We are pleased to offer 2007 USA model Ferrari 599 GTB 6-speed conversion s/n 151605. From new in a very elegant Grigio Silverstone FER. 740 (a dark gray metallic) with Daytona seats in Cuoio with paint-matching charcoal piping and inserts, finished with black carpets and still showing”as-new”. Fitted with a long list of options including a leather rear shelf and an upholstered roof, Rosso Corsa calipers, Scuderia Shields, Giallo dials, Challenge rims, a Bose Hi Fi System and a Factory red car cover. Comes with the original Factory Tool kit in its case and its full set of eight owner’s handbooks with the original warranty card listing the first owner and selling dealer, all in their correct leather pouch. 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB s/n 151605 features a conversion to a 6-speed manual trans done by European Auto Group, San Antonio, Texas using a Factory 599 GTB transaxle with OEM brackets and clutch assembly with a Factory duplicated shift gate. The total invoice was $84,990.00. The electronics were updated and made compatible with the 6 speed gearbox by Rod Drew’s Francorchamps of America, 935 Sunset Drive, Costa Mesa. The total invoice was $19,551.33 at 1,180 miles. 599 GTB 6-speed s/n 151605 is mounted on 20-inch modular Challenge rims with excellent Pirelli P ZERO 245/35 ZR 20 front and 305/35 ZR 20 rear tires. Today 599 GTB s/n 151605 has only 1,272 well documented miles.

For a little mechanical background history, every 599 GTB gearbox was cast and machined by Ferrari. The empty case was sublet to Graziano Trasmissioni in Turino, one of the worlds major suppliers of precision gears, shafts and complete gearbox internals. Graziano was Ferrari’s supplier of gearboxes for the 360, 575M, 612, F430, Enzo and of course the 599 GTB. Graziano was also the gearbox supplier for various Alfas, Audis, Astons, Lamborghinis, McLarens and more. Both the 599 6-speed and the 599 F1 use the same casings, the same gear sets and the same clutch assembly, the difference is that the F1 gearbox shifts by paddles with electronically controlled servo selectors and a hydraulic clutch servo. The driver of a 6-speed manual depresses the clutch with a traditional third pedal while the gear changes up or down are mechanical through the shifter/driver. The conversion to mechanical shift components, clutch pedal and more was done by European Auto Group in Texas. The main problem in the conversion is that most of the electronic functions such as suspension setting, positraction control, brakes, the LED shift lights in the colored steering wheel and much more all “talk” with each other and so must be re- programmed and co-ordinate with the manual shifter. 599 GTB 6-speed conversion s/n 151605 had this work done by Rod Drew at Francorchamps of America in Costa Mesa, the recognized source for reverse-engineering and repairing Ferrari’s electronic dashboards and other components for both the Ferrari dealer network and independent shops. Rod was also able to get the original factory shift rod, with correct dampers, brackets etc thru a Ferrari “back door” in Italy to finish the project correctly. Since Ferrari only made about 30 599 6-speeds, parts are extremely hard to get and would require the VIN from a factory original 599 GTB 6-speed to order parts, making 599 GTB s/n 151605 almost impossible to duplicate.

599 GTB s/n 151650 was updated for the true driving enthusiasts and is fully sorted, offering the sensory and tactile three-pedal experience for drivers who enjoy the sound and feel of a traditional gearbox and the “click – click” of shifting through the gears. Thanks to Ferrari’s glorious V12 with 612hp and effortless torque, 599 GTB s/n 151605 is a pleasure to drive in traffic using only two or three of their six gears to motor down the road and is utterly relaxed in 6th gear at America’s highway speeds. Thanks to speed-sensitive power steering s/n 151605 is surprisingly light and easy to drive in traffic at low speeds or on the highway at high speeds. The seats, developed by Recaro, are multi-functional and have adjustable pneumatic support for the passenger’s hips and ribs to provide a tight grip during high-speed road or circuit driving, adding to the driving experience.
Named in honor of Ferraris famous private test track, the 599 GTB Fiorano was Ferrari’s front-engined V12 flagship from 2007 to 2012. Thanks to its 5,999 cc V-12 engine derived from the Enzo supercar, the 599 GTB Fiorano offered staggering performance that continued Ferrari’s tradition of front-engined grand touring cars that evolved from the 275GTB to the 365GTB/4 Daytona, to the 550 and to the 575 Maranello. Replacing the 575 Maranello, the 599 incorporated the latest in exotic automotive technology including an extruded aluminum chassis (making it 100kg lighter than the Maranello), active aerodynamics (giving 160kg of downforce at 300kph) for state-of-the-art road holding. With an output of 612hp, the 599 GTB Fiorano is capable of 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds and a you-will-never-go-this-fast top speed of 206mph!

