We are please to offer 1967 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 s/n 10043, an ultra-late production Series II 330 GT 2+2 and the 1,061th of 1,080 total 330 GT 2+2 built from 1963 to 1967. As one of the very last 330 GT 2+2s built, s/n 10043 features the elegant Pininfarina dual headlight bodywork; a smooth shifting, front mounted, five-speed tipo 571/66 gearbox; the later two-mount 300 hp V12 engine as used in the 330 GTC; power windows; power steering; Girling ventilated disc brakes on all four corners and the late model hanging brake pedals with the much improved Dunlop brake booster. The Columbo 4.0 liter V12 powered 330 GT 2+2 offered an impressive 300-horsepower at 6,600 rpm thanks to triple 40DCZ/6 Weber carbs. This balance of power and performance was further coupled with elegant leather seating, a comfortable driving position, token rear seats for the kids, plenty of trunk space, the glorious sound of a V12 engine and effortless performance to just over 150 mph.

330 GT 2+ 2 s/n 10043 was completed in June of 1967, the 19th from the last and 1,061th of 1,080 330 GT 2+2 built. From new in Light Green Metallic with black leather and was delivered to S.A.V.A.F., located at 3 Rue Barton in Geneva, the Ferrari importer for Switzerland. The Swiss first owner kept s/n 10043 until 1972 when she was sold in August, 1972 to John W. Doonan in Rockville, Maryland, still in it’s original Light Green Metallic with black leather. In March of 1973 s/n 10043 was offered for sale by John W. Doonan, Rockville, Maryland, and was sold in Sept., 1973 to Peter Berlin, Pennsylvania, still in Light Green Metallic with black leather and with 62,000 kms (38,525 miles). In 1975, while owned by Peter Berlin, s/n 10043 was painted from Light Green Metallic to Rosso Nearco (dark red).

330 GT 2+ 2 s/n 10043 stayed with Peter Berlin from Sept., 1973 until August 2016, so single ownership for forty-nine years before being to it’s third American owner who literally never used or drove s/n 10043. Today 330 GT 2+2 is numbers-matching and an excellent survivor with a straight and original body, excellent panel fit and tight closures from the doors, hood and trunk. The forty-seven year old Rosso Nearco (dark red) paint is in good original condition with two minor paints chips around the left front fender wheel arch and cracked paint at the bottom of both doors and around the side louvers. There are also some small rust spots in the rear of both rocker panels and behind the rear wheels where road dirt gets lodge and is kept moist from running over the occasional puddle. The original chrome bumpers, headlight trim, various garnish molding, side mirror, and door handles are all in very good condition, a are the nicely finished aluminum grille, chrome grille surround, and prancing horse emblem. The glass and lighting display no evidence of delamination, crazing, or distracting marks. All four Campagnolo wheels are fitted with Pirelli P400 215/75 R 15 tires which gives a factory-correct stance to this beautiful 330 GT 2+2. The trunk houses a correct Campagnolo aluminum spare wheel and matching Pirelli spare tire. Tucked under the rear bumper, a pair of correctly angled quad tip ANSA exhaust are in excellent condition to factory specifications while delightfully echoing the glorious V12 sound and giving the distinctively tailored rear profile unique to the 330 GT 2+2.

The interior offers the perfect blend of elegance and sporting excellence enhanced by the added rear seating. The finishes and materials exhibit superb original quality confirming the documented original 98,359 kms ( 61,117 miles) indicated today. The original black leather seating surfaces have gently relaxed over time, as one would expect at fifty-five years, showing just the right amount of sheen to the leather, softened from years of careful use. The fit and finish on the inner door panels, center console, and top of the dashboard are very nicely preserved, contributing to a very cohesive interior, accented by warm wood tones on the dashboard and very light tan carpets which adds a nice spark of lightness to the black interior. The original steering wheel features the iconic yellow Ferrari emblem flanked by the spoked aluminum and wood rim steering wheel which has been warmed and hued by years of enjoyable driving. The gorgeous high contrast instruments are beautifully finished with excellent color and luster, completing the ideal and iconic picture of Italian Sportscar motoring. S/n 10043 is fitted with what we believe is the original Blaupunkt AM/Shortwave radio and, as a very late example is fitted with an electric defroster built into the rear window. Throughout the interior, delightful emblems, trim, and detailing exemplify the excellence of this original example.

Under the hood, the original numbers-matching engine features correctly finished components and hardware unique to V12 front-engine Ferraris of the 1960s. The triple Weber carbureted engine is capped with the correct air cleaner and air intake, factory correct spin-nuts, correctly contoured hoses, proper fasteners, and correctly applied hardware. The engine compartment is in excellent condition considering its age with the tufted diamond silver hood insulation pad, wire wound yellow hoses, correctly plumbed lines, and original manufacturers plates and labels. The factory stamped engine is correctly stamped with the original single strike numbers which match the original chassis plate on the car. The underside of the car features its correct belly pan in good original condition. Although not detailed for show, the underside is clean, dry and rust free underneath with finishes consistent with original cars of this era, correct components, factory ANSA exhaust and correct mufflers, correct suspension, and correct Girling disc brakes fitted with updated stainless steel brake lines

330 GT 2+2 s/n 10043 comes with the single-bag tool roll with a near-complete set of tools with the correct blue tire jack; lead hammer; hub puller; grease gun; spark plug wrench; hand wrenches; spare fan belts; a later edition owner’s manual, an original parts book and a period FaF catalogue listing parts at low prices that would be impossible today.

The Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 has always offered a unique balance of GT elegance, spacious interior, and V12 performance. These combined traits continue to engage collectors all over the world seeking the very best and most original, numbers matching examples remaining. The fantastic 5-speed manual gearbox and nimble power steering, coupled with the wide V-12 torque band, pulls like a freight train and idles like a forty pound tomcat delivering the ultimate driving experience for enthusiasts who wish to not only show their rare and important cars, but also drive them just as the very few and dedicated documented owners of this car have. Priced to sell at $279,950 or best offer.

S/n 10043. 330 GT 2+2. Two headlight. Five speed. 1967 production. LHD. Power windows. Power steering. Hanging pedals with a Dunlop booster and improved braking.
Euro model. From new in Light Green Metallic with black leather. Pininfarina body # 765.

1967, June production. The 19th from the last and 1,061th of 1,080 330 GT 2+2 built. New in Light Green Metallic with black leather.

1967, new to S.A.V.A.F.  the Ferrari importer for Switzerland.

1972, imported into the US.

1972, Aug., owned by John W. Doonan, Maryland. Light Green Metallic with black leather.
1973, March, offered for sale by John W. Doonan, Maryland. Light Green Metallic with black leather.
1973, Sept., confirmed owned by Peter Berlin, Pennsylvania. Light Green Metallic with black leather. 62,000 kms.

1975, painted from Light Green Metallic to Rosso Nearco while owned by Peter Berlin, Pennsylvania.

1981, still owned by Peter Berlin, Pennsylvania, still painted Rosso Nearc.

2016, 06 May, still owned by Peter Berlin, Alloy wheels. Still Rosso Nearco

2016, 17 May, offered for sale by Peter Berlin, Alloy wheels. Still Rosso Nearco.

2016, 21 May, offered for sale by Peter Berlin, Alloy wheels. Still Rosso Nearco. 

2022, Aug., on consignment with Mike and Colleen Sheehan’s Ferraris-Online LLC.