• Year1959
  • MakeFerrari
  • ModelTestarossa
  • Serial Number4761

We are pleased to offer 1959 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa replica s/n 4761, not your usual alloy 250 Testa rossa replica rebody on a cut 250 GTE chassis but instead a tool-room-copy of 1959 Testa Rossa s/n 0770 TR, one of only three (s/n 0766 TR, 0768 TR and 0770 TR) Fantuzzi-built, Pininfarina-styled Ferrari Factory Team cars built for the 1959 race season.

The car in the video above is not the car in this listing. it is however the twin to this car and one of the other three Allington Replicas built.

In total, thirty-two 250 Testarossas of all types were built between 1957 and 1962.  Included in this total are 19 “customer versions” of the 250 Testarossa sold to independent racing teams, all with  left hand drive, Scaglietti “pontoon fender” bodies, a wet sump engine, a 4-speed gearbox and live rear axles. The three 1959 Ferrari Factory team cars are unique and dry-sumped, fitted with a 5-speed transmission, a deDion rear suspension and Dunlop disc brakes. Like the three 1959 Factory team Testa Rossas’ it copies, s/n 4761 is RHD.

In the mid-1970s British motoring cutaway artist James A. Allington bought 250 Testarossa s/n 0770 TR. As s/n 0770 TR increased astronomically in value James Allington decided to have three very exact copies of 250 Testa rossa s/n 0770 TR built, with two for sale and the third car for his own use in vintage events. The three exact copies of 250 Testa rossa s/n 770 TR are s/n 4169 GT, 4761 GT and 4935 GT. In May we offered s/n 4935 GT and sold s/n 4935 GT for full price in 24 hours. Today we offer 250 Testa rossa replica s/n 4761 GT which was fully restored from the ground up by Eberlein Automobile GmbH, Kassel, the Ferrari Classiche center for Germany. We have extensive photos of the restoration on file.

In the 1980s James Allington gave s/n 0770 TR to John Robinson’s AEM Products Ltd to completely dismantle and make exact copies. Jigs were made, Kent Casting did all the foundry work, including casting exact copies of the unique-to-the-1959-TR alloy 5-speed gearbox, a correct alloy differential, again unique to the 1959 TR, plus machining the unique gear set and all suspension components. The lightweight chassis of s/n 4761 is an exact copy of the small diameter tubing used in 1959 Testa Rossa s/n 0770 TR, as is the de Dion rear suspension, the hand riveted alloy dry-sump oil tank and the hand riveted alloy fuel tank, all built by Terry Hoyle Engineering. The alloy body was built by Rod Jolley Coachbuilding. Original gauges, the rare and very desirable six double 38 DCN carbs and the period-correct Dunlop disc brakes were sourced through Eurospares. The three-car project was one of the most ambitious and expensive projects in the world of Ferrari replicas or tribute cars. In the end the project-costs got far out of hand and in 1993 s/n 4761 was sold to Terry Hoyle to be finished and sorted. S/n 4761 was then sold when finished to Germany in 1995.
Between 2003 and 2005 250 Testa Rossa replica s/n 4761 was restored by Eberlein Automobile to an extremely high standard and remains in excellent condition. The paintwork makes an exceptional presentation. The trim is very nice throughout, and the 16-inch Borrani wire wheels are in as-new condition with correct dimension 5.50 front and 6.00 x 16-inch rear period-type Dunlop Racing tires fitted. The headlamps are Cibié items in excellent condition, reflecting the attention to detail, as do a number of other small items such as the leather hood straps and unmistakable clear offset carburetor hood scoop. Like all serious race cars, the instrumentation and controls were completely focused around the driver. The interior is simple but efficient, with a grey painted alloy dash with ample instrumentation and blue cloth bucket seats, identical to the Factory team cars, which face the wood-rimmed steering wheel.

The engine compartment is very clean and detailed and the 6-carb setup is truly an impressive sight. The valve covers are painted red as is appropriate for the Testa Rossa model and name. The underside is similarly clean and detailed, showing correct finishes throughout. In keeping with that tradition, this car has been fitted with a tuned 250 engine fitted with a 6-carburetor setup just as an original 59 TR was equipped, making 250 Testa Rossa replica s/n 4761 extremely quick. In a nod to modern usage, s/n 4761 is fitted with a modern fire bottle system.

As an example of the attention to detail, the transmission mounting is specific to the 1959 and 60 TRs. Instead of being stacked vertically, the transmission input and output shafts are off-set, giving all indirect gears. And so the engine is offset 4” to the left to allow the transmission to line up in the car (the input lines up with the engine, the output lines up with the differential), all which  is a dead giveaway compared to any other lesser TR 59 replicas. The differential and de Dion rear suspension is also unique to the 59-61 TRs, all of which makes the Allington replicas so special; it is literally impossible to build a correct replica without those castings.

The 250 Testa Rossa was and is quite simply one of the most remarkable and important cars built by one of the most legendary marques. Thanks to their World Sports Car championship victories (including overall wins at Le Mans in 1958, 1960, and 1961) and historical significance, 250 Testa Rossas are now so valuable that they are rarely seen, depriving both the public and their owners of the joy of experiencing them. Consequently the three Allington replicas offer the die-hard Ferrari enthusiasts the experience of one of the most significant and valuable automobiles ever constructed without the fifty-million dollar plus price tag.

This is a very fast and enjoyable car to drive that will be a wonderful way for the new owner to enjoy the gorgeous body lines and  performance of one of the world’s most historically significant Italian competition built automobiles. Moreover, 250 Testa rossa replica s/n 4761 GT has EEC duty paid and has participated in the Scottish Historic Motor Sport Tour and at the “Storiche Biella-Modena” among others and it is eligible for many other European and intercontinental events which have recently accepted the participation of very accurate aluminum bodied reconfigurations built from actual Ferrari VIN´s. This car would also be a welcome entry to American vintage racing with HSR and SCCA Vintage, among others. We have hundreds of photos that document the restoration.


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