246 GT s/n 1882 GT was part of a collection of eleven Ferraris and other exotics
owned by a well financed and very patient owner. 246 GT s/n 1882 GT was built to create a one-off,
no expenses spared race car conversion of a standard 246 GT into a user friendly 246 GT track and event car.
This very pretty Dino features a molded front lower spoiler, a large NACA type-duct in the front hood
to allow radiator heat to escape, 250 GTO type rear fender scoops and the engine and trunk lid were reshaped
into a one piece assembly in the style of the Factory built 206 SP race cars. The rear body tail light panel
is also fitted with cooling vents, also in the style of the 206 SP. The engine and gearbox were rebuilt to
very high standards with higher compression pistons. The cockpit features a full roll cage. The frame was
stripped, painted and nicely detailed, and the suspension was rebuilt. All new bellypans and all new aluminum
inner structure were also built to very high standards and fitted into place. This 246 GT racer is priced far
below the cost of the work at $32,500 or the best offer in the next 30 days.

246 GT s/n 1882. Euro model.
1971, 27 Apr., build date.
New to Ciocca, (1st owner) Basiano, Milano, Italy.
Titled in California. Title # 727503-11-CA.
1981, 02 Dec., titled in Nevada to John M. Waizinger, Las Vegas, Nevada.
1981 “ish”, sold to Gerry Marolda.
1999, 27 Sept., as per conversation with Gerry, the cars were gifted to his children.
  The family has owned almost all of his cars since about 1980. None are really for sale but he will listen to offers.
  Most of the cars are “ground-up” restoration. The 246 GT s/n 1882 GT is not finished.
2002, 27 Aug., Gerry died of a heart attack in his sleep. He was 20 days short of his 54th
2002, 14 Nov., inspected by M. Sheehan at Gerry Marolda’s shop at 3615 India Street,
  San Diego. All of the cars are to be sold to settle the estate. The Rolls and Dino are apart so they are the last to
2003, 29 Mar., as per conversation with Rick Cusimano, Gerry Sr’s. personal 
mechanic for 28 years, the engine and trans were indeed done on the Dino. The Dino and the Rolls were 
the last two cars to befinished and time ran out.

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