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  • Milage24.05

We are pleased to offer 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 s/n 07064, the winner of the 2009 Macau GT Cup. Designed, built and developed by Lamborghini’s German motorsport specialists Reiter Engineering, the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 cars were race winners right out of the box. Since their introduction in 2008, they have been successfully campaigned in the European, Asian, British, Italian, Australian and numerous other National and International FIA GT3 Championships, plus the Blancpain Endurance Series. A Gallardo GT3 won the 2008 Australian GT Championship, another Gallardo GT3 won the 2010 Asian GT Championship. Indeed, during the Gallardo’s 2007 to 2013 championship race seasons Gallardo GT3s won 199 races and had 350 podium finishes! Thanks to their all-alloy space frame and alloy body with carbon fiber front fenders, front and rear lids and a carbon front bumper and extractors, weight is a mere 1238 kg or 2,724 lbs. Power comes from a dry-sump quad-cam 5.2 liter V-10 putting out 520 Bhp at 7800 rpm, and that power is put to the ground through a Holinger six-speed sequential paddle-shifter. Lightweight 18 x 11-inch front and 18 x 12.5-inch OZ rear wheels put the rubber to the road while Brembo supplied calipers haul it down from racing speeds. Like all GT3 cars, the Gallardo GT3 was converted to rear wheel drive only rather than the four wheel drive used in the Gallardo street cars. A massive front splitter and front fender air extractors combined with an equally massive and fully adjustable Carbon rear wing provide the aerodynamic downforce, while side skirts keep air out from underneath the car, helping the downforce.

Gallardo GT3 s/n 07064 was sold new to SPS Automotive in Hong Kong in mid-2008 for Y.L. Siu’s LKM Steel race team. With Japanese driver Keita Sawa at the wheel and carrying race #62, GT3 s/n 07064 finished 3rd in the 2008 Macau GT Cup and then came back with race #6 to win the 2009 Macau GT Cup, beating a horde of thirty Porsche 997 GT3s, Ferrari 430 GT3s, Audi R8 LMS GT3s, Ford GT based GT3s, Corvete ZO6 GT3s and Aston Martin Vantage GT3s. In 2010, Gallardo GT3 s/n 07064 was entered in the Macau GT Cup and several Asian GT Series races and was driven by team owner Y.L. Siu at a far more leisure pace. In late 2011 Gallardo GT3 s/n 07064 was fitted with a new motor and the spares package was updated before being put on display in the LKM Steel team’s warehouse showroom before coming to our warehouse in California. The FIA GT3 series was developed to provide a level playing field for amateur “Gentlemen” drivers in multiple National GT3 Championships while creating an opportunity to expand manufacturer involvement in motorsports. The GT3 Series regulations demand that race-ready cars closely resemble their road-going counterpart. Unlike the FIA GT1 Series, the GT3 class cars are not allowed to be developed by their manufacturers over the course of a racing season. Manufacturers simply provide a very cost-effective, ready-to-race car to a customer. Teams are limited to springs, shocks, ride heights and wing adjustments that they can alter from production specs. All cars are equalized by weight, horsepower and restrictor allowances to remain competition by the FIA.

Gallardo GT3 s/n 07064 has just been test run, serviced, safety inspected and put through a detailed pre-purchase inspection by Dugan Enterprises in Oceanside, CA. The compression and leak down are perfect, report on file! Like all GT3 race cars, services are reasonable with the full inspection, engine oil and filter change, coolant flush, expansion tank cleaning, sealing washers, brake inspection, installation of new fuel cell foam, pressure test the fuel system, nut and bolt inspection. The total service invoice was $7,480.94 and the compression and leak down test was $625.00. Today Gallardo GT3 s/n 07064 is eligible for a multitude of track events for retired GT3 cars such as the SCCA U.S. Majors Tour, billed by the SCCA as the pinnacle of championship road racing in North America, the SCCA’s just introduced GT-X car, specifically for older GT3 cars or the SCCA’s ITX (Improved Touring unlimited) as well as any HSR or NASA weekend, the Daytona Classic of four one-hour races, the Sebring classic with three one-hour races, the Spring Classic at Laguna Seca and a multitude of other track events.

