• MakeFerrari
  • Model512 M Replica
  • Year1971
  • Serial #JDR #01
  • Engine TypeTipo 251
  • Chassis TypeTube
  • Build Sequence #1
  • Number Built1
  • Body TypeBerlinetta
  • Body BuilderHajduk
  • First OwnerBryan
  • Current LocationCalifornia

We are pleased to offer 1971 Ferrari 512 M replica s/n JDR #01. This car is a virtual duplicate of the Factory 512 M racers. The body, frame and suspension were duplicated by John Hajduk when he rebuilt 512 Ms s/n 1008 and 1034 in 1994/95.

While rebuilding 512 Ms s/n 1008 and 1046, John Hajduk was contracted by Richard and Benton Bryan to build a 512 M replicar. Hajduk built a complete third car, minus the engine and transmission, so… chassis, body, uprights, etc. were all built identical to a Factory 512 M. The steering rack and brake calipers were updated and are from an Indy car. Virtually every part is faithful to the original, right down to duplicates of the original gauges, so it looks and drives like the Factory cars.

The engine is a Daytona engine fitted with a modern dry sump system and converted to slide–valve fuel injection, built by Bob Wallace. John fitted the Lucas metering unit to the back of the left cam, and the distributor to the right cam bank, so the engine looks like a correct 512 S/M engine and produces almost 500 hp. With a weight well under 2,000 lbs and almost 500 hp, the power to weight ratio is truly staggering and all of this performance is put to the ground through a bullet–proof Hewland gearbox. Eligible for HSR, SVRA, SCCA vintage and multiple other events, JDR #01 is the lowest priced Ferrari Sports–Prototype on the planet.

A comprehensive spares package including a painted nose, a primed nose, the nose mould, the tail mould, the air box mould, four new BBS wheels and a new oil tank are available at a modest extra cost.

1971 Ferrari 512 M replica built in 1994–95 by John Hajduk for Richard and Benton Bryan. The engine is a Daytona engine fitted with a modern dry sump system and converted to slide–valve fuel injection, built by Bob Wallace and backed by a Hewland gearbox. The Lucas metering unit is fitted to the back of the left cam and the distributor to the right cam bank, like the original 512 S/M engine.

1970s, Herbert Müller (Switzerland) purchased several 512s from GES (Ferrari Gestione Sportivo), Ecurie Francorchamps (J Swaters), Scuderia Filipinetti and Solar Productions (Steve McQueen).

1994, the spares from the Müller race team were sold and shipped to John Hajduk, to be built up for an American collector. Included were two original engines, two original gearboxes, original body shells, noses, tails, uprights and literally a container load of other parts. Because of age, new suspension arms and uprights were built. All tubs and body parts, were re–made.

1992–1995, 512 M s/n 1008 and 1034 built with original 512 S / 512 M engines, gearboxes, new frames, tubs, bodies.

1994–1995, JDR #01 built by John Hajduk. Built to fit a very tall (6′ 2″) and large (250 lbs plus) driver. Extra large drivers seat fitted, center tub rails offset for large seat.

1996, 02–03 Mar., Sebring HSR Event.

1997, 25–27 Apr., Road Atlanta, Walter Mitty Challenge.

2003, 08 Mar., RM Auctions’ Vintage Motor Cars at Amelia Island:

RM Auctions, Amelia Island, 3/8/2003 . Lot # 100 — 1971 Ferrari 512M Replica; S/N 512MJDR01; Red, Yellow/Black; Estimate $200,000 – $300,000; 2- condition — RHD. Elaborate replica based upon a factory spare tub, various spares from 512s and a Daytona V12 with slide throttle injection. Hewland 5-speed transaxle. Completed in 1994 and raced in HSR and SVRA since. Decent appearance and appears to be stoutly constructed and RTR. With real ones almost too valuable to vintage race, a replica like this based upon original Ferrari (and even some 512) parts makes sense if only to gratify paying spectators yearning for the sound of a Ferrari racing V12. Even at RM’s low estimate of $200K, this is a cost-effective way to access some rewarding weekends’ activities.

2006, August, on consignment with Michael Sheehan’s Ferraris-online.com.


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