• MakeFerrari
  • Model250 TDF
  • Year1958
  • Serial #0787 GT
  • Engine #1253 GT, 220 D
  • Engine TypeTipo 128
  • Chassis TypeTipo 508
  • Build Sequence #43
  • Number Built93
  • Body TypeBerlinetta
  • Body BuilderScaglietti
  • First OwnerPapais
  • Current LocationUSA

250 TdF s/n 0787 GT has a well documented European racing history including a 4th O.A. in the 1958 Mille Miglia; 1st in GT in the Campionato Universario at Modena; 3rd O.A. in the Coppa Asiago; 7th O.A. in the Monza, Lottery GP and other races in Italy. This Ferrari is a very desirable covered headlight, three sail vent 250 TdF. Well documented ownership history since new.

Now fitted with a correct type but non–matching engine s/n 1253 GT. Eligible for any event on the planet from the Mille Miglia to the Tour de France to the Monterey Historics to Pebble Beach.

#43. 0787 GT. 250 GT LWB TDF. Scaglietti. Invoiced January 15, 1958. New to Italy. 2/15/58. New in red with dark red interior. Uses engine no. 1253 GT. Regular covered headlight berlinetta with three sail panel vents. New to Oscar Papais.

S/n 0787 GT. 250 GT LWB TDF. Standard Scaglietti body with covered headlight and three sail panel vents. New in red with dark red interior.

1958, 15 Jan., invoiced new.

1958, 15 Feb., new to Oscar Papais.

1958, 16 Mar., Campionato Universario Modena, 1st GT, Crivellari.

1958, 08 June, Coppa Asiago, 3rd OA, O. Papais.

1958, 21 June, Mille Miglia Rally, 4th OA, Papais/Crevellari.

1959, Sold back to Ferrari.

1959, Sold to Fritz d’Orey.

1959, Monza, Lottery GP, No. 33, 7th OA, d’Orey.

1959, Trento Bondone, 2nd GT Class, d’Orey.

1959, Tour de France, No. 168, DNS, d’Orey/Drogo.

1959, Monza, Coppa Inter Europa, No. 61, DNF, d’Orey, Motor.

1960, Sold, USA.

1975, USA, Jim Boulware, Monte Sereno, CA. Member of the California Ferrari owner’s club.

1986, Sold to Italy, Vittorio Pizzolotto.

1984, Mille Miglia, Pizzolotto/Pizzolotto.

1987, MM entry Marzotto (owned Vittorio Pizzoloto).

1990, 23 Sept., for sale at Legende Auction, Sporting Club, Monte Carlo, sold for $2,185,000.

1991, Orion Monaco Auction, no sale, $868,000 bid, “wrong engine.”

1992, First seen in the Netherlands in the cellar at Ferrari Import Kroymans BV in Hilversum. Still registered on Italian plates: TV 326 482.

1994, Shown at Italia a Zandvoort, Kroymans.

1996, was last with Kroymans.

1999, 5 July, as per e-mail from Harald Mergard, he was just e-mailed by Victor R. Müller who has just purchased this car from his partner, Frits Kroymans.

1999, 05 Sept., Concours d’Elegance, Paleis Het Loo, Apeldoorn, NL, dark red/dark red, Victor R. Müller, concours entrant, plates: TV 326482.

2000, 23 Apr., from Marcel Massini to telaio group:

“Subject: Dutch Investor

Hi all

Hans Banninga recently asked me regarding a Dutch-owned Lusso. OK, here are some of the cars currently owned by Dutch investor Victor Müller: Lusso 5275, TDF 0787 GT, 250 GT Cab S1 0801 GT, Daytona 16357, plus a warehouse full of additional cars. Some to be seen at auctions soon.”

2000, 10–15 Apr., Tour Auto, dark red, plates: AH 17 66, Müller/Müller.

2000, 20 Apr., e-mail from Marcel Massini to telaio group:

“Hi all

Mr Müller in Holland owns TDF 0787 GT but the car has 250 GT California Spider engine 1253 GT. Does anybody know where the original engine 0787 GT is today?

Thank you.

Marcel Massini”

2000, 28–30 Apr., Ferrari/Maserati Historic Challenge at Spa–Francorchamps. Victor Müller, #58.

2000, 29 July, the 2nd Tourrally Ferrari Storic, Netherlands. Dark red/dark red. Plates: AH 17 86.

2001, 9–14 Apr., Tour Auto. Müller/Müller.

2002, January, at Interclassics event at Maastricht.

2002, 14 Jan., at the Maastricht MECC Exhibition. Red.

2002, 7 July, e-mail from Marcel Massini to telaio group:

“ Arthur W. Zafiropoulo’s black ex-King Leopold III of Belgium Ferrari 342 America Cabriolet Pinin Farina #0234 AL has won First in Class Saturday 6 July 2002 at the 2nd European Concours at Castle Schwetzingen (near Heidelberg), Germany. Second in class was Siegfried Propfen’s 250 GT Lusso Prototype ex-Battista “Pinin” Farina #3849 GT. This car is silver grey metallic with red interior. This class included 17 different vehicles. Among the Ferraris entered in the Concours were also a 500 Superfast (#6043 SF of Edgard Schermerhorn), a 275 GTB/6C Alloy longnose (#7995 of Victor Müller), a 365 GTC/4 (#14625 of Roland Tubbesing), a RHD 365 GTC Coupé, a 250 GT LWB Tour de France Berlinetta (#0787 GT of Victor Müller) and a Dino 246 Formula One (#0004/R2).”

2002, 03 Oct., as per e-mail from David Salma:

“Subject: Fw: 250 TDF s/n 0787 at Monterey:


The TDF you are talking about was lot #179A, RM reports the high bid as $875,000, see


2002, 08 Sept., car on consignment with M. Sheehan. Will be offered in the F.M.L., Cavallino, Forza and Classic & Sports Car.

2002, 21 Sept., half–page ad in FML (p. 17) with M. Sheehan:

“Well-documented European racing history including 4th OA 1958 Mille Miglia. Avery desirable covered headlight 3-vent Tour de France. Ownership history since new. Now fitted with correct type, but non-matching engine s/n 1253 GT. Eligible for any event on the planet from the Mille Miglia to the Tour de France to the Monterey Historics to Pebble Beach. $895K.”

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