Gallardo GT3 s/n 07064 is currently in the same livery it carried when it won the 2009 Macau GT Cup. Thanks to its striking color combination and stunning styling, the Gallardo GT3 is easily the most exotic car on the grid, yet it shares many of the same mechanicals as the Audi LMS GT3, so both parts and service are readily available and Reiter Engineering carries any parts that might be needed. The “Halo” driver’s seat, the center console and door inner panels are all lightweight Carbon fiber in as-new condition. The Carbon fiber digital dash gives the driver instant information on all mechanical systems and the paddle shift responds instantly. The GT3 cars offer an incredibly low cost state-of-the-art car that needs only gas and tires for most track events,and can easily be maintained at the track with the help of a single mechanic. Gallardo GT3 s/n 07064 comes with two complete sets of OZ race wheels with used tires, eight sets of new Performance Friction Carbon Metallic brake pads in their boxes, two new front and two rear brake rotors in their boxes, a new aluminum honeycomb front splitter, a good used aluminum honeycomb front splitter, a full set of new aluminum honeycomb floor pans, a set of springs, a set of lightweight spare knockoffs and several boxes of bearings and bits.

As state-of-the-art modern race cars, the Gallardo GT3s are both blindingly fast yet very civilized to drive thanks to light electric power steering, massive brakes and the easy-to-use Holinger six-speed sequential paddle-shifter. The FIA approved NASCAR style roll cage and halo driver’s seat make it a safe and user-friendly track day car and a second seat can be added to terrorize your passenger! Gallardo GT3 s/n 07064 is race-prepared and ready to go, allowing the skilled driver to offer very fast rides at private or club track days or to compete wheel to wheel at the dozens of SCCA, NASA, HSR and other sanctioned events and at half the price of a comparable used 458 GT3. E-mail us for photos from Macau 2008, 2009 and 2010 or for links to the race videos. Priced at 320,000 €uro or almost $400,000 when new, Gallardo GT3 s/n 07064 is fully-serviced and needs nothing but a new home and driver. We know the FIA GT3 race car market well and Gallardo GT3 s/n 07064 is the best priced Italian GT3 car in North America.

2018 Ginetta G58 s/n G58-001-18, the ultimate in a brand-new track-day or prototype class endurance racer, comes with a massive all-new spares package including three extra sets of wheels, still in their unopened boxes. Also comes with the complete setup equipment for the nose box; the tracking bar assembly; the tracking mount assembly; the front setup wheel assembly; the rear setup wheel assembly; the ride height measurement equipment and the front and rear skates. Also comes with all the brand new pit equipment including the air jack lance; the wheel nut tool plus the front and rear air jack safety stands. Also comes with the Ethernet download cable; an extra set of rotors and pads and a long-term storage battery tender/charger. Both 2018 Ginetta G58 s/n G58-001-18 and the massive spares package are new with less than twenty minutes of track testing time since arriving in the US. The base factory price for a new G-58 is £239,000 ($310,000) + VAT, FOB England plus the spares and pit equipment package; plus the shipping from England; transportation costs within the US, US customs duties (import taxes) and customs broker fees and insurance. This car is brand new making it the ultimate track-day, NASA, endurance or 25 hours of Thunderhill winning car. Thanks to its light weight of 1,985 lbs, massive down force, 575 hp and two seats the Ginetta G58 offers performance only found on the IMSA Prototypes. The ultimate track car and an opportunity to absolutely dominate the competition and terrify your passengers, (or your instructor), all inside the cockpit safety cell.

  • 2018, 19 Mar., sold by Ginetta Cars Ltd, Helios 47, Isabella Road, Garforth Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 2DY to the current owner, Texas, USA.
  • 2018, 11 Apr., car and spares loaded into 20′ container for shipping to the US.
  • 2018, 19 Apr., on the ship Philadelphia Express, left London.
  • 2018, 01 May, the Philadelphia Express arrived in Houston and unloaded.
  • 2018, 01 May, invoice from CARS for pickup in England, freight in England, containerization, shipping by boat, US customs duty, import bond, $19,745.26.
  • 2018, 11 May, US Customs entry date, invoice $329,752 USD plus US customs duty and fees of $9,153.98.
  • 2019, February, on consignment with Ferraris Online LLC.
    Note: The above vehicle information is complete and accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time it is posted to this website. Corrections or additional information is always appreciated.
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