We are pleased to offer 1979 USA model 308 GTS s/n 27437, from new in Rosso Corsa with black leather. Introduced in 1977 at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the 308 GTS’s styling still draws compliments today. Its transverse mid-engine four-cam V8 offers more than adequate performance while the sleek Pininfarina designed and Scaglietti built 308 stands as one of the most beautiful and exotic street model Ferraris ever built, epitomizing the first of Ferrari’s now-long-line of best-selling 2-seater V-8 Ferraris. As such, the 308 GTS has always been and will always offer the incomparable topless “Magnum PI” carburated Ferrari experience. The 308 GTB and later GTS were the first of the 2-seater V-8 Ferraris — smaller, lighter and more nimble than the larger 12-cylinder street GTB Ferraris. Thanks to the 308’s low sweeping body lines and the sounds of the well-proven, high-revving V-8 right behind your seat, every trip to dinner, Sunday brunch or your local coffee shop is a user-friendly driving experience. 1979 USA model 308 GTS s/n 27437 has just gone through a detailed pre-sale inspection, PDF copy on file, call or e-mail for a copy!

The first ten years of ownership history of 308 GTS s/n 27437 are unknown, but by the 1990s s/n 27437 was owned by Gitano Gambrioli of Ramona in Southern California. In 2000 Gitano Gambrioli and his French wife moved back to France and so ownership went to Roger Gordon, a retired aviation mechanic who had worked on the Douglas DC3 and later Lockheed L 1011, before retiring to Ramona in southern California. When purchased s/n 27437 had roughly 30,000 miles and at 31,000 miles Roger did a valve job with eight new exhaust valves, all new valve seats, all new valve guides and new valve guide seals. Today 308 GTS s/n 27437 has 68,294 miles and has been well maintained throughout Roger Gordon’s twenty-two year ownership.

Today the paint on 308 GTS s/n 27437 is nice with no signs of spot repairs over the years, however it does have some small lower front panel rock ships that you would expect. All panels have excellent gaps and fit. There is no evidence of accident repairs to the body, underside or chassis. The trim, gaskets, window glass and lenses are also in good condition, as is the leather on the seats and door, especially considering that 308 GTS s/n 27437 is now 45 years old! The dash covering and headliner are also in very nice condition, again, especially considering that it is now 45 years old! The carpets have been protected by throw rugs and because of this are in good condition. The car had excellent drivability and shifts smooth through all gears. It goes straight, hands-off, with no shimmy and brakes in a straight line. The engine bay and the under panels, belly pan and suspension are in good condition. Unlike most early 308s, most of the original smog equipment is in place and working!

From new in red with black leather, a black dash and black carpets. 308 GTS s/n 27437 is mounted on an nice set of 14″ mags and fitted with an excellent 205/70VR 14 Michelin XWX tires. Later model mirrors and a rear engine lid airfoil have also been added. There are two small dents in the hood and there is a small chunk out of the rubber front bumper. To be on the safe-side 308 GTS s/n 27437 should be treated to a 30k mile cam-belt service which includes new cam belts and cam seals, new accessory belts and hoses, new tensioner bearings, plugs, fuel hoses, a new A/C receiver drier, fresh R134 Freon, a new water pump, engine and trans oil changed and the brake fluid and coolant flushed plus and a full set of tires, all of which can be done for $8-$10k or less. A great looking, great sounding, user-friendly 1979 USA model 308 GTS that will not disappoint. Even better, 1979 USA model 308 GTS s/n 27437 has just gone through an obsessive-compulsive pre-sale inspection, PDF copy on file, call or e-mail for a copy! Fly in for an impressive test drive. 68,294 miles.

S/n 27437. 308 GTS. 1979 USA model. from new in Rosso Corsa with black leather and black carpets.

1979, March, build date.
1990s, owned by Gitano Gambrioli of Ramona in Southern California.
2000, sold to Roger Gordon, an aviation mechanic who retired to Ramona, California.
2013, 24 Aug., updated title issued to Roger Gordon or Robert Gordon
2022, July, on consignment with Mike and Colleen Sheehan’s Ferraris Online LLC. Now with 68,294 miles.


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