• MakeGinetta
  • ModelG4
  • Year1963
  • Serial #G$-171
  • Engine TypeFord 116E
  • Chassis TypeTube
  • Body TypeSpyder
  • Current LocationUSA

We are pleased to offer 1963 Ginetta G4 Spyder s/n G4-171. Well documented ownership and racing history back to the 1960s. Fully race prepared and ready to go with substantial spares. Very light at 1100 lbs, powerful at 142 dyno tested hp and cheap and easy to maintain with a Ford 116E engine. A proven class winner at the Wine Country Classic, the Monterey Historics, the Coronado Speed Festival, this very nimble Ginetta will be a class winner in any event the new owner wishes to dominate! A complete race package with a spare 116E engine, eight Panasport wheels, too many other spares to list and a small trailer.

Current engine: Newly rebuilt 2003 711M tall block, 1690 cc all steel Cosworth steel billet crank, Farandon steel rods J.E forged pistons, Kent/Cosworth A–8+ Etc. give 142.5 HP/130 lbs. (Ivey dyno) Pre X flow head.

Current transmission: Newly rebuilt 2002, close ratio, straight cut gears with steel synchros.

Current rear end: Rebuilt reinforced housing, winner’s circle double bearing hubs, hardened R–42 axles. 2 LSDs 4.2 and 3.9.

Partial spare list: Complete engine – 116E block, 1550 cc with 109 head 13.5–1 compression dyno’ed at 48 HP/130 lbs (Not running). 8 wheels, 4 panasports 13″x6″ with Hoosier 205/60 – 13s, 4. Shelby Europas 13″x6″ with 5.00x 13 Goodyear Bluestreaks. Small 2 Wheel open trailer.

Typical times are +/- 1:56 at Infineon; +/- 1:46 at Laguna Seca and +/- 2:10 at Thunderhill.

S/n G4-171. Ginetta. 1963.

1960s, early, with Andy Suttclife, England.

1960s, later owned by Steve Wyatt, England. Raced by Steve Wyatt.

1971, June, Steve Wyatt sold the car to Alan Minshaw, the owner of Demon–Tweaks.

Alan Minshaw put in a 1 liter motor and won the one liter GT championship 2 years running.

Ginetta G4 was then sold to someone who did not race it.

Then sold to Mike Rigby of Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Raced at Westwood raceway.

1987, Mike Rigby sold the car to Rob Forbes of Redwood City, California. Rob Forbes replaced the 1 liter motor with a 1.5 liter Ford 116 E engine.

1987–1998, Rob Forbes raced the car.

1998, sold to John Shirley, a San Francisco based lawyer.

2000, new fire system, spax shocks, and rear springs.

2001, new radiator.

2002, rebuilt close ratio, straight–cut gears with steel synchros; front suspension redone; rack and pinion redone; Tilton starter and clutch.

2003, new oil cooler, Bean oil pump, Koni front adjustable shocks, body repainted in 1985 Audi Toronado Red.

2004, new dry sump tank, front clip repainted.

Some of the most recent race results (this Ginetta has raced over 66 times on the west coast since 1987) are as follows:

2001, first in class at Monterey Historics.

2003, Monterey Historics, 1st in class and 2nd O.A. also Rolex award best presentation and performance.

2004, 1st under 2 liter 2004 Coronado Speed Festival ahead of Tom Claridge’s G–4R (works car of Chris Meeks) and Don Burrows G–4R. 4th O.A.

2004, 1st under 2 Liter 2004 Wine Country Classic (Infinion Raceway) 2nd O.A.

2005, June, offered for sale by Michael Sheehan’s Ferraris-online.com.


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