• MakeFerrari
  • Model857 Monza
  • Year1955
  • Serial #0578 / 0584 M
  • Engine #0578 M
  • Engine TypeTipo 129
  • Chassis TypeTipo 510
  • Build Sequence #2
  • Number Built3
  • Body TypeSpyder
  • Body BuilderScaglietti
  • First OwnerSEFAC
  • Current LocationUSA

We are pleased to offer 1955 Ferrari 857 Monza s/n 0578/0584, with a well documented race history, well documented ownership history, matching engine and chassis numbers and a fresh engine rebuild by the renowned Hall and Hall of England. This Factory entrant Monza first raced under the SEFAC banner at the Tourist Trophy, Dundrod with Maglioli/Tritignant, finishing 8th overall. This 857 Monza next raced at the 1,000 KM of Buenos Aires, as a SEFAC entrant, driven by Gendebien and Phil Hill, finishing 2nd and was then sold to Alfonso de Portago and raced at the 12 hours of Sebring as a SEFAC entrant, driven by De Portago and Kimberly, but DNFed. 857 Monza s/n 0578/0584 has just completed a top quality rebuild and restoration of the original 3.5 litre “matching–numbers” engine by Hall and Hall, the best builder of vintage race engines in England, and is race ready. The dyno sheets are available and will show the very impressive horsepower and massive torque from the Hall and Hall rebuild.

Factory race car: 857 Monza. Scaglietti Spyder. Later sold as a 750 Monza. Now refitted as an 857 Monza. Also see notes under s/n 0584 for info.

S/n 0584/0578 M. Factory race car. 857 Monza. Scaglietti Spyder. Later sold as a 750 Monza. Now refitted as an 857 Monza.

Started life as s/n 0578. The Assembly Data sheets show this car being renumbered as 0584 M. Car was rebuilt at the Factory after “1000 Km of Argentina”, 3 March 1956 and 750 Monza motor N 64 MZ was completed 17 Sept 1956.

Certificate of Origin shows the owner as Alfonso de Portago. Build sheets show Whitehead as the owner. Yet more fun from the Ferrari Factory.

1955, Scuderia Ferrari Team car.

1955, 17 Sept., (possibly) at the Tourist Trophy, Dundrod with Maglioli/Tritignant #5, finished 8th OA.

1956, 29 Jan., raced by Scuderia Ferrari as an 857 Monza at the 1,000 KM of Buenos Aires, driven by Gendebien, Hill, 2nd. Race #36 see Automotive Year #4, pg 158.

1956, 24 Mar., 12 hours of Sebring as a SEFAC entrant, driven by De Portago/Kimberly #19, dnf, 27th.

Sometime after Sebring, the Nairn car’s engine left for the other chassis. A new number, s/n 0584, was assigned to this car and it was shipped down under to New Zealand as a 750 Monza.

1956, 17 Sept., 750–engine N64MZ completed but not yet installed.

1956, 08 Oct., Certificate of Origin issued to Alfonso de Portago.

1956, 4 Nov., Grand Prix of Venezuela, Caracas. Alfonso DePortago. Race #4, still with 857 engine.

The data sheets then show the car going to Peter whitehead and S/N 0578 is crossed through and 0584 M is written in.

1956, sold new to Peter Whitehead, UK.

1957, January, sold to Ross Jensen, New Zealand.

1957, 12 Jan., at the New Zealand GP: Ross Jensen, #18, 4th OA.

1957, 25 Jan., raced by Jensen at the Eighth Annual Lady Wigram Trophy.

1957, 02 Feb., raced by Jensen at the Fifth Annual Dunedin Road Race.

1957, 16 Feb., raced by Jensen at the Second Annual Southland Road Race.

1957, 23 Feb., raced by Jensen at the Fourth Annual Festival Road Race. (Jensen and this car are pictured in the 1957 Ferrari Yearbook).

Sold to Scandinavia (Finland) in very rough condition without an engine.

1959, early, reported arriving in Helsinki where Bjurström’s mechanics rebuilt the car. Bjurström purposefully bought a car with no engine as he had engine 0470M on the shop floor.

The sale may have been initiated by the Whitehead brothers crashing a Jaguar Saloon in Tour de France in September 1958. Peter died instantly.

Sold through Tore Bjurström to John Kvarnström (S), plates A 39913 — Front fenders widely enlarged.

1959, 10 May, at the Helsinki GP, Kvarnström, #14, 3rd IC.

