 specs (4.1 liters). A well known, well documented car featured in multiple magazine articles over the years. One owner for 37 years. Priced to sell in today’s market at $1,250,000. Interesting Ferrari or Alfa race cars considered in trade.

1999, 15 May, for sale in FML, same half page ad, by M. Sheehan.

1999, 29 May, for sale in FML, same half page ad, by M. Sheehan.

1999, 18 July, sold to new owner.

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