• MakeFerrari
  • Model512 BB/LM "Silhouette"
  • Year1981
  • Serial #38181
  • Engine #F102B000 031
  • Engine TypeF 102 BB LM
  • Chassis TypeF 102 BB LM
  • Build Sequence #22
  • Number Built25
  • Body TypeBerlinetta
  • First OwnerWide World Of Cars
  • Current LocationCalifornia

1981 512 BB/LM Factory built silhouette racer. A lighter (and faster) second series 512 BB/LM. Multiple Ferrari Club of America concourse winner, with 1st in Class awards in 1986, 1987, 1993, 1994 and 1999. Race prepared and sorted to the highest standards without regards to expense.

This car won the 2002 US Historic Ferrari Challenge in the Disc Brake class and should do the same in the 2003 European Ferrari Historic Challenge. It is simply the finest 512 BB/LM in North America.

512 BB/LM s/n 38181 was race prepared and safety upgrades were done by Symbolic Motorcars. Side protection bars were added to the roll cage and a stronger and safer front firewall, rear bulkhead and floor pan were installed. The rear chassis area was reinforced, improved brakes are fitted and improved sway bars, shocks and springs were fitted. The oiling and radiator system were updated. One complete set of spare bodywork was painted and fitted with night lights. Total cost for the work at Symbolic Motorcars was $153,534.65 USD.

512 BB/LM engine # F102B000 031 was rebuilt by Carobu Engineering and was designed to rev to 8,500+ rpm. It features titanium rods; aluminum flywheel; forged 11.5–1 racing pistons; racing grade piston rings; ported cylinder heads with 7mm stainless steel valves; shim under bucket conversion; IRL valve springs; titanium retainers and special hard welded high lift camshafts with journals. The Lucas fuel injection system and fuel distributor were rebuilt and tested by Kinsler. A custom fuel cam was used and the actuating mechanism fabricated. The engine was dyno tested and tuned for best power and torque. The Lucas fuel injection required special “tuning” for best drivability and power. Maximum HP was 519 at 7,800 rpm with the maximum torque of 390 lb/ft at 6,100 rpm.

The transmission was totally rebuilt using special parts from Bob Wallace. The input shaft, side covers and 5th gear were changed. All bearings and synchros were replaced and the transmission was modified to take the power increase by upgrading to heavy duty side plates, a close ratio 5th gear, hi–strength input shaft and an improved oil system modification.

Total cost for the engine and transmission upgrades was $112,587.36 USD.

A set of drop gears in 200 RPM increments is also with the car. The cost was $10,000.

Special care was used in designing a new exhaust header system using modern calculation methods to match the design to the improved engine output. The exhaust system was an additional $13,441.06 USD.

After a season of racing the engine was rebuilt at a cost of $21,383.02 USD. A detailed letter from Rob Shanahan, service manager of Symbolic Motorcars, and a detailed letter from Tate Casey of Carobu Engineering explain the extensive work done. Photos of the engine work and copies of the Dyno sheets are attached for your review.

512 BB/LM s/n 38181 is priced correctly (and far below replacement) in today’s market at $495,000 obo.

We also are offering two spares packages:

At Carobu Engineering:

Spares1 image
Spares package 1
With Carobu Engineering is 512 BB/LM engine numero interno F102B000 024. It was rebuilt by Carobu in 2002, and kept as a ready–to–go spare engine with no fuel injection or metering unit. This engine was raced in 2000/2001 and then rebuilt in the Fall of 2002 as a long block and hasn’t been run since the rebuild so… it is a “fresh” engine that will produce about 460 hp, standard for a factory 512 BB/LM. The rebuild cost was about $17,000.

Additional spares with Carobu include a new (unpainted) lower front nose panel, all inner framework, brake and air ducting, both body side panels, two door frames and skins, all new NACA ducts, steering rack, oil hoses and coolers, etc..

512 BB/LM engine # 024 and all spares in this package are available for $45,000.

At Motion Products:

Spares1 image
Spares package 2
With Motion Products is a third (street) 512 BB engine, numero interno F110A000 574, rebuilt to BB/LM specifications by Motion products and fitted with Lucas fuel injection and a modified oiling system. The engine core cost and rebuilt was $70,000. The metering unit, fuel injection, dyno testing and transmission costs were another $40,000. Attached are examples of a dyno sheet from an identical 512 BB/LM engine rebuilt and dyno tested by Motion products at 523 hp at 7,500 rpm and 396 ft lbs of torque at 5,800 rpm.

In addition to the engine a massive amount of spares are included in the package with Motion Products including a complete full painted spare body, racing wheels, roll around wheels, spring sets, racing shocks, pit radios, new brake and cooling system parts, fueling equipment, etc.

All original brakes, oil coolers, air jacks, seats, shocks, springs, sway bars, etc, are also with the car.

512 BB/LM engine # 574, all spares and all original parts removed from the car are available in this package for $85,000.

We are prepared to sell the entire package or the car and spares packages as separate items.

S/n 38181. 512 BB/LM “Silhouette”.

New to Wide World of Cars.

1981, to Pappalardo.

1986,to Ed Wettach.

1986, at FCA National Concours, Palm Beach, Ed Wettach. 1st in class.

1987, FCA National Concours, Washington D.C., Ed Wettach. 1st in class.

1993, 11 June, FCA National Ferrari Concours, Florida, Ed Wettach, 1st in class.

1994, 24 Aug., International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, Ed Wettach, 1st in class.

1994, 24 Aug., shown at Pebble Beach Concours, Monterey, Ed Wettach, display only.

1999, 27–29 May,FCA North American Field and Driving concours, Forte Award, platinum, class 14. Ed Wettach, Jackson, MS.

2000, 18 Oct., as per long conversations with the buyer and Ed Wettach, we agreed to buy the car and work with Ed on his tax trade on an F50.

2000, 3 Nov., M. Sheehan sold the new owner Ed Wettach’s spares package for this BB/LM including lower noses, an upper nose, and engine and gearbox, a complete tail, spare doors, etcetera…

See Prancing Horse # 91, 2nd quarter, 1989, pages 8 to 11, for article by Jerry McDermott regarding these cars.

See The Ferrari Market Letter, Vol. 21 #21, 12 Oct. 1996 front page to page 3 for article by Michael Sheehan regarding these cars.


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