As a 1,272 miles 599 GTB s/n 151650 is essentially a new car. The paintwork is as-new throughout. The lower rockers, door edges, fuel filler, side mirrors, front lights, and the entire front end are as-new and chip and dent free and have not been 3M clear-coated. The lights and glass are excellent and the wheels are free of curbing. The interior is also excellent, with no signs of wear. The carpets, leather, and dashboard are excellent, with no wear on the driver’s seat bolster. There is no lack of carbon fiber, which is very striking, and covers the dashboard, instrument cluster, center console, door panels, door sills and the seat backs and sides. The switches and controls are as-new. The engine compartment and the trunk are also very clean and, as one would expect, show no wear. The trunk contains the manuals in their carrying case and the tools in their carrying case. The underside is spotless and features a front and rear belly pan, in the interest of the 599’s state-of-the-art aerodynamics.

599 GTB s/n 151650 is a well-optioned and near-new example of the 599 GTB in a rich and elegant color combination with a mere 1,272 miles. The 6-speed conversion, using Factory parts, only enhances the driving and ownership experience. 599 GTB s/n 151605 comes with the original Factory Tool kit in its case and its full set of eight owner’s handbooks with the original warranty card listing the first owner and selling dealer, all in their correct leather pouch. A gorgeous car that will not disappoint. Clean Carfax, of course.

S/n 151605. GTB Fiorano F1. Grigio Silverstone/Cuoio. Daytona Seats. Charcoal inserts. Charcoal Piping and inserts. Leather rear shelf, upholstered roof. LHD. US model. Full VIN ZFFFC60A770151605. Rosso Corsa calipers. Scuderia Shields. Giallo dials. Challenge rims. Engine # 113078. Modified to 6-speed manual trans. using a Factory  shift rod, brackets, clutch assembly with Factory gate

2006, Nov., build date. From new with F1-trans by the Factory

2006, 27 Dec., delivered new to Lake Forest Sportscars, authorized Ferrari dealer for Lake Bluff, IL.

2007, 05 Jan., sold by Lake Forest Sportscars, Lake Bluff, IL to Russell Cole, Deerfield, IL.

2007, 09 Jan.,  pre-delivery inspection completed & delivered by Lake Forest Sportscars, Lake Bluff, IL to Russell Cole, Deerfield, IL.

2007, 06 March, Illinois title # X7065188033 issued, to Russell Cole, Chicago, first owner.

2007, 12 Oct., offered in the Ferrari  Market Letter, issue # 3301 by Silicon Valley Auto Group, Los Gatos, CA,  Silverstone with natural tan leather and gray piping.  100 miles.  

2008, 03 March, still with Silicon Valley Auto Group, Los Gatos, CA. 402 miles.       

2008, July, still with Silicon Valley Auto Group, Los Gatos  CA.

2008, 16 July, sold by Silicon Valley Auto Group to the second owner, Nebraska, 406 miles.

2017, 06 March, with the second owner, Nebraska, registration renewed.

2019, 25 Jan., offered for sale by Wichita Falls Ford Lincoln Mercury Inc, Wichita Falls, TX.

2019, 11 Feb., sold by  Wichita Falls Ford Lincoln Inc to an unknown third owner, TX. Passed Texas safety inspection

2019, 28 Sept., offered by Ferrari of San Antonio, 15423 West Interstate 10, San Antonio, TX, 78249 with 903 miles. Offered for sale, already in the process of being modified to manual trans. using a Factory  shift rod, brackets, clutch assembly with Factory gate.

2020, Jan., sold to current owner, Palm Desert, CA. Registered on  Montana plates 5 53094B.

2020, 20 Jan, conversion from an F1 trans to a 6-speed manual done by European Auto Group, 540 Sandau Road # 102, San Antonio, Texas using a Factory 599 GTB OEM clutch assembly with Factory gate. Total invoice $84,990.00 .

2022, 17 March, serviced by Francorchamps of America, 935 Sunset Drive, Costa Mesa. re-program electronics, setup with Factory OEM shift rods. Total invoice $19,551.33. 1,180 miles. 

2022, Aug., on consignment with Mike and Colleen Sheehan’s Ferraris-Online.LLC. 1,272 miles.


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