1959, 09 Aug., Karlskoga Kanonloppet, John Kvarnström, #15, 5th IC, 7th OA.

1959, 16 Aug., Roskilde Ring, John Kvarnström, 5th.

1960, 07 Aug., Karlskoga Kanonloppet, John Kvarnström, Dnf: rear–axle?

1963, Ake Jansson, Stockholm, Sweden. Plates: A 39913.

1966, Bjorn Bellander, Stockholm, Sweden. Nose modified and fender flares. Blue/white strip. Might have been crashed or just customized.

1968, to Wolf Zeuner (GB) Plates WOY 8G.

1970s–late to Dan Margulies, UK.

To R.J.L. Mackie (GB).

To Sir Angus Spencer Nairn (GB). Registered on plates J 9060.

1987 21 May, at Mille Miglia with Nairn–Robottom, race #272 – engine #470 — Still owned by Spencer–Nairn.

1999, 16 July, as per Mark Ketcham: Sir Angus Spencer Nairn’s car started life as #0578 M. It was then renumbered to #0584 M. The car has a 3.65 litre motor stamped #0584 M in it today. Angus Spender Nairn lives in the New Jersey Islands tax haven.

2000, 6 Dec., as per Marcel Massini, the information on www.barchetta.cc is incorrect about this car. The car at the Brooks Gstaad auction is not Livio Guarnierie’s car. The car offered in Gstaad this year is owned by Sir Angus Spencer Nairn (i.e. this car).

2000, 19 Dec., Brooks Gstaad auction. Per catalog: The present owner acquired 584/M from Wolf Zeuner in 1979 and had it re–registered in Jersey. Notable outings since then have included the 1987 Mille Miglia and the Ecurie Ecosse Tour on three occasions in the 1990s. While in the current ownership the car had an engine rebuild from Hall & Fowler in 1997. Since then 1,000 miles have been covered. Retains the Tipo 105 3–liter engine of 1954 vintage fitted in the late ’50s and the enlarged front air intake modified around the same time. Engine with this number also for sale at this auction.

2000, 19 Dec., Brooks Ferrari Sale, Hotel Palace, Gstaad, Switzerland. Red. No sale. Engine with this s/n NOT sold. Sold later, post auction, to Angus Spencer Nairn.

2000, 22 Dec., as per e–mail from Marcel Massini to telaio,

Subject: Brooks Gstaad Further Update.
As for the 857 S engine (Lot 130A) numbered 0578 M, this original unit was owned for many years by the late Nigel Moores Collection in England, then sold to Evert Louwman in Holland (he’s one of the backers behind Brooks). Louwman gave it to the Gstaad auction and it was sold to the owner of the car: Sir Angus Spencer Nairn in England.

2001, 4 Jan., e–mail from Marcel Massini to telaio,

Subject: AW: 0578 engine
Hi David and Kare
Yes, correct. The engines moved and the chassis were made to agree. Yes, the Spencer Nairn car (original #0578) got an additional plate (tag) with the number 0584 M. Personally seen, touched, smelled, photographed in Gstaad two weeks ago.

2001, 4 Jan., e–mail from Dave Seiestad to telaio,

Subject: Re: AW: 0578 engine
Hi Kare,
Yes that is what happened. For some reason the factory took the engine out of 0578 and put it into 0584 chassis which was renumbered “0578.” Then a 750 Monza engine was installed into 0578 which was renumbered “0584.”
The 857S with the number 0578 went off to America to be crashed and scrapped ( later unscrapped). Mean while the engine with the serial 0578 went off to E.D. Martin and the other chassis made its way to Scandinavia from Australia without any engine at all to get 0470.
So the Ferrari today with the number 0584 really started out as 0578.

2001, 04 Jan., e–mail from Kare Pietila to telaio,

Subject: Re: AW: 0578 engine
Marcel Massini wrote:
Yes, correct. The engines moved and the chassis were made to agree. Yes, the Spencer Nairn car (original #0578) got an additional plate (tag) with the number 0584 M. Personally seen, touched, smelled, photographed in Gstaad two weeks ago.

2002, 28 Jan., sold by M. Sheehan to new owner.

Go to http://www.barchetta.cc/english/All.Ferraris/Detail/0584M.857Sport.htm for photos of this car at the Brooks Ferrari Sale, 2000, 19 December, Hotel Palace, Gstaad/Switzerland.


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